Everything we own in a box to the left…

Don’t you just love when Beyonce knows all the right words to share the big news?  Everything we own is now in a box to the left, right and everywhere else because … (drumroll) …

the McGees are moving!

This is fun, right?

After much deliberation, we’ve decided that we wanted to go somewhere warmer so we are packing up and heading south!   And by south, I mean 3 miles south, but hey – south is south!  #ItsstillclosertotheEquator    #Imsotiredimusingrandomhashtagsinablogpost

I feel like a life change of this magnitude is worthy of a blog post so here goes…

About 8 years ago, Denny and I were freshly married and ready to find our first home.  On a frigid day in January we found our dream home.  We didn’t even need to go to the second floor to know that it was going to be ours.  We loved it!   An adorable colonial home on a quiet street and we called it our own!   It was the best first home we could have possibly imagined… we had parties, we had family reunions, and we had an immediate sense of belonging.  Within weeks of moving in, we also realized that we landed on a street with some of the best neighbors possible.  (Oh, how we are going to miss all of you)  And although we didn’t have family nearby, our neighbors made this feel like Home!

Many moons ago!

In the four walls of our first home we finished our wedding Thank You notes, we finished our Masters degrees and we started and finished countless home projects.  We found the bottom of at least 25 paint cans (I’m not kidding, we’ve painted every square inch of this home).  We changed light bulbs, we changed flooring and we changed back splashes.

In eight years since signing on the dotted line so much has happened.  We found out we would be having a Girl and we brought her to this home.  Exactly 24 months later, we found out we would be having a Boy and we brought him to this home too.  We had long nights of feedings and fun days of playing!  Maternity leaves, dance parties & movie nights.  In our first home we watched our babies grow.   In our first home we became a family.

These four walls have watched us grow, and learn, and cry and laugh.  These four walls have held the most magical eight years of our lives and we are immensely sad to leave.  But waiting just 3 miles away is our new home.  Our forever home!!  It’s cozy & beautiful, and the house number is Denny’s former baseball number, #33, so that can only mean something good.

The new house has more room to play, and more room to grow (another bathroom sure helps too!).  But most importantly there is room for grandparents to stay and make memories with M & M.  Denny and I both grew up near our grandparents and we really cherished that and we want that experience for our kids.  So come on up Nana & Papa and Mamaw & PapPap!  Your grandparent suite (aka bedroom) awaits!

A new journey is about to begin & we are incredibly excited (and sad and anxious and honestly just cross-eyed from packing with 2 toddlers)!  It’s just a whole lotta emotions, people!  In just five days we get a new set of keys and a new set of neighbors (can we talk about how crazy it is that one of our new neighbors is an OU grad?!?)!

So here’s to inevitable chaos & overwhelming emotions that will ensue in the coming days.  Here’s to saying good-bye to one Home and saying hello to the next Home.  Here’s to new projects and new memories.  Here’s to knowing that what makes a home is not where you live, but where you Love.

See you at the new house!



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