You’ve come a long way baby… 100th Post!

It’s a big week to say the least.  For those of you counting (um, zero of you), the wait is over!

The 100th post has arrived !!!!!

Not sure who this little girl is, but sometimes when I’m excited about stuff I do this in my head! Thank you nameless girl for living out my dream!

It’s a big week of milestones and I didn’t want to miss this blogging milestone, so if figured I’d do a blog post full of the topics that float through my mind each day.  Most of them have already earned a blog post or two (or more).

Without further adieu, the ABC’s of Mommy McBlog.


A – A blog.  It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming McBlog into the world.  And here we are 100 posts later.  She’s growing up so fast!

B – Baby.  A super cute baby girl names Makenzie Ruth.  She’s what inspired this blog.  We kind of like her and have written a post (or 99) about her.

C – College (go OU!).  My four years as an undergrad actually prepared me to be a mom, read about it here

D – Dear Makenzie… some notes I’ve been jotting down to our girl about ears, Lysol and lots of other randomness

E – Erin, that’s me.

F – Feeding time for the under 1 crowd aka breastfeeding.  This was a tough one to write but I’m SO glad I did! 

G – GOLF!  

H – Hanging with cousins!

I – Itsa Party

J – Journey with a Jeep

K – Keeping up with the, uh, McGees?   Toys R Us coupon drama and museum trips… Not quite exciting or glamorous, but what’s your other option right now, an E! rerun?

L – Labor & Delivery and the music to go with it.  Yikes!

M – Makenzie Ruth!!!   Ever since she came into our lives 362 days ago, our world has never been the same!

N – Nursery, aka The Kenzie Inn.  Check out where this little pumpkin lays her head each night.

O – Ohio University!!!!! 

P – Pregnancy and the fun that goes with it.  Apparently in my pre-baby days I had too much time on my hand and I created the pregnancy Olympics.  What was I thinking?

Q – Quiltys!!   I love these people.  This year has been a really sad year for us… we’re always keeping the people we love so much in our hearts

R – Remembering how lucky we are to be here.  It wasn’t always an easy journey

S – Stickers.  We Love those Picky Stickies 

T – The truth about Pinterest

U – Us, meaning me and my cute hubby.  We’ve been legally locked together for 5 years and so far, so good.  Sure we have days when we want to throw dirty diapers at each other, but he’s a best dad/husband/friend Makenzie and I could ever ask for.

V -View on Life – Changing Diapers or Building a Cathedral

W – Working Moms, phew!  Not an easy job.

X –X-tra quarters in the meter

Y – You!!  It means a lot that you stop by this blog on occasion.  Thank you!

Z – Zoo?  It’s all I can think of for Z.  I’m so glad we took her here or I wouldn’t be able to finish this post.

100 Posts and going strong.  I still love this blog for a chance to write down a memory or share some insight with other Moms. I hope you like it too.  Here’s to 100 more!


100 Posts and a 1-year old baby girl.  What a week!

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Mommy McBlog and the Pursuit of Happiness


happy bday americaand



A big celebration in the McGee House!  And Yes, even a laptop needs a bib when eating dessert.

The two Birthday kids are about 236 years apart but it turns out they share a common theme – the pursuit of happiness.

The pursuit of happiness theme probably make sense to you when it comes to our country, but let me explain how it pertains to a blog…

One year ago yesterday (July 4, 2012) I published the very first Mommy McBlog post, and since then I’ve fallen in love.  When it comes to blogging I really feel like I’ve found my little place in this world.  It makes me happy to be able to put my experiences into words, and I’m hoping that some of my random rambling resonates with others too.  In 365 days I’ve managed to turn my experiences into 85 blog posts that have been read by people in 36 countries.  Crazy right?  Thank you, thank you, thank you!   I’m incredibly honored that you’ve stopped by to read about this journey of ours.

But I think this blog can be even more…

I’m a big believer in dreams and call me crazy but I have a huge dream about this blog.  Someday I want Mommy McBlog to be a household name for Moms.  Someday I’d love to have opportunities to personally meet and speak to Moms groups.  Someday I’d love the honor to be considered the expert in parenting with a sense of humor (not to be confused with an expert parent, which I’m clearly not).  Someday I’d love for people to be able to read this blog and feel like they they’re not alone with the challenges of parenting.

Parenting is no joke, but I think it can be made much easier with some humor.  I definitely don’t recall humor being a topic in any part of birth class so here I am to bring it to the forefront of parent’s minds.   And here is my ask for you… if you hate the blog, tell me what I can do to make it better.  If you like the blog, tell me what other topics you want to hear about.  If you love the blog, pass it along.  share it with friends, neighbors, sisters and other Moms!

Perhaps in another 236 years people will be shooting off fireworks and grilling up burgers and weenies to celebrate the birthday of Mommy McBlog!  Perhaps not, but even if you think I’m nuts, follow my journey so your children’s children’s children can enjoy another federal holiday over the summer.


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How having a baby saved my golf game

It turns out that having a baby can save your golf game.  Yep, true story.  They don’t mention this tip in Golf Digest, and there’s not a product infomercial for this, but it can happen.

First let’s venture back to the pre-Makenzie days.  Denny and I used to golf pretty regularly.  We’d hit up the golf dome in the winter and head to the course at least a few times each month in the summer.  I had fun with Denny but my relationship with golf was questionable.  I would lose golf balls, I would lose my patience, and sometimes I would lose my interest in the game altogether.

Golf and I were frenemies in every sense of the word.  Think Kanye and Taylor Swift; think Paris and Nicole; think Erin and golf.

Then sweet Makenzie arrived.  Gone were the days of spontaneously jumping in the car and heading to the driving range.  Gone were the days of 18 holes on lazy Sunday mornings.  Gone were the days of focusing time and energy on our hobbies.  Obviously we’re crazy about our little munchkin but lately we’ve barely had energy to walk 52 yards to bed let alone to walk 5,200 yards on a golf course.

But last weekend Denny’s parents kindly volunteered to watch  Kenzie girl so that we could head out and golf and we took them up on the offer.    The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing and Denny and I had four wonderful hours together.  It was GLORIOUS!!  In fact it was so glorious that I didn’t care if I lost a ball, or lost the game.  I was just glad to have a little us time.  And it turns out that not caring is really a good way to play golf.  I played like a champ and almost made it to the double digits.  Score!!!

It’s been a really good year.  I’ve gained a daughter.  I’ve gained a new appreciation for four hours of undisturbed quiet time with my husband.  I’ve gained a few less strokes on my golf score card.  And I’ve gained a BFF in golf!

Who knows, maybe Paris and Nicole will make up again someday too.

Liebster – to inspire and be inspired

Grammys, Oscars, Tonys, Liebsters… talk about elite awards!!

For those of you (likely all of you) wondering what the heck a Liebster award is, pull up a chair and grab a sippy cup…


The Liebster Award is an award given to the little guys by the little guys. You have to have less than 200 follows to be eligible.  I was nominated by a friend and fellow bobcat, Shannon at Smile & Write.  Go check out her blog!

1) Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
2) Choose 11 new bloggers to pass the award on to and link them in your post   (I’m a super rebel because I didn’t tag 11)
3) Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.
4) Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5) Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
6) No tag-backs!
Questions For Me
1. If you could only eat 1 food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
The same incredible dinner I just ate… Yummy, awesome Picasso’s Pizza.
2. If you won a million dollars, what would be the first thing you would buy?
I’m pretty lame because the first thing I would do is pay off our student loans.  But that’s technically not a purchase, so then I’d pick up a Picasso’s pizza and book a month in Aruba with our families.
3. What is your inspiration for writing?
My blogging started because I wanted to remember our pregnancy with Makenzie, but then one thing lead to another and now I’m in love.  It’s become my escape to grab my laptop and write, and I think maybe, just maybe my rambling might occasionally offer some insight or support to a fellow Mom.
4. Are you an appetizer or a dessert person?
Dessert, hands down!
5. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
I think I already mentioned that I’m pretty lame, but, I did spend 4 years in a little town called Athens, Ohio.  It was the land of Bricks of Beer, and the home of Ohio U.  And I would classify those years as slightly crazy.  I once went to a bar wearing a pan on my head… I skipped down Court Street signing Stand Up and Cheer… I sprayed glitter all over myself, on purpose.  Eeek, it was four crazy years!
6. Who is your role model and why?
Leslie Knope!  Fictional, yes.  Passionate, hilarious, super smart – yes, yes, yes!  She’s pretty cool.
WWLD: What Would Leslie Do?
7. What do you do to de-stress?
De-stress?? What does that mean?
8. Favorite guilty pleasure on tv?
Say Yes to the Dress & pretty much anything on Friday Bride Day.  Thanks TLC, what would I do without you?
9. What is your dream in life?
Don’t puke from reading this, but I kind of feel like I’m living it.  As a little girl this is what I hoped for… good husband, cute baby, cute house.  Perhaps a little less distance between family would be good and maybe an annual Mediterranean cruise, but otherwise things are good.
10. What is one thing that makes you amazing?
It’s pretty amazing that it’s 11 pm on a Friday and I’m still awake.
11. What is the best thing you have recently read?
E-Myth.  A good little book about understanding small business challenges.
My nominees
Drumroll Please…..
Melissa at The Bix Blog
Laura at Beirne Boys
Questions for the next round of Liebster Winners:
  1. Tea or coffee or mimosa?
  2. How many stamps are in your passport?
  3. Who is your favorite TV character?
  4. What would you do if you had a million hours?
  5. What was your favorite childhood memory?
  6. Would you rather to perm your hair or wear headgear the rest of your life?
  7. What is your biggest fear?
  8. Who is your favorite late night talk-show host?
  9. What percentage of time do you think about chocolate?
  10. What was your high school mascot?
  11. How cool is your blogger friend that gave you this Liebster award?
  12. If you could go to dinner with any public figure what would you order to eat?


I’m honored for such an award.  Thanks to the Academy and to all the little people that made this possible!  Hope to see you all at the Liebster after-parties on the Sunset Strip!!

A few extra quarters in the meter

Lately I’ve been battling a huge (sometimes) losing battle with time.  I feel like there’s not enough.  Perhaps I set my expectations of myself too high, perhaps I overbook myself, or perhaps it’s a combination of both.

I think I’m (mostly) doing okay at juggling it all, but I can’t seem to remember a day when I haven’t wished for just a few more minutes.  A few more minutes to devote to a work project to make it really good.  A few more minutes to sleep.  A few more minutes to play with my baby girl while she’s still a baby girl!   A few more minutes to hang out with my hubby so he knows just how much I appreciate him.  A few more minutes to chat with a good friend.  And especially lately I wish I had a few minutes to spend more time with family, especially those that are a few exits away on Route 90.

I know it’s silly to stress over because I can’t do much about the number of hours in a day.  No one can.  A few more minutes can’t be bought, can’t be sold, and can’t be preserved.  Or so I thought…

Then today I went out to grab lunch (since I didn’t have a few more minutes to make one), and as I searched my purse for quarters I thought about parking meters.  They sell time to people.  In fact, that’s their sole purpose.  Sell time to people and then stand by and tell the rest of the world that they are fully committed during the duration of the purchased time.  Such a simple concept… and it got me thinking that maybe we can learn from it.

We can’t exactly put parking meters on the people we love to lock in time with them.   If we could I’d dig through my purse and my bank account for days if it meant a few more meaningful minutes with those people I love and miss so much.   But perhaps I need to meter myself.  Maybe I need to really park myself into each thing that I do for a committed time period, and during that time focus on nothing else.  When the meter is done, I move on or risk being ticketed.  All too often I’m at too many places at once; often I’m just getting to work and already stressing about dinner, or I’m picking up Makenzie and stressing about stuff on my desk.  So maybe it’s time I focus on parking myself… in the moment, in the task, in my relationships.

It doesn’t mean I have to be rigid but I think it will help me feel better about how I’m spending my 24 hours each day.  And if I find myself parked somewhere really good — maybe all snuggled up with Kenz, or maybe on a hilarious phone call with a friend — then maybe I’ll drop a few extra quarters in the meter.


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RSVP’ing for 3 instead of 2

There is something to be said for annual events.  Whether it’s the family dinner on Turkey Day or the first day of school, these repeat occurrences force us to acknowledge change.

In this case, it’s our neighborhood’s annual Memorial Day bash.  Thank you to our very kind friends just across the street for rolling out the welcome mat each and every year regardless of weather, busy schedules and prior year’s alcohol-induced behavior.

Yesterday was another great get together.  But for some reason, this year really made me think.  It’s crazy how being in the same place at the same time every year can really clarify all the changes – both good and bad – that have occurred in the past 365 days in our neighborhood, in our families and in our world.

This year the biggest change for us is the head count from the McGee house.  For the first time, I RSVP’d for a family of 3 instead of 2.  When Denny and I started attending the annual Memorial Day party a few years ago we were the ones leading the charge for more and more rounds of flip cup.  We’d roll home way past midnight and then sleep a solid 12 hours all the while thanking the national holiday gods for the fact that we didn’t have to work until Tuesday.    This year, we rolled a baby stroller home to ensure our munchkin could get 12 hours of sleep all while thanking our lucky stars for the littlest guest at the party.

Talk about change…really good change.

But then there’s all the other change, some good and some not so good.  It’s crazy to think about the power of one year.  Over the course of phone calls, for sale signs, text messages, trips to the hospital, conversations shared over coffee and conversations shared in driveways, the twists and turns of life are carved out in our worlds.

For some of us, change consists of a 4 new walls, new neighbors, and a new home.

For some of us change consists of welcoming a new life, or saying good-bye to a life you knew.

For some of us, we choose to leave for what we think is a better place.

For others of us, we fight like hell in hopes that we get to stay in what we already know is a really good place.

This change that we face is not always fair, and it’s not always easy, but it’s always there.

No matter how many years pass I still find it impossible to ever expect or to ever be prepared for all the change, yet I’ve learned that the trick to navigating it all is to have a good little support system around you.  And if you’re really lucky that little support system will start right at your doorstep.


My favorite phone call of the year

Ring Ring…               unknown number…                  and there it is!

My favorite phone call of the year.  It’s like Christmas Morning!  It’s the annual phone call from the OU Phon-a-thon!!!!

YESSSS!  And Ironically, it came a few days ago.   Just in time for today – OUr Day!

OU banner

I might be the only person in the world that gets this excited about a telemarketer but I LOVE OU… I LOVE the Phon-a-thon and I LOVE all the reminders of how Denny and I ended up where we are today.  And this call is THE biggest reminder.

In an instant Denny and I are connected to the place where it all began via a current OU undergrad at the Phon-a-thon!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the life we lead today, but every year when we get our annual call, I become completely green (yes I intentionally said that) with envy of the person on the other line.  I can’t talk enough to them!

I ask them to tell me all about Court Street – the sights, the smells, the new bars.   I remind them that they should study less and stay out more.   I ask them to go to the Pub and have a fish bowl for me.  I ask them if they’ll go to Pita Pit for me.  I ask them to walk across College Green for me.

Normally they don’t know how to respond so it can sometimes get awkward by the time I ask them to sing Stand Up & Cheer, but sometimes I get a fun one and they just let me babble on about the land of Bricks and Beer!

But it’s not a Phon-A-Thon call without telling the poor kid on the other end of the phone WHY I love their call so much.  Truthfully, they probably would have hung up on me 20 minutes prior, but I wait to give them my Visa # until I tell them the story.  The story that started it all.  The call that changed my life.  Cliché, maybe.  Annoying, maybe.  But it’s the truth.  It was a call that changed my life.

The call on March 8, 2004 that connected me to Denny… my best friend, my hubby, the awesome Dad to Makenzie, the laundry do-er in our house (yes ladies he does the laundry), the man I’ll grow old with, the (sometimes) person that annoys me like crazy, the (frequently) person I annoy like crazy, the one who likes me just enough to deal with my crazy blogging, the one who still loves me when I’m cranky, grumpy, and hanging out on Sundays in gross sweats, but most importantly The One (the Only One) who said I Do to me at the same campus where he first said Hello to me.

Pretty cool, right?

Denny Erin wedding pic on College Green

Ahh to be young and in love again! (Almost 5 years and almost 15 pounds ago)


So for those of you that haven’t read it/heard it/lived it with us, here it is ….

(can also be found by googling “Calling for Love” Erin Denny McGee”)

Calling for love Erin Quilty, BSC ’05, and Dennis McGee, BSC ’02

By Erin Quilty

 It was the type of cool, cloudy Athens afternoon that would have best been spent watching a movie with my sorority sisters. Instead I reluctantly agreed to work an extra Monday shift at the OU Phonathon.


Meanwhile in Washington, Pa., Denny McGee, a 2002 graduate, relished in the fact that his evening work meeting was unexpectedly cancelled. As fate would have it, these unforeseen changes in our evening schedules were the reason our paths crossed on that memorable March evening.

My Phonathon shift dragged on, and the name Dennis McGee popped up on my screen as the next alumni to call. Little did I know this name belonged to the man with whom I would one day grow old.

As I heard the phone ringing in my headpiece, I prepared for another conversation. “Hi Dennis, I’m Erin, a junior at Ohio University,” I said. Denny’s deep voice was full of enthusiasm as he talked about his time at OU. We immediately clicked, and the conversation flowed easily.

Although Denny was reluctant to donate, he was not shy to ask if he would ever talk to me again. I felt my heart beating in my throat when Denny asked if we could meet during his upcoming trip to Athens for baseball alumni weekend, but I politely declined. I knew immediately that I made a mistake turning down an opportunity to meet him, so I wrote down his number.

As I told my friends all about this amazing conversation, I was glowing. I could not explain the connection I felt with Denny, but I knew we both had found something special.

I could not stop thinking about Denny, so I turned to my favorite college research tool, I found all of his OU baseball stats and also the Kalamazoo Kings Web site, which is Denny’s former independent minor-league baseball team. When I saw his charming smile, I knew I had to call him again.

It took me three days and a workout at Ping to finally get the nerve to call my alumni crush. As soon as I heard his voice on the other end of the line, I knew I had made the right decision. “Erin?” Denny asked. “Phonathon Erin?!? I was hoping to hear from you!” We talked another two hours that night and every night thereafter.

When Denny came to OU two months later for alumni baseball weekend, we were inseparable, and he continued to visit me almost every weekend until I graduated in June of 2005.

After two-and-a-half years of our long-distance relationship, I recently moved to Buffalo, N.Y., and we are finally together! Denny is a sales representative for R.J. Reynolds, and I am a sales manager at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Buffalo. We plan to someday get married on the campus of Ohio University.


Editor’s Note: Erin and Denny are engaged and have set a wedding date of Aug. 16, 2008, at Ohio University. The wedding party will consist of 10 former Bobcats. Congratulations!

Read the contest’s other finalist: The Jefferson Hall milkman

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Why buy the formula when you can get the milk for free?

(It’s taken me almost 6 months to get the courage to post this but I’m posting it because I imagine I’m not the only one who has faced the breastfeeding guilt struggles.  Although it’s a pretty personal post, just know that I’m writing it to maybe, hopefully, possibly make one or two new Moms feel even a tiny bit better about their decision.  If you agree, pass it on, share it, and remind a new Mom that no matter what she decides, it is the RIGHT decision because she is the only one that will know best what works for her baby)


Guilt, guilt, guilt… isn’t there enough of it in this world already?  I used to think that I knew what the word meant…

I should eat healthier… I should work out more…  I should give to more charities

But it turns out I didn’t even know the half of it until I became a mom.  More specifically, a mom that wanted to breastfeed.

It started out innocently enough.  I was pregnant and I thought, Sure, I’ll breastfeed the baby.   Dogs nurse their pups, and cavewomen breastfed their babies, so It can’t be that hard, right?

In the pre-baby classes there were all kinds of conversations about how “good” moms breastfeed.  I started to realize that if this whole breastfeeding idea didn’t work out I would be in for quite the guilt trip.

But then it got worse.  I had Makenzie and the lactation ladies came in nonstop.  I know they meant well but some of them were really pushy.  It wasn’t going very well and I was starting to feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.

On our last morning in the hospital I asked the nurse for some formula samples and she told me that if she gave them to me I would have to swear not to tell anyone that she did it.  Hmm, did she think I asked for painkillers?  When she finally came back empty-handed a few hours later she admitted that she just couldn’t do it.  She couldn’t get me formula because she was scared to get in trouble.  Get in trouble for giving a new mom formula??  Wow, nothing like hefty NYS mandates to make a new Mom feel terrible for her uncertainty about breastfeeding.

By the time we were home, I was totally overwhelmed.  I swear I heard Jaws music every time the baby was hungry.  It was painful and frustrating and I was grappling with terrible guilt for the fact that I didn’t enjoy it.  I wasn’t even sure I could continue, and the thought of formula seemed like the perfect solution if not for all the guilt.

Rather than enjoying every moment with my beautiful, precious, new baby, I was feeling so sad/embarrassed/distraught because breastfeeding was so darn difficult.  What was wrong with me??  Was I somehow missing the breastfeeding gene?  This is not what I expected.  And as new Mom, I was also sleep deprived.   I was still recovering physically.  My hormones made me a hot mess.  And I was trying to do the 5 S’s non-stop for 24 hours a day.  It was a perfect storm.


So why you ask, did I share this personal story?   Why does this warrant a blog post?  And what is the answer to Why Buy the formula when you can get the milk for free?  Well, the answer is that sometimes it is just better to buy the formula…even when the milk is free.

Yep, I said it.  Sometimes formula is better.  And this is not even because of physical issues, but emotional ones too.  To put it in perspective imagine this… you are thousands of feet above ground in a plane and you have a new pilot flying a plane without a flight attendant.  Would you rather him leave the cockpit to serve you healthy apples?  Or would you rather serve yourself pretzels so he could focus on staying in the air?  Okay, not the best analogy but my point is that new Moms need to focus more on the big picture of not crashing versus stressing over other stuff that our society dictates is the “right” thing to do.

Right now, I’m pretty sure that some of you are in total disagreement with me.  But before you start sending me nasty-grams with “101 Reasons why breast milk is best milk,” and before you start throwing stones at my house, just understand what I’m saying.

Yes, breastfeeding is best!  Yes, I wholeheartedly support Moms that can do it. But Yes, it is a TREMENDOUS committment and it needs to be considered just that.  And if that commitment  isn’t right for the Mom, then it is okay!  Say it with me… It. Is. Okay!

As Moms, as friends, and as a society, we MUST learn to support fellow Mamas!!   We MUST let them know it’s okay however they choose to feed their baby.  We MUST remember that it’s their baby, their body, and their decision.  Don’t new Moms have enough pressure already?

And for those of you that still don’t agree with me, no problem!  You are wholeheartedly open to your own opinion.  But if you choose to make me feel like a bad mom, just remember that the day will come when I might just catch you at McDonald’s buying your super perfect breastfed baby french fries. And then you might just get a taste of your own perfect-mom medicine.


So what finally happened you ask?

Well despite the pain and the frustration, I did end up breastfeeding Makenzie.  I got lucky, and with the support of an amazing non-pushy lactation lady I figured out some tricks to help with the pain.  But it wasn’t easy.  Along the way I had a bout with mastitis and I spent way too many (unnecessary) days and nights in tears over all if it.

And although I won’t make it to her first birthday, Kenzie will be 6 months before we thaw out the last bag of breast milk from the freezer.  And although it’s taken me some time to truly feel this way, I’m happy with this outcome.  It works for us and that’s all that matters.  And part of me is actually pretty proud that we’ve made it this far especially because I wasn’t sure if I would make it 6 days when it all started.


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How College Prepared me to be a Mom…

They say History Repeats Itself.  

They are correct!

Fall 2001 was very exciting.  I was embarking on a life-changing experience… I was about to become a college kid at OU.

Sara, one of my best friends in the world, was one of my roommates, and we were about to meet our other roommate.  We’ll call her “K” for the sake of privacy.  Sara and I had no idea what to expect with K and we were anxious, excited, and nervous.

At first glance, we loved her!  We had a number of things in common and we were ready to embark on a new journey together in close quarters.

K, the new roommate, took some adjusting.  We were all pretty new to our roles, but we were doing our best to make it work.  K was kind of messy, and left her clothes everywhere.  She often stayed up way too late, and seemed to have a need for frequent male attention, often when she was staying up way too late.  Talk about awkward!  In addition, K must have been really thirsty because she drank a lot and left her bottles everywhere (usually Nati Lite, eww).  And sometimes, when she did this, she wet the bed and she once even wet the futon (again, eww!).  Sara and I were new with the roommate scenario and we didn’t always know how to handle K.  Sometimes there were tears; sometimes there was frustration; and sometimes we learned lessons.

Despite all this, Sara and I managed to have a fun and memorable year.   We survived the fall, the winter, and the spring quarters and walked away much smarter than when we arrived.  But when it came to K, we decided we did not want to live with an attention-needing, heavy-drinking, bed-wetting, mess-making roommate, ever again!

Or so I thought…

Fall 2012 was very exciting.  I was embarking on a life-changing experience… I was about to become a Mom.

Denny, one of my best friends in the world, was one of my roommates, and we were about to meet our other roommate aka our daughter.  We call her Kenz.  Denny and I had no idea what to expect with Kenz and we were anxious, excited, and nervous.

At first glance, we loved her!!!  We had a number of things in common (mainly, Kenz was a combination of the two of us) and we were ready to embark on a new journey together in close quarters.

Kenz, the new roommate, took some adjusting.  We were all pretty new to our roles, and we were doing our best.  Kenz, like most babies, was kind of messy, and left her clothes, toys and bibs everywhere.  She often woke up way too late at night, and seemed to have a need for attention from Denny (often when she was up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t figure out why she was crying).  In addition, Kenz must have been really thirsty because she drank a lot and left her bottles everywhere (usually breast milk, eww).  And sometimes, when she drank a lot, she wet the bed, and she once even wet the crib and the couch.  Denny and I were new with the parent scenario and didn’t always know how to handle Kenz.  Sometimes there were tears; sometimes there was frustration; and sometimes we learned lessons.

Despite all this, Denny and Kenz and I managed to have a an amazing year.   We survived the fall and the winter, and we can’t wait for the spring.  We’re much smarter than when Kenz arrived, and despite the fact that I claimed 11 years ago that I would never ever live with an attention-needing, heavy-drinking, bed-wetting, mess-making roommate, I changed my mind.  In fact, not only have I changed my mind, but also I’ve fallen completely in love with this new little roommate. 

So there you have it.   It is possible that the worst roommate in one situation can have the exact same exact characteristics as the best roommate in another situation.  Who knew?  

 And sometimes when you least expect it you uncover yet another connection of how your crazy days as an undergrad prepared you for the real world.   In this case, college kind of prepared me to be a Mom.


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The Big 3-0!!

Last weekend was my Big 3-0!  It was a great weekend and I’m looking forward to a new decade.

While sometimes on this blog I like to get a little sappy about how fast time is going, that is not the case today friends.

We’re going to take a hard and fast look at the past decade.


My 20’s were like the month of March….

In like a lion, out like a lamb!

In like a “Thursday-night drinkin, stay-up-late, livin with girlfriends” lion.

And out like a “can’t stay up past 10 PM, I’m so in love with my baby girl, and I am considering buying a mini van” lamb.

Don’t believe me?  Well the numbers don’t lie.  Check out year over year changes of my 20’s:

thirty chart


So there you have it!  I’m not exactly a carefree 20-year old, but an awesome decade has come and gone and with it I’ve gained so much (and I’m not just referring to those lingering pounds of baby weight)!  I’ve gained a cute husband, a sweet baby, a cuddly kitty, a few gray hairs (and on occasion a recurring chin hair, gross!) 2 degrees, a Facebook account, a mortgage, a few more lines on my resume, a handful of life experiences, and lots of happy memories.

Plus I still feel young.  In fact I’m pretty much a young Sally O’Malley!

I’m Thirty… I like to kick, stretch, aaaaaaaaaand kick!!  IIIIIIIII’m Thirty!!

I’m looking forward to another decade and I have a good feeling my 30’s will be a Choo Choo Charlie and a Class Act!

Have a great week everyone!