A quick update on the Littlest M

Talk about being blown away by support!  We know that you all have your own busy lives but since posting about Mitchell’s frequent pass-out episodes a few weeks back we have been inundated by calls, texts and messages from people who have experienced this and wanted to share their insight, and from people who just wanted to say that they care.  Thank you everyone!   Our kids are so lucky to be so loved!

M & M say Thank you!!

But on a serious note, we are still in search of answers.  The pass-out aspect seems to fall clearly in the category of the involuntary breath-holding syndrome, but we are still baffled by the (potentially) seizure-like activity that sometimes occurs after the episodes.   Our little guy had an awful episode this week and spent about 7 minutes in an unresponsive state.  So scary.

After weeks of doctors visits and few answers we decided to head to the best of the best and we were highly fortunate to get an appointment with a well-known pediatric neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic.  We are thrilled!  We are also nervous but overall we know that this physician could be the one to help us gain clarity.

Our little boy ready for more carefree days at the park!

We will ideally know more early this week.  We will keep you posted.  Thank you SO much for all the good thoughts!

Much love,



  1. Jennifer Quilty says:

    Sending love! I hope this doctor is finally able to shed some light on what’s happening. Hug the little sweetie for me! Wish I could wave a wand and clear it all up for you. Xoxo

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