Five Months, Six Months and Counting…

Mitchell Dennis, you are just growing so fast!

You are my littlest Love.  You are six months old already, and quickly approaching seven months old. Happy half Birthday to you sweet boy!!  Oh my, how fast time flies.  Didn’t we just bring you home from the hospital?


Wasn’t this last week?

You are growing so fast and quickly turning into a little boy. In case you someday don’t remember this phase in your life, I’ll fill you in on it.  (And to be honest I never finished your five month blog post so let’s step back a bit.)


::  Transitions  ::

From four to five months you so much changed.  You grew out of your swaddles and started sleeping in your crib every night.  You now love to snuggle up on your belly with your butt up in the air, but despite our best efforts to bribe you to sleep through the night, you just don’t want to do it.  Lots of coffee?  You bet!

Then from five months to six months even more changed.  You can now (almost) sit up, you can scoot, and just this week you started crawling.  Go little buddy, go!

::  Getting More and More Handsome  ::

I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this one.


June 15, 2015 – 5 Months old!


Such an adorable little bum.



My little stinker


July 15, 2015 – 6 months and a new haircut


Those chubby leggies!

::  Eating  ::

You are getting closer and closer to participating in family pizza night, but until then, you’re loving all your baby foods.  Sometimes your big sis even helps you eat.


“Mitchell, here comes the big  choo choo!” -Big sis

::  Adventures  ::

Mitchell, your baby resume is chalked full of experiences.  By the time your sister was 6-months old we barely unpacked her from the hospital, but that’s not the case with you.  In the past few months we’ve done everything from road trips to helicopters rides (kiddie park style of course) and a hundred things in between.


Getting baptized. Given his screams during almost the entire process, I’m going to chalk this up as an adventure. Denny and I were sweaty messes, but our wonderful Pastor Debi didn’t seem to mind one bit.


Grocery shopping trips!  Next stop, baby food aisle.  Hold on tight little guy!


Helicopter rides at the kiddie park.


Ohio road trips to hang with his big cousins.


Barefoot rides on the swing.


Erie Museum visits to see his other cousins.  (Please disregard what looks like a baby toupee, even tots have bad hair days)


Mamaw snuggles in between exploring time at the museum.


And a very special meeting of your Great Grandparents. They loved you Mitchell!

A day trip to the new Outer Harbor playground where you showed off your daredevil skills!

::  Lots of giggles, snuggles and baby fun  ::

Mitchell, aside from your car seat (which you seem to despise), you are such a content baby!  You are a pretty laid back little guy, which is shocking considering your parents.  Maybe it’s the whole second kid effect?  Check out all these good times!

Little M and Littlest M sharing some after nap snuggles.


4th of July giggles. You are a blast buddy.


And some bath time giggles.


Blue-eyed stud!

::  Pirate party  ::

Littlest M,what six-month old wouldn’t feel complete with a visit to a pirate party?!   Thanks to your Nana, you got to hang out with the big kids while you enjoyed Jake & the Neverland Pirate fun.

Shiver me timbers!


MitchMan, You daddy and I could not imagine our world without your big grins and constant attempts to keep up with Big Sis.  We have some fun surprises in store for your next six months and beyond.  Stay tuned!




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