Dear Makenzie, absence makes the heart grow fonder

Dear Makenzie,

Hi munchkin!  Guess what?!?   We’re getting closer to October!  October means long weekends, a trip to the pumpkin patch, your Birthday and your sibling’s gender reveal.

This goes without saying but September has been crazy.  It is easily my busiest month of the year at work.  I miss you when I’m gone but I’m thankful I have a job I love.  I’m thankful that the best Daddy Daycare conveniently opens at 5 pm each night (and sometimes on the weekends).  I’m thankful for the cute CEO of Daddy Daycare.  I’m thankful you don’t mind easy meals like Digiorno pizzas and chicken nuggets.  And I’m thankful that your little heart is full of forgiveness when I work late or miss a bedtime.

But to be honest, this month hasn’t been all bad.  It’s reminded me that it’s okay to have a career AND a family.  It turns out that the world won’t explode when I’m gone from you.  In fact, you have tons of fun at the world-famous Daddy Daycare, and I’m a more appreciative mom because I value my time with you so much more.

This month has reminded me that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  During the time we’ve spent together I’ve appreciated you SO much more, and you’ve melted my heart SO much more.

Here are some of my favorite little things you do…

You sing.  During bedtime a few weeks ago I sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to you and you started singing back to me.  Talk about melting my heart!

You show me stuff.  Big stuff, little stuff and everything in between.  You take my hand and say, “Come mama, come.”  We look at rocks, and flowers and dolls, and all kinds of fun stuff.  How lucky am I to be the one worthwhile of seeing the world from your perspective?

You talk to your baby sibling.  Lately you like to touch my belly and say. “Hi baby!  Hiiii!”  I’m not sure if you grasp what’s about to happen in a few months, but we don’t really grasp it either so I guess we’ll learn together.

And most importantly, you always take those cute little chubby arms of your and throw them around my neck when I get home.  No matter how long I’ve been gone, you always greet me with a big hug. and a “Love you Mama.”

Sometimes life keeps us busier than we might think we can handle, but the time away sure makes me extra grateful for the time together.  Makenzie, you continue to grow and amaze me every single day.  Somehow, you are a mere 5 days away from being TWO years old!  You… my sweet, colicky, newborn baby girl… are growing up!  I can’t promise I’ll be there for you every moment of your life, but I can promise I’ll never take our time for granted.

Erin Kenz color

My buddy! Love this little girl.

Get out your party hat and your pumpkin socks Makenzie… October is just around the corner!






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