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The 52 best gifts

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon and guess where my kids are… right here, in our own home, hanging with me, the luckiest mama on the planet!

Shortly before maternity leave ended, it started… that awful feeling deep in my gut about my role in life.  I was starting to question everything.  Was I a bad mom to work?  Would it hurt my family to stay home?  Would I be happy at home?  Would I be happy at work?

So I did the most logical thing.  I cried and stressed out about it.  Clearly the right thing to do.  After a few weeks and some encouragement from a dear friend (thank you Emily), I asked the question… is it possible, might I be able, is it even an option… to not come back to work full time?  And quicker than I asked it, I had my answer.  Yes!  Wow.  Who knew?

Yes, I can work four days!  Yes, I can still keep the career I love yet still keep some special Mommy time with the kids I adore!  Yes, it is possible to make it work.  AMAZING!!   There’s no doubt that this adjustment means some extra time on the laptop at nights, and some occasional extra stressing that comes with reduced time in the office, but being with Makenzie and Mitchell greatly outweighs all of the downsides.

Now I spend my Fridays with my favorite little M&M’s.  These days are undoubtedly the 52 best gifts I’ve ever received in my life.  I’m incredibly grateful for a workplace that gives this option, a supportive boss who authorized it to happen, a team of great people around me who understand why it is allowed, and a husband who works hard so we don’t have to stress about the financial implications.

Our babies turn from newborns to kindergarteners in about 250 Fridays, and now I am thrilled to know that I won’t be missing these.  Instead I’m filling our Fridays with dance parties, waffle breakfasts, play dates, trips to the splash pad and visits to story time.  I could not imagine it any other way.  I’m appreciative, grateful & incredibly lucky to have this extra time with my little love and my littlest love.  Here’s to my favorite day of the week!



Such a good big sis (although she did ask me if she could push the stroller into a mud puddle).


Hanging out in the splash pad on a beautiful sunny Friday!


More splash pad fun.


Enjoy the ride. Life is short but sweet for certain.

Today is…

Ya know how some things just stay with you since childhood?  Today I’m thinking about something from 20+ years ago.  Today I’m thinking about the morning announcements in elementary school.  Random, right?

I went to a very small Catholic school and we had this one particular awesome priest, Father Gubser, who always did the morning announcements.  One of the things he would say is Today is …insert date…, and today is your only …insert date…  For some reason this stuck with me.

Today is Monday July 13, 2015.  It’s almost 10 pm.  The kitchen is still in need of a final wipe down from dinner.  My toddler is still wrestling around in her bed.  My soon-to-be-six-month-old is still not sleeping through the night, and is already up for the first time.  My mail is still on the table from Saturday.  My work inbox is still full of red to do flags.  My laundry is still piled up.  My work bag is still in the car.  My coffee cup from 5:45 is still partially full of coffee begging to be drank.  My heart is still filled with feelings of being overwhelmed and exhausted and grateful all at the same time.  And I’m still wondering when I’ll get good at this mom of two game.

But then, for some reason, I flashed back to my days at St. Stephens.  The plaid uniforms, the green desk chairs, the big dusty chalk boards, the colorful bulletin boards with dancing alphabets and happy numbers… and I heard Father Gubser’s morning announcements… and suddenly I felt better.

Today is Monday, July 13, 2015, and today is my only Monday, July 13, 2015.  Today is my only day that my son is 5 months and 28 days old.  Today is my only day that my daughter is 2 years, 9 months and 21 days old.

Today might not be the day I have a clean house.  Today might not be the day that I sleep more than 4 consecutive hours.  Today might not be the day I am caught up at work, or for that matter, caught up on anything.  But today is the day I’ll do my best to just let it go.  Today is the day that I’ll soak in the chaos.  Today is the day that I’ll give my kiddos an extra good night kiss and let my mind rest just long enough to drift to dreamland before a sweet little boy needs some 3 am cuddling.

Today is my only Monday, July 13, 2015.  And today is going to be a good day.

What is happening on your only Monday, July 13, 2015?