The Sweet Things in Life

He’s here!!!

Our sweet Mitchell Dennis McGee came into the world late at night one week ago today!!  It’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 days since we were at the hospital anxiously awaiting his arrival.  It was an emotional and exciting day but most importantly he arrived as a healthy baby boy.  He’s snugly, sweet, full of hair and a perfect little addition to our family.

It’s been a great week and my heart is overwhelmed with appreciation for all we’ve been given.


Our little guy snoozing away this morning… did I mention he’s an awesome sleeper?

I’ll update more later about his arrival and his first week, but for now I thought I’d make a quick post about this morning.

Denny had to go back to work today which means I’m on my own for the first time with the two little ones.  I’m still trying to take it easy and avoid stairs so Denny brought all the toys to the family room and we’ve just been playing all day.

Aside from having a fun morning I’ve managed to shower, put a roast in the slow cooker and pump 2 bottles (sorry for the over share but when your culinary skills are as lacking as mine I find pride in making meals for anyone, infant crowd included).

Aside from that here’s what we’ve accomplished today:

::  Makenzie helped me give the little guy a bath.  She’s the best big sis!  ::


Mitchell wasn’t as excited as she was but he did great!

::  Mitchell got so excited at feeling extra clean that he projectile vomited then pooped up his back  ::

:: Kenz learned how to use my camera and insisted on taking pictures of the TV, Mitchell, Mommy and most of the house  ::


Kenzie cam of the TV, which we probably watched too much of today, but hey, we’re just trying to get through our first day.


Kenzie taking a picture of brother. “Say cheese baby!”


“Smile, Mommy!”

::  We had a picnic breakfast and lunch because of the no lifting rule  ::

And now Makenzie is snuggled up in bed, Mitchell is swaddled up and rocking, and I’m enjoying a little bowl of ice cream as a Hey I made it half of the day on my own with 2 happy kids celebration. Then it’s time to scoop up this little guy and enjoy snuggles until Big Sis wakes up.

I have a feeling the next three months, or perhaps, the next three decades are going to vanish in a blink. I better sit back and enjoy the sweet stuff!

More updates soon!


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