My Freshman & Senior

It’s funny how the little moments of life are often the ones that become the big moments… The times when your heart feels so heavy with nostalgia that you can barely catch your breath.

I had one of those the other day.  While I was sipping (or more appropriately, chugging) my coffee, while I was singing a song with the kids on the way to school, while I was glancing in the rear view mirror… I had one of those moments.  It was nothing special, but everything special all at once.  And I realized how fleeting these moments are.


Two car seats, too little sleep, two silly & hilarious little passengers… and it’s all going too fast. Way too fast.

Here’s where we are for the moment… Mitchell and Makenzie are both at the same school.  They spend their days a short walk down the hall from each other.  Mitchell is a one-year-old freshman and Makenzie is a three-year-old senior at their school… but don’t blink.  In just a few days my baby girl will turn four, and in just a few weeks my baby boy will officially be a sophomore.  Crazy!  And then they won’t be a freshman and a senior together until they are in high school around the year 2030.  We will have had at least 2 more Presidents.  There will have been another 13 Super Bowl champs, and Denny & I will be well past our 20th wedding anniversary.  But don’t blink.  I’m sure that will be here in no time.

So for today, I’ll savor this sweet moment of having a freshman and a senior.  Here’s what they are doing.

My little freshman still loves to wake up well before the sun rises and play, play and play some more.  It’s early but it’s honestly one of my most favorite one-on-one times with him.


Early bird!

He loves all things sports, and he even gets to sleep on his cot in the ball pit in the freshman room!   How cool is that?!?


Loving Bills day!


He LOVES this. 🙂

My little freshman is very active and even more affectionate.  He’s working on learning words and he’s working on keeping up with his big sister.


He will follow her to the ends of the earth.

He melts our heart on a daily basis and we couldn’t love him more!


Makenzie, my senior, is turning into a beautiful big girl!


First day of pre-school – September 2016!

She loves all things creative and can spend hours coloring and drawing.  She is really proud that she can now spell & write her name.


Makenzie’s dragon. Perhaps it’s a Nile red dragon?!

Makenzie is an awesome big sister and loves to drop off Mitchell and pick him up in his classroom every day.  She usually gets so excited to see him that she sprints to his classroom to see what he did each day.


They are usually buddies and enjoy most things together BUT on occasion they can annoy each other as only siblings can do.


A particularly cranky day at Target. Even a trip down the toy aisle couldn’t distract Makenzie from the annoyance of a little bro who kept pinching her.



A better day & a trip to Olcott Beach before the end of summer.


Denny and I both had a time when our older siblings were seniors while we were freshman, which makes it pretty cool that our kids get to experience this.  Melissa and I spent one year at the same high school and then another year of overlap at OU and these were two of my favorite years of life because it was when I realized that she was a best friend.


Makenzie sometimes asks if she can keep him forever. I can only hope that she does.


Off & running!

I hope Makenzie & Mitchell someday look back and appreciate these days together at Childrens Kastle.  My freshman and senior will soon be all grown up, but until then, I’m going to savor the millions of little moments because I know they won’t last forever.



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