Two months!

Hey world,

What’s up?  Littlest M here aka Mitch Man.  Now that I’m two months old I figured it’s time I pull my weight around here and blog.  My sister aka Makenzie the Overachiever posted her first post at only 10 days old – check it out – so I sacrificed my fifth nap of the day to make this happen.

Can you believe I’m two months old!?  Me neither.  So far I’m liking this thing called life.

This month has been busy.  I’ve been eating a lot.  I like my bottles in the morning, afternoon, evening and all during the middle of the night.  Mom always tells me that it’s a good thing I’m so cute because I like to wake her up often.  But can you blame me?  I’m just a guy trying to bulk up so I can impress my buddies at Rollie Pollies.

Which way to the gym?


I’ve been out and about exploring the world.  Mom keeps Kenz and I really busy checking out lots of fun places.  Then we get home and take long naps.

The Science Museum was really cool and I even got to ride around in the front pack! Then I settled in to watch some ESPN and the next thing I knew I was sleeping. Oops.

I just can’t keep my eyes open some days.

Mom and Dad took me out to see the neighborhood this month too! Seems like a cool place to call home. But what’s up with this powder blue bear suit?!? What will the ladies think?

And my newest trick is that I can smile and giggle.  You should see all the crazy things my parents do to make me giggle.  They are so embarrassing!

Mom and Dad were being crazy and I couldn’t stop giggling. Good thing I’m still in diapers.

 My big sis, Kenzie has been busy this month too.  She finally figured out how to ride her trike.  How cool is she?!?

She told me that she’ll give me a ride to the toy store later this week when Mom and Dad are sleeping.  She’s the coolest.

See you next month!

MM (aka Mitch Man


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