Makenzie just turned TWO (well it’s more like 4 weeks ago) but yet it feels like she is more independent than ever.  In the past few weeks she’s been talking more, helping more and reminding us how quickly she is growing up!

But I just couldn’t miss this chance to do a recap of how much has happened in 12 (okay 13) months since she had her last Birthday cake.

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Where did the time go?   October 2013 – Happy 1st Birthday Makenzie! She looks like such a baby.

I’m doing this partly because the blog is as close as my kiddos will get to a baby book, but mostly because time goes so quickly that I feel like it is important to document each passing milestone. This year has mostly good, some not-so-good, but all filled with our best intentions to have fun as a family.

With a little help from one of my favorite apps, I pulled a dozen of my favorite pictures.  We’ll call this post the InstaYear!


October 2013

::  Birthday fun :: Running everywhere!  :: Final days of warm weather & playing outside ::  Peanut allergy   ::  Pumpkin picking  ::  Happy & healthy one-year check up and weighing 21 pounds  ::  Trick-or-treating as a little bumblebee ::



Getting ready to buzzzzz around the neighborhood

November 2013

::  First classes at Rolly Pollies  ::  First visit to ER for a bump on head  ::  First UGG boots (knock-offs of course)  ::  Turkey Day spent in Pittsburgh feeling thankful for fun cousins, awesome grandparents, semi-cool parents & a happy life  ::  Favorite toys include legos & the iPad  ::  First trip to Light up Lancaster  ::


Makenzie & Cousin Connor!

December 2013

::  First haircut  ::  New found love for running around the house naked  ::  2nd visit to meet Santa Claus  ::  Mommy’s little helper for everything Christmas – decorating, shopping & making treats  ::  A Christmas morning spent with Ryan & Jack (Santa listened when we reminded him we would be in Ohio)  ::  A new trike from Santa  ::  Baby’s first shopping cart from Nana & Papa  ::  A new battery-powered car from Mamaw & PapPap  ::  A rockin’ New Year’s Eve spent on Signal Drive (until about 8:15)  ::  Welcome 2014!  ::


Being a good girl for Santa

January 2014

::  First snow day  ::  Frst trip down big slide at Rollie Pollies by herself  ::  Favorite game includes riding on Daddy’s shoulders and running around family room  ::  Found her belly button  ::  A new love of coloring  ::  Lots of fun play dates  ::


Snow Day hide & seek

February 2014

::  Favorite places include the Erie Kid’s Museum and Explore & More Museum in Buffalo  ::  Winter sickness strikes  ::  First dentist trip & first meltdown at a dentist’s office  ::  First trip to airport to greet Daddy after his week away  ::  New pink shoes & pink sippy cup from the Valentine Fairy  ::  Favorite foods are chili and ice cream (not together)  ::


When dads away, the girls will play!

March 2014

::  Discovered a love of bathtime bubbles  ::  Favorite book is ShoeLaLa  ::  Another snow day, which included an indoor picnic  ::  A trip to Ohio to celebrate cousin Jack’s 1st Birthday  ::  A trip to Frank’s Bar for St. Patty’s Day (don’t worry she drank O’Doul’s)  ::


Belly up to the bar for some green drinks on St. Patty’s Day!

April 2014

::  First music class  ::  A terrifying trip to see the Easter Bunny  ::  A not so scary Easter morning  ::  Lots of Easter egg hunts  ::  First zoo trip for the season  ::  A new found obsession with the Chicken Dance, which has continued to this day  ::  Happiness with the warm weather  :: A love of outside bubbles  ::  Enough hair for pigtails  ::


Loving the Easter egg hunt

May 2014

::  Big news on Mother’s Day weekend… Big Sis!!  ::  Trip to Ohio to celebrate cousin Ryan’s 3rd Birthday  ::  A fun Memorial Day weekend in Canada  ::  Awesome neighborhood picnic  ::  Favorite activity includes riding the swings at the playground  ::


Makenzie & Ryan checking out the ducks while in Canada

June 2014

::  Swim time in the neighbor’s pool  ::  Lots of trips to the playground and loving the swings  ::  Roadtrip to PA  ::  Favorite food is guacamole  ::  First trip around the block on her trike (with help from Dad)  ::  Loves chalk  ::


Summer baby

July 2014

::  Waving the flag to say Happy Birthday America!  ::  Loving the beep beep cars at Fantasy Island  ::  Trip to Strong Museum of Play ::  Helper for Auntie Sara at her baby shower  ::  Loves the iPad and all technology  ::  Officially told the world that she’s going to be a Big Sis  ::


Proud little American

August 2014

::  Hot summer days spent in the baby pool  ::  Family staycation  ::  Fun weekend with Daddy while Mom spent first weekend away with her cousins in NYC  ::  Trip to Sunset Bay Beach ::  Erie County Fair  ::  Loves Olcott Beach Carousel Park  ::  Play dates & visits from friends  ::   Transition to a big girl bed  :: Favorite book is Pigs in Hiding  ::



September 2014

::  First pair of tap shoes  ::  Loves to help Mom in the kitchen  ::  Lots of learning – Kenzie can count to 10 and recognize most of her letters  ::  Excited to be TWO  ::  Favorite color is purple  ::  Fall family photos


A little window shopping with Minnie


October 2014

:: Hello TWO!!  ::  Big sister-to-be of a Baby BOY  ::  First tap class  ::  Great birthday party!  ::  Pumpkin farm trips  ::  Trick or treating as Minnie Mouse  ::  Ready to take on the world as a Big Girl!  ::


Make a Wish!



Makenzie might be TWO but it was a pretty ONEderful year leading up to it.  Looking forward to the fun the next twelve months will bring!

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