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Mitchell’s Birth Story – Our little guy’s journey into the world

On Mother’s Day weekend 2014 we found out we were pregnant again!  Fast forward about 39 weeks and we were anxious to meet our sweet baby boy.

For anyone who has ever been fortunate enough to experience a baby’s arrival into the world, you know exactly the emotions evoked during the experience.  It is so difficult to capture these emotions into words, but I’ll try my best.  Here is Mitchell’s Birth Story…

::  Thursday January 15, 2015, Four-ish AM  ::

It was the morning of our baby boy’s induction.   Aside from the hum of the baby monitor and Denny’s steady breathing next to me, the world was dark and asleep yet I was wide awake trying to wrap my mind around the fact that we might meet our son in a few short hours.  Based on our baby check-up a few days prior, our wonderful OBGYN, Dr. Susan, felt that he was in a great spot to be induced, and we figured we would go for it so that my parents could be in town to watch Makenzie and also meet our baby boy.

::  Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end  ::

I couldn’t sleep so I tried to just savor the last few hours of pregnancy.  Denny and I feel fairly certain our family will be complete with 2 kiddos so I tried to remember every single movement and feeling involved with carrying a baby.  It was a bittersweet morning for me trying to figure out how ten years with Denny went so fast.  It seemed like we spent forever planning our Somedays of a house and babies, and now suddenly, our Somedays were happening in a blink.

::  Six o’ seven AM  ::

 Makenzie must have sensed the excitement of the day because she woke up bright and early!  I was really glad because it gave me a few final minutes to snuggle with my first-born baby.  She was thrilled to be spending the day with Nana and Papa and barely noticed as Denny and I headed off to the hospital.


Arriving at the hospital baby unit! I wish I could have bottled up the excitement I felt as we walked down the corridor.

::  Ten thirty-two AM  ::

We were three and a half hours into being induced and the waiting game was in full force.  I was showing enough progress that the nurses even broke my water.  I was officially able to relax knowing that we would not be sent home to wait any longer.  Our baby was going to be in our arms shortly!

Mitchells arrival hospital picture

The baby bed was ready and waiting!

 ::  The Name Game and a dinnertime baby  ::

In order to pass the time we went back and forth on two topics – his name and his estimated arrival time.  We brought the baby name book and started asking the nurses their feedback too.  Ironically the wonderful OB resident who was taking care of us told us that her Dad’s name was Mitchell.  That was one of the first signs that we would later decide on Mitchell as a name (more on that later).

As for the estimated arrival time, it was game on.  Everyone had a guess. I was guessing about 8pm (but hoping it would be sooner).  Denny guessed for a dinnertime baby and our nurses thought it was feasible to deliver this baby by 7 pm when their shifts ended.

 ::  Epidural, party of one  ::

By noon, I was uncomfortable enough to go for the epidural.  The contractions were still not consistent and I was not showing tremendous progress, but the nursing team felt an epidural might speed up the process so I went for it.  We were cautiously optimistic thinking this would be the trick to get this little guy moving.

 ::  Five frustrating hours  ::

Shortly after the epidural, the birth journey took a frustrating turn.  We spent five long hours making no progress.  Our little guy seemed to be totally content where he was and I started to get anxious as to what would happen next.  This was merely a foreshadowing of what was to come, but luckily my mom was at the hospital by then and told us all about Makenzie’s morning, which lightened up the mood.

 ::  “He’ll be here in an hour”  ::

By six o’clock, Dr Susan had arrived to check on us.  We finally got past the five-hour standstill and the nurse told Dr. Susan that our little guy could be here within an hour.  We were feeling good again and we were confident that we were close to holding our little guy.

The hour came and went but shortly after, the nurse came in and said it was worthwhile to try pushing.  We tried and we tried yet we failed.  So frustrating.  Our sweet baby boy was sunny side up and there was no way he would be arriving in his current position.

::  New Game Plan  ::

Given Mitchell’s position, the decision was to wait it out a few more hours and see if he flipped over.  We were back to the waiting game.  This was one of the toughest times of the day.  My epidural dwindled away.  I was nauseous, and I was on the brink of tears, BUT we knew that the only important thing was that our little guy was still healthy and we would eventually meet him.

::  Take Two  ::

It was now nine thirty at night.  Despite the obvious signs leading to a C-section, Denny and I were both oblivious to this outcome.  We were fourteen hours into labor and it was time to try pushing yet again.  We were full of hope that this was it, but we were wrong.  After another grueling attempt at getting our little guy to arrive, Dr. Susan came in and delivered the news.

::  This was NOT the plan  ::

Our only option at that point was a C-section.  Mitchell was in a spot that could potentially be harmful to both of us if something didn’t change, so we had to get him out in the next few hours.  I was crushed.  This was NOT the plan.  A million thoughts went through my head… What if something is wrong with the little guy?  What if they don’t hurry?  How did this happen?  Why couldn’t I make this work?  How am I going to take care of Makenzie while dealing with surgery recovery? 

I was way too emotional to get it together and call anyone but Denny quickly switched to Rockstar Husband mode.  He told my families the updates, changed into scrubs and gave a valiant effort at trying to keep his basket case of a wife from having a massive meltdown.

::  It’s a Boy!!  ::

The next hour was a blur.  I remember waiting in tremendous pain for what felt like forever because the epidural wore off yet again.  I remember being wheeled down a long hallway into an operating room.  I remember asking over and over again for Denny because I kept thinking that they forgot to get him.  I remember the reassurance of the medical team that they would take care of us.  And I remember feeling really fuzzy.

Yet despite the confusion, the frustration, the exhaustion of the day and the sheer emotion, I won’t forget hearing the first cries of our son.  He had arrived and he was perfectly healthy!  At 11:06 PM, Mitchell Dennis McGee was welcomed into the world and he was perfectly healthy!


First breath of life. Welcome to the world Mitchell! It is our privilege to be your parents. We love you more than you’ll ever know.

 He was beautiful!   Denny showed him to me quickly and then he was off to be weighed and assessed.  He was 8 pounds, 9 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long.

Ten fingers.  Ten toes.

One sweet, amazing baby!




One of my favorite pictures of the proud daddy introducing his son to baseball!

The next few hours continued to be a blur but it was filled with sweet amazement of what just occurred.  Mitchell’s birth wasn’t the journey we anticipated but we wouldn’t change a thing.  Our baby boy had arrived and our family was complete.

By 2:30 am we were drifting to sleep – completely exhausted, completely thrilled and completely smitten.

::  The First Few Days of Life::

The next few days were just as busy.  By Friday afternoon we decided on a name and then we welcomed some of our favorite people to meet Mitchell.  Little M is a lucky little guy!


Big sis Makenzie meeting her little brother. She is smitten and so are we.



Our little slugger. I hope he someday finds a sport that makes him as happy as Denny when he played baseball.



My little snugly boy



Nana’s little loves!



This little guy is so lucky to have such a wonderful Aunt!

 ::  Three Days later  ::

By Sunday, it was time to head into the world as a family of four!  We’re not pros by any means with handling two kids but I think we’re getting better each day.  It’s pretty cool that our Someday is here.  We can’t wait to see what else comes our way.


Heading home as a family of four!

Thanks for reading through my sappy post.



PS  Mitchell, this post is for you little guy.  Once you get past the “Ew, gross” phase when you think of birth, I hope you see the beauty in the day you joined our family.

The Sweet Things in Life

He’s here!!!

Our sweet Mitchell Dennis McGee came into the world late at night one week ago today!!  It’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 days since we were at the hospital anxiously awaiting his arrival.  It was an emotional and exciting day but most importantly he arrived as a healthy baby boy.  He’s snugly, sweet, full of hair and a perfect little addition to our family.

It’s been a great week and my heart is overwhelmed with appreciation for all we’ve been given.


Our little guy snoozing away this morning… did I mention he’s an awesome sleeper?

I’ll update more later about his arrival and his first week, but for now I thought I’d make a quick post about this morning.

Denny had to go back to work today which means I’m on my own for the first time with the two little ones.  I’m still trying to take it easy and avoid stairs so Denny brought all the toys to the family room and we’ve just been playing all day.

Aside from having a fun morning I’ve managed to shower, put a roast in the slow cooker and pump 2 bottles (sorry for the over share but when your culinary skills are as lacking as mine I find pride in making meals for anyone, infant crowd included).

Aside from that here’s what we’ve accomplished today:

::  Makenzie helped me give the little guy a bath.  She’s the best big sis!  ::


Mitchell wasn’t as excited as she was but he did great!

::  Mitchell got so excited at feeling extra clean that he projectile vomited then pooped up his back  ::

:: Kenz learned how to use my camera and insisted on taking pictures of the TV, Mitchell, Mommy and most of the house  ::


Kenzie cam of the TV, which we probably watched too much of today, but hey, we’re just trying to get through our first day.


Kenzie taking a picture of brother. “Say cheese baby!”


“Smile, Mommy!”

::  We had a picnic breakfast and lunch because of the no lifting rule  ::

And now Makenzie is snuggled up in bed, Mitchell is swaddled up and rocking, and I’m enjoying a little bowl of ice cream as a Hey I made it half of the day on my own with 2 happy kids celebration. Then it’s time to scoop up this little guy and enjoy snuggles until Big Sis wakes up.

I have a feeling the next three months, or perhaps, the next three decades are going to vanish in a blink. I better sit back and enjoy the sweet stuff!

More updates soon!


Baby prep and burnt pancakes

This morning started like a normal Sunday morning, but it was a just little bit different.  True, I was up by 5 because I just couldn’t get comfortable anymore but it was more than that.  It was the feeling of being on the brink of something exciting and wonderful yet slightly scary and completely surreal.  As I laid awake in the wee hours of the morning the question of Are we ready? kept dancing through my mind.

I went through all the lists and prep we’ve been doing for the past 39 weeks…

Are we ready for Nana and Papa to watch Makenzie for a few days – yes.

Are we ready to spend a few days in the hospital – yes.

Are we ready to bring home a newborn, swaddle him up and rock him to sleep – heck yes.

But are we ready to be parents of two kids – I just don’t know.


By the time the sun came up the toddler Pandora station was blasting in the kitchen while my favorite little buddy was hard at work mixing pancake batter, yet I was still questioning our readiness.

Are we really ready for sleepless nights, endless diaper changes and countless cleanings of bottles? 

Are we ready to teach two kids about all the good in the world yet make sure they can protect themselves from the not-so-good? 

Are we able and ready to give them really amazing childhoods?


Chef Makenzie

Within 10 minutes I had my answer. My little chef had moved to her kitchen seat and was playing the alphabet game on her tablet when everything got crazy.  A tidal wave of spilled milk on her new toy prompted an unforeseen meltdown.   As I cleaned up her milk and sopped up her tears, the oven buzzer beeped reminding me that the sausage was overly done and that the pancakes needed flipped.

Just like that I went from Rockstar Mom with a burning desire to make a Sunday morning memory to a Rotten Mom with a burning skillet of pancakes.  Just like that the entire day shifted.  And just like that I realized that maybe being ready only means being ready to expect the unexpected.

Maybe being ready means knowing that we can’t foresee all the tears, falls and broken toys.  Maybe being ready means being okay with the fact that we can’t prevent the long nights, the life lessons and the broken hearts.  And maybe being ready means that despite all we do to be great parents to our kids, it’s inevitable that some morning will include spilled milk, tears and burnt pancakes.

Luckily it just took a few paper towels and a fresh batch of pancakes and all was good again in the world.  Later today I found this quote and I’m starting to believe that maybe, just maybe, we are ready to be parents of two kids.  It might require a few extra paper towels and an extra box of tissues on occasion but I think that the next week or so will bring more joy than we could have ever imagined.


And on a side note… If you’re listening little guy, come on out!  We want to meet you and show you the world.   Life is going to be unexpected and messy at times but we’re here to help you through it.  You just show up and we’ll do the rest.  We can’t wait for you to join in on the fun!


Mom & Dad






38 weeks!

Hello 38 weeks!

We’re here… the home stretch, the victory lap, the land of hurry up and wait.  We’ve had lots of calls and texts asking for updates so here they are:


Are we ready? (the million dollar question) –  Yes…. No… Maybe…  Is anyone ever really ready to have a baby?  I’m not sure, but we’re excited!  Our biggest area of concern is how Makenzie will adjust and where she will go when he’s born.  Ideally my parents will be in town during the delivery.  If not, we have the Makenzie Dream Team, which includes family friends who are all willing to watch our girl in case we have to head to the hospital at 2 am.  We are SO grateful for our wonderful sitter, friends and neighbors who have agreed to be on call.

Nursery – We’re hanging pictures tomorrow (Denny, don’t forget to charge your screw gun) and then I think we’ll be good to go.  Our little guy will be living in a sports-themed room.  Pictures coming soon!

sports images

Here are the pictures we will be hanging tomorrow, now they are matted & framed.


Name – Being the cool parents we are, we’ve decided to have a family huddle when he arrives and get his input.  Then when he’s 16 and tells us about how mean and unfair we are as parents we can remind him that we’ve been open for input from day one.

The To Do List – It’s getting smaller.  Mainly I have a lot of work projects to tie up before I go on leave.  I’ve been trying like crazy to get everything done but I’m not there yet.  Ideally I’ll be able to work at least one more full week to feel good about being away for 3 months.  Also, I’m desperately hoping for a pedicure before I head to the delivery room.  Fingers crossed I can squeeze in an hour of pampering!

How I’m feeling –  I dare you to ask a hormonal mom-to-be how she’s feeling.  You’ll probably get a different answer every time.  Slightly puffy and pretty tired, but overall I’m thankful to be feeling good!   The prior concern about a partial previa has resolved – yay! – so we don’t need to plan for a C-section either.

Below is bump view from a few days ago.  I didn’t feel too huge until Thursday when I spent 10 minutes looking for Makenzie’s sock that I had 11 minutes prior, and I then found it stuck between my boobs and bump.  Yikes!


Missing: My Feet. Last seen in late fall 2014.

Cringe-worthy moments:  Adults say the darnedest things… In the past 2 weeks I heard a Wow are you having twins comment, and I also heard a How did you even fit through the door comment.  I’ve had a couple of really awkward belly rubs and also a request from a man I don’t know too well to be part of the birth because delivering a baby is on his bucket list.  Eek, cringe!

And finally, WHEN?!? – We’re officially due the 17th but it seems like this little guy is pretty cozy.  Our Dr thinks we have at least one full week to go but we all know who’s really in charge.  Since we want my parents to be here when he’s born, our Doctor will let us pick an induction date at our Friday appointment.


We promise to keep the updates coming once this little guy decides he’s ready to arrive.  Thanks for all your support and excitement for our new addition.  We’re hoping to have some good news soon, stay tuned!