38 weeks!

Hello 38 weeks!

We’re here… the home stretch, the victory lap, the land of hurry up and wait.  We’ve had lots of calls and texts asking for updates so here they are:


Are we ready? (the million dollar question) –  Yes…. No… Maybe…  Is anyone ever really ready to have a baby?  I’m not sure, but we’re excited!  Our biggest area of concern is how Makenzie will adjust and where she will go when he’s born.  Ideally my parents will be in town during the delivery.  If not, we have the Makenzie Dream Team, which includes family friends who are all willing to watch our girl in case we have to head to the hospital at 2 am.  We are SO grateful for our wonderful sitter, friends and neighbors who have agreed to be on call.

Nursery – We’re hanging pictures tomorrow (Denny, don’t forget to charge your screw gun) and then I think we’ll be good to go.  Our little guy will be living in a sports-themed room.  Pictures coming soon!

sports images

Here are the pictures we will be hanging tomorrow, now they are matted & framed.


Name – Being the cool parents we are, we’ve decided to have a family huddle when he arrives and get his input.  Then when he’s 16 and tells us about how mean and unfair we are as parents we can remind him that we’ve been open for input from day one.

The To Do List – It’s getting smaller.  Mainly I have a lot of work projects to tie up before I go on leave.  I’ve been trying like crazy to get everything done but I’m not there yet.  Ideally I’ll be able to work at least one more full week to feel good about being away for 3 months.  Also, I’m desperately hoping for a pedicure before I head to the delivery room.  Fingers crossed I can squeeze in an hour of pampering!

How I’m feeling –  I dare you to ask a hormonal mom-to-be how she’s feeling.  You’ll probably get a different answer every time.  Slightly puffy and pretty tired, but overall I’m thankful to be feeling good!   The prior concern about a partial previa has resolved – yay! – so we don’t need to plan for a C-section either.

Below is bump view from a few days ago.  I didn’t feel too huge until Thursday when I spent 10 minutes looking for Makenzie’s sock that I had 11 minutes prior, and I then found it stuck between my boobs and bump.  Yikes!


Missing: My Feet. Last seen in late fall 2014.

Cringe-worthy moments:  Adults say the darnedest things… In the past 2 weeks I heard a Wow are you having twins comment, and I also heard a How did you even fit through the door comment.  I’ve had a couple of really awkward belly rubs and also a request from a man I don’t know too well to be part of the birth because delivering a baby is on his bucket list.  Eek, cringe!

And finally, WHEN?!? – We’re officially due the 17th but it seems like this little guy is pretty cozy.  Our Dr thinks we have at least one full week to go but we all know who’s really in charge.  Since we want my parents to be here when he’s born, our Doctor will let us pick an induction date at our Friday appointment.


We promise to keep the updates coming once this little guy decides he’s ready to arrive.  Thanks for all your support and excitement for our new addition.  We’re hoping to have some good news soon, stay tuned!



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