Tears to Target

Dear M & M,

The other day I cried all the way to Target.  Yep, I was a blubbering, embarrassing, snotty mess of a Mom. But it wasn’t because I stepped on the scale earlier that day for the first time post baby…  although I did that and based on the number I’m concerned there’s another baby in there.  And it wasn’t because I watched the final episode of Parenthood… although I did that too and it made me a weepy mess.   But I shed tears all the way to Target because I was leaving both of you for one of the first times.

I know it sounds silly because what spit up-covered, sleep-deprived Mom doesn’t crave the thought of roaming the aisles of Target all by herself, but I really just missed both of you.

You two have done something to me that can’t be explained.  And today, as I turn another year older, I realize how appreciative I am because you make me wiser.  Just this week you taught me that I can soothe a screaming infant while having a Play-doh picnic.  And right after that you taught me how fun it is to play Ring Around the Rosie.  And a few hours later you reminded me that 3am is a pretty amazing time of the night when you’re sharing it with the right company.  And maybe these aren’t transferable skills to be added on my resume but with each of these lessons you teach me how much a Mom can love her babies.

Completely cheesy?  Yes.  But completely and utterly true?  Absolutely.

Makenzie and Mitchell, thank you for a really great Birthday!  I love the adorable card.  I love the beautiful purple flowers picked out by my favorite little purple-loving girl.  And I love the snuggles and hugs you shared with me all day long.  But most of all, thank you for the chance to be your Mom.  I realize you didn’t necessarily decide this, but having you in my life reminds me that of all the places in the world I’d love to see and visit – the hot beaches of Aruba, the mystique-filled streets of Italy, or the quiet kid-free aisles of Target –  the best place and only place I want to be right now is with both of you.


Snuggling with my two favorite little ones after their afternoon naps.

I Love you both like crazy,

Your (slightly old and kind of sappy) Mom


PS  For those of you wondering I made it to Target and even managed to pull it together enough to buy some more yoga pants and $50 worth of other stuff I didn’t need.  Gotta love Target!

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