:: Life Lately ::

Gosh, these kids of ours make life fun!

It’s crazy and tiring… there’s sippy cups and toys everywhere… we’re sometimes stressed and often tired…

But we LOVE it!!

::  A rare slow moment of snuggles in the midst of a busy weekend. ::



Blogging has sadly been moved to the (way) back burner, but here’s what’s happening in our little world…

Mitchell Dude!

Mitchell is officially healthy!!   We are so incredibly relieved and happy.  Friday was (hopefully) our final trip to the pediatric cardiologist where he received a perfect report on his EKG and echocardiogram.   This means that the expected diagnosis of cyanotic breath holding spells is the official outcome.  He’s still having pass-out episodes but now we know exactly what it is.  (Insert huge sigh of relief)  In two weeks he gets tubes put in to dodge to pesky recurring ear infections and then we will be ready for a summer of fun!

In other fun updates, he is walking all over the place.  His cute baby legs can’t get him places fast enough and we know that the running phase is next.  Might be time for the baby leash!

::  How lucky am I that this little boy likes to hold my hand? ::

His personality is emerging and he is so sweet and lovable.  He is full of smiles & giggles and often gives big wet kisses.  I couldn’t imagine life without this hilarious little guy.

::   Mr. Giggle Pants   ::

Mitchell has a huge heart for all animals!   He adores our kitty and he loves trips to the zoo.  Yesterday he spent about 5 minutes just pointing and petting the Target dog.  One more reason to love this place!

::  Mouth open and drooling… that’s the same thing that I do while I’m in the Target dollar shop.  ::

Makenzie Ruth

Not even sure where to start with this girl, or should I say teenager/threenager?  She has become so smart and determined and independent.  We are slightly sad to see our baby girl growing so quickly, but we are so thrilled to see her turning into such an awesome little girl.

::   Purse full of toys – check! Big kid puffer vest – check! Ready to go – check!   ::

Makenzie is full of love & affection and spunk & humor!   She continues to be an awesome big sis and gives Mitchell tons of daily hugs and kisses (even when he is too busy playing and has no interest in her smooches).


::  Hugs for the little bro!  ::

In just 3 weeks our girl is going to be in her 2nd dance recital.  Last year we were in Mommy & Me together, but this year she will be dancing with just her friends up on the big stage.  I’m pretty sure I will need some tissues watching this little tapper.

:: Cheese! ::

Kenz is a great helper and loves to run errands with me.  This weekend at the grocery store she even picked out her very own sponges so that she could help me clean the floors (score!).  Secretly I think she wanted to pretend to be in the movie Annie because when we got home she asked me to turn on Hard-Knock Life while she scrubbed the floors.   🙂

:: Gotta love the beep beep carts! ::

One of Makenzie’s favorite things to do is hang with the neighbor kids!  She is our version of neighborhood watch patrol and she always tells me who is coming & going.  She loves to yell out the window when the kids are getting on and off the bus, and she is even happier when she gets to play with them.  Luckily, they are all AWESOME and they let her tag along with the fun.

::  Abbi, Kenz, Strawberry Shortcake Bailey (aka the Cabbage Patch doll) and Will. 🙂   ::


We are super excited for a fun summer with these two.   Here comes the warm weather!!

:: Warm weather, Woo Hoo!! ::

Have a great week!


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