Mitchell Dennis – All about the name

This little guy is three weeks old today!


Little M!   (Infant photo sneak peek courtesy of Jessica Popovich Photography)

 It is unbelievable how fast it is going.  With Makenzie’s first few weeks of life we were so nervous, so exhausted and so worried about every little thing that we barely had time to enjoy our snugly newborn.  But this time is completely different.  I feel overwhelmed with happiness every single day.  Some days are challenging but they are all very happy.  Makenzie even notices and will often look at me and say, “Mommy, happy!”  It melts my heart that she can acknowledge the level of gratitude Denny and I feel.



But back to the name…  It took us a long time to commit to the name and a lot of people asked about how we decided on Mitchell so here is the background.

Ultimately we wanted an Irish name that started with M.  We wanted a name that had a solid nickname (if it was a long name), and we wanted a name that was classic yet strong.

On our way to Pittsburgh Thanksgiving we were going through Irish names and Mitchell came up.  Denny loved it immediately.  He kept saying that Mitch McGee would be an awesome name for a pitcher or for a golfer.  I didn’t initially love the name as much as he did, but I liked it enough to add it to the possible list.

Fast forward about 7 weeks to delivery day.  We narrowed the list to 6 names:  Mitchell, Nolan, Cameron, Madden, Dennis Jr (DJ) and Brennan.  All are great names but Denny kept going back to Mitchell.  The more we talked about it the more the name grew on me.  Maybe it was because of Denny’s love for it, or maybe it was because Mitch is a classic, yet not overused name but I started to see our family with a little guy named Mitch.

During our 17 hours in labor and delivery we started to see all sorts of little signs that our son would be Mitch McGee.  Denny checked the OU baseball team roster and the person with his baseball number, #33, is a Mitch.  Our wonderful OB resident told us that her Dad’s name is Mitch.  And also, Mitchell is a form of Michael, so by using the name it is extra special given my awesome Uncle Mike in Florida.

At 11:06 Mitch (still nameless at the time) finally arrived and we were in love!  Between his handsome wavy hair, those amazing dark blue eyes, and the excitement I saw on Denny’s face when he talked to our son, I just knew he had to be Mitchell.  When Makenzie arrived to meet her little brother we had a family meeting (although both kids were pretty clueless of what was happening) and the decision was made.   Our son would be Mitchell Dennis McGee!

As for the middle name, there was no doubt it would be Dennis.  It’s not too often that a girl marries someone with the same first name as her dad, but since I was that girl it meant that we had two amazing men to name our son after.


Mitchell Dennis with Papa (Dennis)


Mitchell Dennis with Dad (Denny)

Aside from the Name Game… you know, the Mitch Mitch Bo (fill in the blanks) game – we love the name.  We’re not sure where our son will go in life but we feel pretty confident that Mitch McGee will be a good name to take him on whatever path he chooses.

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