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Mitchell Man at 8 months

Eight Months with our Mitchell Man!

The funny thing about baby #2 is how little one-on-one time you get to spend with them so Denny and I have been making extra efforts for some individual time with this little buddy.


Sneaking in some post-bath time snuggles!


Party time with Daddy! Just this month he started saying “Dada”!


This kid is all boy.  Check out his 8-month photo shoot.  I’m sweating again just looking at the pictures.  He is a blur of activity, giggles and spit ups.


Soooo busy!


Here is how our little monkey spends his time:

::  Cruising around the furniture  ::

This guy is on the go.  He is ready to take steps on his own any day now.  I can’t imagine how pumped he will be to keep up with his big sister.  He likes to crawl around the house in attempt to keep up with her but he always cries when she gets out of his sight.

Hi Mom!

Clothes optional when you look this cute!



::  Boy Time  ::
Littlest M loves his guy time.  Now that football is in full swing, he likes to spend Sundays with Daddy in just a onesie (Mitchell in a onesie, not Denny) cheering for the Bills and Steelers.  He also likes cruising around on the Laugh n’ Learn pup with his big cousins.


“Let’s tighten up these lug nuts things behind the pup ears, and find some torque something-or-other.”

He can also hold his own against Uncle Scott!

Jab, jab, jab, right hook.



::  Dreaming about the day he can participate in big kid activities  ::

This picture says it all.

Someday buddy, someday.


::  Laughing and having fun with Makenzie  ::

These two are awesome together.  Mitchell loves it when his sister wakes up in the morning and always crawls in to see her, and then greets her with tons of grins.  These two love to hang out in the crib together.


Giggle fest!


Watching for Daddy!



::  On a very serious note, we’re finally getting answers on all this medical stuff  ::

This month has undoubtedly been the biggest roller coaster thus far of having kids.  All rational thought goes out the window when it comes to your baby’s health.

Mitchell continues to have pass out spells.  These are completely terrifying, but we now know they are harmless.  He was diagnosed with involuntary breath holding spells.   Read more about these here.  If anyone knows another family dealing with this, please let us know!

He did really well during his EEG and we ruled our seizure activities.  Yay!  More tests to come next week due to his reflux but we now know definitively about the breath holding incidents.  Thanks for the good thoughts you’ve been sending our way.

He was a champ!


We love this little guy so much and we could not imagine our world without his sweet smile.  The rest of October will bring our first family of four vacation and then Mitchell’s 1st Halloween.  Let’s hope that everyone aboard Southwest Flight 983 shares his enthusiasm.

We love you to the moon & back Littlest M!


Mom & Dad

Dear brand new Mom, a little note for you to read in the wee hours of the night…

Dear brand new Mom,

Today I ran into you and I saw in your eyes something so real and something so raw. I saw how fulfilled you were with love and gratitude for this brand new amazing life that you created.  Your baby is just so beautiful!  But right along with that I saw your feelings of doubt, of exhaustion and of complete overwhelm.  Today I wanted to reach out and hug you and tell you to go and take a long nap.  Today I want you to know that I know exactly how you’re feeling.

And guess what? It’s okay.

Three years ago today I was you. I was home with a baby who was only single digit days old.  She ate nonstop.  She cried nonstop and she rarely, if ever, slept.  The adrenaline of meeting her had subsided and in its place were all kinds of feelings I never expected.  I was in pain and I was sore on every inch of my now deflated body.  I was more tired than I ever imagined.  I was somewhat sad that my once-controlled life seemed to have vanished completely.  I was feeling so damn lonely.  And I was beyond embarrassed that I felt any of this.  I couldn’t stop thinking that I spent my whole life wanting this… how dare I feel this way when I was so incredibly lucky to be a mom.

New mom, I want you to know that this entourage of feelings will be gone in a blink, and in its place will be a baby who you get to know better than yourself.  In its place will come giggles and full nights of sleep.  In its place will come confidence, slowly but surely, about how to raise this sweet baby of yours.  And in its place will come healing, control (somewhat) and believe it or not, a sense of sadness that those brand new baby days have come and gone.

But for now, just take it one hour at a time.  Just breath in and breath out.  Just forget about your bathroom that needs cleaned, and forget about that meal you were going to cook.  Just forget about those Pinterest perfect baby announcements and forget about those thank you notes.  Just forget about breastfeeding for one or two feedings and get some sleep (I promise your baby will not grow warts if he or she has formula).

New mom, you are on a brand new journey and the world wants you to know that it’s okay to feel the way you feel.  We all know that you feel that way not because you are a bad mom, but you feel this way for quite the opposite reason.  You feel this way because You are an incredible mom…. You are a beautiful mom… You are a grateful mom…  New mom, the world is lucky to have you and so is your sweet new baby.