2016, I’ll miss seeing your smiling face around here!

Hello 2017!  The holiday season is over and here we are on the first night of a brand new year.


Good byes can be hard!

It’s a fresh slate.  It’s the brink of opportunity for more happiness, more experiences & more fun.  But I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to say farewell to 2016.



We kicked off the 2016 year with a little boy who turned ONE!

January 2016 – my baby is ONE!

There were balloons and cake and a sweet little baby who was barely a baby.  In the past twelve months, our not-so-baby Mitchell gained courage to walk and took off on a journey of fun & exploration.  He’s had highs & lows.  Trips to the park, trips around the block, and a trip to the Cleveland Clinic.   Twenty sixteen shed more light on his syncope and we’ve moved forward with confidence and a bright diagnosis knowing that he will simply outgrow these darn episodes.  He’s moved from the freshman room to the sophomore room at school, and he’s moved from a crawler to an energetic boy who loves Elmo, chocolate & lots of affection (but only of course when he’s not busy playing).  He adds laughter to our lives every single day!


In 2016, Makenzie Ruth turned FOUR and reminded us just how fast time flies (honestly, wasn’t she just born?).   The year brought her second dance recital, her first exposure to soccer and her continued love of all things related to the summertime!


June 2016 – Dance recital song was Bushel & a Peck!

She fell in love with gymnastics during the Olympics and she fell in love with the thought of reading & writing during her days as a Senior at her school.   She’s sweet and lovable and someday wants to grow up and be a teacher.  Makenzie is an awesome big sister and 2017 might just be the year that she gets on the big yellow school bus and heads to kindergarten (insert sobs here).


July 2016 – Being silly in Lake George

Twenty sixteen brought about fun & happiness, and frustration & challenges.  Twelve months with two toddlers included fevers, and urgent care trips and the unanswerable question of how do we balance it all?   Two careers and too little time.  There were late nights and early mornings.  There were wet beds and scary dreams.  There were many, many coffee cups and an occasional glass of wine.  Denny and I fought against never-ending laundry, cranky mealtimes and the expense of two in daycare.  But we also teamed up to ensure a really great vacation to Lake George, outings to every kid place in town, and a ride on the Polar Express.   There were cuddles and giggles and plenty of dance parties.  For me, 2016 brought me to a place of clarity after twelve months of postpartum emotions (more about that someday in another blog post).


As an extended family, we said good-bye to my wonderful grandfather.  We said Hello to a beautiful foster baby girl.  And we said Thank You, God! when my sweet teenage cousin was given a new chance of life from a heart transplant.  All those involved were humbled by the beauty and wonderment of this journey called Life.

Another passing year made us aware of the struggles and heartaches in the world near and far, but it made us even more aware of the need to embrace the good that will always ultimately outweigh it.


The good!


A wise person once told me that if you went into a room with all strangers and everyone dropped their problems into a buckets, you would realize just how much you want your own problems back.  This thought has stuck with me ever since and I hope that we can all keep this in mind as we move forward and try to make 2017 our best year yet.   Imagine how much better our world would be if we could each be more compassionate and more understanding of those around us?

So I wish you and your families health & happiness & fun in 2017!  Cheers to the good and cheers to the bad for making us appreciate the good ever more.  Cheers to the memories of 2016 and the possibilities of 2017!

With Love,


Turkey Day Ramblings… Put aside your differences and pass that wine!

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Here we are America.  The Holiday season has begun.  It’s the eve of Thanksgiving.

The eve of commemorating the 1621 celebration at Plymouth in which the Pilgrims and the Puritans came together and broke bread.  They put aside differences.  They put aside conflicting thoughts.  They put aside potentially contradictory religious beliefs.  And they got the party started.  (Cue Black Eyed Peas, Let’s Get it Started).

They passed the potatoes and they poured the wine.  (And although the textbooks don’t mention it) I’m assuming that they then slipped into sweats and made some inappropriate memories over a game of Cards of Humanity.  It was the first Thanksgiving after all, right?


Fast forward almost 400 years and I want to challenge everyone to get back to basics and get the party started.  Whether you believe in pant suits, or spray tans or neither…  Whether you believe that Bruce is a She or Caitlyn is a He….  Whether you believe in Crest or Colgate, Hunts or Heinz, mayo or miracle whip… Whether you think it’s more the fault of “Bran” or less the fault of “gelina.”  Whether you see the dress as gold and white, or blue and black…  Whether you like apple, or pumpkin or pecan pie… let’s do it up like the Pilgrims and Puritans did hundreds of years ago.

Let’s put aside what makes us different and focus on what makes us the same… the need to be thankful!

Let’s be thankful that being thankful is the common thread for all of us.  Let’s be thankful that we all have the right to be different.  Let’s be thankful for good friends and good family.  Let’s be thankful for Mean Girls and the burn book (because who doesn’t love that movie?).  Let’s be thankful that the bad days make us more grateful for the good days.  Let’s be thankful that our differences are what continue to make this country great.  Let’s put on our fat pants.  Let’s pour the wine.  Let’s make is a great Thanksgiving!

Friends, let’s Plymouth Rock this holiday!



PS  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the two awesome kiddos of mine sweetly sleeping in their beds.  They make my heart incredibly grateful every single day!  I’m also thankful for coffee (obviously), a rockin husband, great family and friends, a really cool job and Amazon Prime.



Our completely imperfect perfect little Christmas

Here it is… a mere 4 days until Santa arrives and the full-on frenzy is underway.

Maybe it’s the fact that we have 2 kiddos this year, or maybe it’s the fact that life in general has been demanding, but this is the absolute least ready I have ever been for Christmas.   The house is semi-decorated at best, the cards are partly sent, the gifts are unwrapped and the cookies are a complete & total write-off.  Life is a blur of coffee, wrapping paper and holly jolly panic.  Who’s with me?

But here’s what we’re getting right…

Visitors, hot cocoa, late nights (aka 9 pm) cuddling with our favorite little elves watching Elf, a trip on the Polar Express, completed letters to Santa, a night of gingerbread house decorating & Jingle Bell dance parties.

It turns out that the exact reason I’m behind on anything & everything (hint, hint: Little M & Littlest M) are the exact reasons I need to loosen the reins on my type-A sleigh and just enjoy the ride.  These two little people who bring us so much joy & chaos & happiness are the reasons we need to accept imperfection and embrace the fun.

So for this holiday I’m doing my best to be like Elsa and Let is Go.  I’m giving up on the 12 days of Pinterest, the fancy wreaths and the festive cookies.  I’m accepting that half-way decorated in the eyes of a Mom can mean beautiful in the eyes of a little one.  And I’m focusing on spending time with people versus spending money on things (excluding all things Amazon Prime, obviously).

This Christmas we’re busy teaching these kiddos the real reasons for the season.  So please excuse the card you may or may not receive from us (just know we’re thinking of you!).  Forgive the messy half-lit house and don’t stay up all night waiting for me to deliver cookies.   But please take a moment to stop over and join in the dance party.  You’ll be glad you did!

It’s pretty fun when you stop to enjoy the completely imperfect perfect little Christmas.

From our house to yours,


::  A Few Holiday Highlights  ::

Girls night out holiday fun!


Polar Express – So much Excitement!

Meeting the Big Man!

The coolest Dad out there!

Getting it just right.


And my favorite holiday photo… this perfectly sums up our life right now.   Perfectly imperfect!




The (really) Great Pumpkin Farm

It turns out that life with 2 kids is definitely not a fairy tale…

Denny and I are incredibly grateful for 2 healthy kids, but I would be lying if I said that it isn’t hard work every single day.  Some days we just lack the energy and motivation to pack the bags, make the picnic lunches, find the matching shoes, wrestle the kids into the car seats… the list goes on and on.  And on those days we just scrap the plans, toss the kids some Tim Bits, and settle in at home.


But Saturday was different.  I’m not sure why, but Saturday we hit our stride.  Saturday we got it together and we headed to the awesome Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence, NY.  (No fairy godmother assistance required)  And I’m so glad that we did!

 The cutest little pumpkins in the patch!

The cutest little pumpkins in the patch!

It was one of those rare meltdown-free days.  Makenzie loved all of it… the singing chickens, the magic show, the rides, the jumping pillows, and of course, all of the pumpkins.  She had endless energy, and she even had a pumpkin themed shirt.  Score, two bonus points for this mom!

Mitchell loved it all too.  He was mellow while we watched the entertainers.  He was sleeping when we explored the kiddie coaster and swings.  And he was perfectly adorable when we finally ventured over to the pumpkins.  Way to go, little buddy!


By midnight the spell was over.   The mellow, happy, Normall Rockwell-esque kids returned to our crazy muchkins who fight naps and wake up at all hours of the night.  My clean mom attire turned back into spit-up covered sweats.  And our carriage was really just a family-sized SUV all along.  But we were left with lots of great memories and of course, a pumpkin or two.


I don’t have a glass slipper to prove any of this, but I do have a few pictures…



Baby’s 1st autumn!  Checking out these big orange things




I actually made it in a picture.


She’s such a big girl on the swings!


Pumpkin farm express


Testing out the new pumpkin farm jumping pillows. Two thumbs up from this girl!


All tired out.


Petting the bunny, Abby Cadabara! This little furry guy was her favorite part of the magic show.


<3 these two.


And they lived (mostly) happily ever after…

thanks to bribes, wine & a good sense of humor.



Get excited for Mother’s Day!

Hey Mamas,

The day has come.  Mother’s Day!  For all you sleep-deprived, creators of tiny monsters, get excited! Tomorrow is the day of sleeping in, sipping champagne and being appreciated for the other 364 days of the year when you’re wiping butts, molding minds and juggling life.  Nothing but pampering & relaxing for 24 hours, right?  Well, not exactly but it is a day to appreciate your crazy, lovable and amazing kids, and to appreciate the lessons that come along with them.  For me I realize that the more I know, the more I don’t know.


Take a look four years ago. Denny and I were feeling pretty ready for kids. So we headed out during Mother’s Day on a celebratory done-with-grad-school / could-be-the-last-vacation-before-baby trip to the Caribbean. Ahh, we were relaxed and excited. Why wouldn’t we be? We knew kids were on the horizon and we also thought we knew it all. Our kids would never have fried foods.  Our kids would always sleep in their own beds.  They would never have meltdowns, and we would never walk around in public covered in bodily fluids.  Nope, not us.  We were gonna be awesome.

may 2011 vacation

Living the dream… little did we know that we were about to get smacked with a wave of reality.

Then came three years ago.  Mother’s Day 2012.  We did it!  We actually made a human being, which was shocking considering the fact that I can barely make a casserole.  Baby McGee was yet to spend a day outside the womb, but we still felt pretty confident that we would be ahh-mazing parents. In fact, we even took advantage of Mother’s Day weekend to find out if we would be having a little boy or girl.  I thought I was quite the mom of the year throwing a party while pregnant.  Yep, you should have seen how tired I thought I was.

may 2012 it's a girl 1

One of my favorite days in life.  I bet Kenz was in my belly at that exact moment reading up on how to excel at being a colic-y baby.

 Enter two years ago.  And enter real tiredness. Our sweet girl had arrived 7 months prior and that year I finally got it. I understood what it meant to be humbled by a sweet and cuddly 8 lb, 3 oz baby with colic.  Mayday, mayday!  Our confidence was plunging rapidly toward the ground.

may 2013

We took this busy little lady to a fancy brunch for Mother’s Day. We scarfed down food while bouncing her on our lap, and then got the heck out of dodge while we finished chewing. Clearly it was very relaxing.

Then there was last year.  We were finally hitting our stride with this parenting thing.  One kid didn’t seem so scary anymore.  We successfully handled outings, vacations and dinners in restaurant.  We were unstoppable… and then I took a test the Friday before Mother’s Day.  A pregnancy test… and it was positive.  Wow, we were going to have another baby!!  Wow, we were going to have another baby??? What were we thinking?!?  We were hoping for a new addition, but suddenly our confidence crashed and burned.  Two.  Two kids?!?  Were we sure we could handle this?  Our Mother’s Day was a mix of joy and how-in-the-hell-can-we-handle-this nervousness.

may 2014 big sis

Big sis to be!

And now, our family is complete. We’ve had our crash and burn moments, but we’ve also had our life as a family of four is awesome moments.  Our kids have constantly reminded us that as much as we look like we are the ones in charge, we’re not.  But they also remind us that life is best when you slow down. They remind us that life is better as a family of four than it ever was as a family of two or three.  And they remind us that even if we don’t always know what we’re doing, most issues can be solved with a big hug and fruit snacks.


This year Happy Mother’s Day has more meaning than ever. But it’s really about the two little ones who made me a mommy and the tremendous support around us who make it possible to get through each day.

Happy Mother’s Day to my awesome mom who showed me that life isn’t complete without lots of fun and some occasional confetti.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother-in-law who always reminds me that there is no return policy on Denny.  She raised a great son who turned out to be an even better husband and Dad .

mamaw with kids
Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing and courageous sister who is raising two adorable little boys and running a full marathon in one week!  Can we say SuperMama??

Happy Mother’s Day to my sis-in-law Meg who is about to be Dr. and can rock out to Taylor Swift.

meg connor

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who stay up late wake up early scaring away monsters under the bed and rocking away sweet babies who aren’t tired.  Happy Mother’s Day to the new mamas and the veteran mamas.  Happy Mother’s Day to the moms trying to let go while yearning to hold on.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the women near, far and in our hearts who raised us to know what it is to be great Moms.


And now, bring on the champagne!

And miles to go before I sleep

There are few things I love more than words.  Words are so simple, yet when connected with other words they create powerful and meaningful messages.  Perhaps that’s why I love writing.  So I’m sure it’s no surprise that certain stories and poems regularly dance through my head.

One in particular is Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.  The final verse is this…

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
These words danced through my head while I stayed up all night packing before my many college moves.  These words danced through my head when I stayed up all night preparing for exams in grad school.  And these words definitely danced through my head during 3 am feedings with my little ones.
Tonight Denny and I drove home from his parent’s house and the words of Robert Frost again played over and over in my head as we made our way down the highway with our two little loves in the backseat.  Our initial plan wasn’t to come home at night but after our drive there we realized that Mitchell is not a fan of his car seat.  So around 9 pm with large coffees to go, we started the four-hour trek home in hopes that both Makenzie and Mitchell would sleep.
Makenzie was so uncomfortable and unable to sleep that I eventually had to climb into the backseat and squish between the two car seats with the hope of calming her down so that she could get a few winks of sleep.
The closer we got to home, the tighter I squeezed my buckled-up baby, and the more my mind raced.  We had miles to go, but I kept thinking about everyone else in our life who has miles to go.  During the past year we’ve seen some of the people we love most walking many long miles on life’s journeys.  Some journeys are to strengthen relationships, some are to learn to let go.  Some journeys are to find answers and some are to find cures.
It is now 3 am. We’re home and our babies are finally sleeping in their beds.  The Easter Bunny stopped by the house and we’re just a few hours from Easter morning, yet my mind keeps racing.  So as we approach the sunrise of Easter morning, perhaps the Hope of this day will bring new strength to all those who have miles to go before they sleep.  Perhaps we will all try to be more mindful of those around us silently trekking along on journeys.  And perhaps, if we’re lucky, our miles will have someone we love to hold us until we make it home.
 Sweet Dreams and Happy Easter to you and your families!

Valentine’s Day – Getting our craft on!

It’s Valentine’s Day, ooh la la!  Who spent the day sipping champagne and nibbling chocolate?  Me neither.  But I did spend the day with Denny and our favorite little ones.  This year was a little different from past years.  We substituted the wine for coffee, the hot stone massage for play-doh, and the surf n’ turf dinner for two for a pizza party for four.

But the holiday fun started a few weeks ago when we decided to get our Valentine craft on.  I’ve been loving this time at home with my babies and we’ve been trying to take advantage of our extra time together to be creative.  Over the past few weeks Makenzie has been enjoying painting so we try to squeeze in a few hours a week between lunch time and nap time to get messy.


Painting pal!

There’s no doubt that I still have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest, or shall I say Painterest (see my thoughts about Pinterest from my last maternity leave) BUT occasionally there is an idea simple enough even for me to do.  This week we busted out the red and pink paints and made these:


Lots of love!

 It was so fun and so simple that we made a total of three and then sent fun packages to the grandparents.  The prints probably won’t hang in the Guggenheim, but they’ll always have a special spot on my wall and in my heart.


We have a little heart breaker who will be waking up shortly for a midnight feeding.  But until then, have a happy Valentines Day from these two little Loves to your little Loves!


I heart you!



Home for the Holidays

An entire month has passed since I’ve blogged.  I know, I’ve missed you too!

Happy December.  Happy St. Nick’s Day.  Happy Hanukkuh.  Merry Christmas.  And what the heck, I may as well go ahead and say Happy New Year!


It has been a whirlwind month. We’ve been getting ready for our little addition (nursery pics coming soon), we’ve been decking the halls, now we’ve been undecking the halls, we’ve been visiting Santa, but the one thing we haven’t been doing is traveling.  Given our upcoming due date we decided to spend this year at home.  We were Home for the Holidays and it was quite lovely.

Being home for the holidays meant that Denny and I were responsible to make not only the turkey but also the memories for Makenzie, and that in itself, is pretty cool about being an adult. The more we pumped up the holidays, the more excited Makenzie became.

Being home for the holidays meant that Makenzie was able to sleep in her own bed on Christmas Eve.  It meant we were able to enjoy our own Christmas tree and Makenzie was able to run down our own stairs to see if Santa made a visit.  It meant that we were able to relax as a family on Christmas Day… no running around, no driving and no time constraints.  It was very relaxing and it was very special.  We missed seeing many of your favorite people in Ohio and Pa., but we made up for it with lots of holiday fun and lots of visitors.

Here’s how we filled our non-travel December…

::  Having brunch with Santa at the Zoo  ::

Brunch was delicious and the zoo was fun, but meeting Santa was not in the cards for Makenzie.  She was really excited while we waited in line but when the time came to get close to him, she got nervous.  This was as close as we could get.  But in reality I’m quite thrilled that she didn’t have interest to sit on a random man’s lap.  If this continues until she’s about 35, we’ll be all set!

2014_12 afraid of santa

Keeping her distance.


::  Visit from Mamaw and PapPap  ::

A few days before Santa visited, we had a visit from Denny’s parents and our nephew Connor.  We checked out the holiday light and the Christmas Village at the fairground.  It was so cute!  Lots of festive activities including crafts, a holiday train, holiday singers and of course Mr & Mrs. Claus.  Connor was brave enough to sit on Santa’s lap, but Makenzie would only sit on Mrs. Claus’ lap.  We stayed out way past the kids’ bedtime and we had fun hanging out in SantaLand.



McGee selfie!



The sweetest Mrs. Claus ever!


Cousin picture! Did I forget to mention that as an early Christmas gift Makenzie slipped in the tub and ended up with a black eye? She was fine after about 5 minutes but my mom guilt has yet to leave from letting this happen. Ugh!


::  Christmas Eve Fun  ::

We went to a candlelight Christmas Eve service which was beautiful although we opted out of the candle light part.  Flames and toddlers… c’mon, tell me I’m not the only Mom who sees nothing good coming from that.

2014_12 christmas eve mass

All dressed up for church!

We (Aka Makenzie) took a bath, put on Santa jammies and wrote the jolly old guy a note. Quite adorable if you ask me.

2014_12 writing letters to Santa

Dear Santa…

And we left the note write by the fireplace along with a cupcake for Santa and some cheese for the reindeer.  Note to self, don’t forget to buy carrots next year at this time of year.  Luckily  Makenzie didn’t seem to notice.


Twas the night before Christmas…


Opening gifts on Christmas morning! Turns out those Crayola tub crayons she’s opening were an awful gift because it took about an hour to clean them off the tub. Next year we’ll just tell Santa to bring a drum set instead.

::  Visit from Nana and Papa  ::

We kept the welcome mat rolled out all month and the day after Christmas Nana and Papa drove up for a visit.



For me?!? Presents for me?!?


Nothing made Makenzie happier than the singing Elsa doll from Nana & Papa!



That’s a happy little girl. 🙂


Reading with Papa.

:: Gingerbread house decorating  ::



::  And a trip to Kelkenberg Farms  ::

This was one of my favorite activities of the month!  We went to a local farm and spent hours seeing the animals, walking around and enjoying a sleigh ride aka hayride.   Maybe next year the weather will be cold enough for a sleigh ride but luckily we had a great time either way.


Family photo… could it be our last picture as a family of 3?!


Enjoying another day with Nana and Papa!


Brushing the pony!


The strong horses who pulled us on a ride, pregnancy weight & all! I felt kind of bad for all the chocolate I consumed leading up to this.

::  And lastly, using her new presents from Santa  ::

Makenzie must have been a very good girl this year because she received lots of fun gifts.  Here is the first (and last) picture of her loving her Crayola crayons.  Turns out they don’t clean up as easily as advertised but she had quite a fun tubby time.


Creative girl or future graffiti artist?



We’re looking forward to all that 2015 will bring including a snuggly baby boy.  His arrival countdown is at 18 days, and I promise I’ll have more updates about him shortly.  Wishing you a wonderful 2015!

See you soon,




The truth behind Mother Nature’s cold front

::  Buffalo, NY  ::

Many of you are cringing right now thinking about the snow and blustery weather.  I did the same thing about 9 years ago.  That was before I moved here.   I picked up and moved to the 716 area code because of a boy I loved.  And fortunately that move turned out to be a good thing because that boy I love is now my husband I love.  But enough of the mushy stuff, let me tell you about my city.

During our eight years here in Buffalo, we’ve come to call this town home. Buffalo, NY is a big city with an even bigger heart.  Buffalo is a place where you celebrate when the skyline has a new crane (or five) because it means new opportunities and new jobs.  Buffalo is a place where the owner of your favorite pizza not only knows your favorite toppings but also knows your daughter’s name.  Buffalo is a place where you can rely on your neighbors as if they’re family.  Buffalo is a place that is nice to call home.

Buffalo is also a place that gets some occasional snow and blustery weather.  Okay, by occasional snow I mean a LOT of snow.  In fact, this week we’ve made headlines because of the 84″ inches that fell in the suburbs of the city.  One of the suburbs hit hardest is the place that we call home… cute little Lancaster, NY.



Lots of the white stuff!


Downtown Lancaster

Lancaster, NY, a good place to call home.

Thank you to all of our friends and family for your texts and messages but we’re doing okay.  In fact we’re doing better than okay.

There’s no doubt that this storm has caused some very serious situations, but overall, this cold has made life quite warm and cozy.  Here is how this natural disaster has affected our little family…  We’ve had some unexpected weekdays of not setting our alarms.  We’ve had lots of games of hide n seek.  We’ve had story time, nap time and bed time together.  We’ve had fun times with our neighbors.  Sure, we’ve been trying to balance two careers from the confines of our house, and yes, we’ll probably have some long workdays to compensate for this BUT it’s hard to be upset with an unexpected little chance to just slow down and be with your family.

In this stressful world we live in, a four-day staycation rarely happens.  Aside from some shoveling of snow, some juggling of schedules and some thawing of food from our freezer, we’ve been very grateful to make some memories that could have otherwise been lost in the shuffle.


Some snow day crafting

Perhaps Mother Nature isn’t really as cruel as she seems.   She’s a mom after all, and it turns out that Moms are pretty smart ladies.  And after this week I’m fairly certain that behind Mother Nature’s cold front is a warm heart.

Happy Easter!

It’s been a fun few weeks of visiting & visitors!

Makenzie can’t get enough of the warm weather.  She is constantly bringing us our shoes and coats so that we can go “Out, out!”  It’s going to be a fun summer!

Our girl is finishing up her nap and I have a feeling we’ll be heading back out into the sunshine soon.  But, I’ll let some pictures fill you in on our recent fun…


This girl is getting so big and she’s so happy for spring.


We’ve been visiting all the local playgrounds. Kenzie is fearless and even likes to go down the slide headfirst. I’m terrified!


A few weekends ago we had a chance to go to Erie to meet up with our favorite cousins. Ryan, Kenzie and Jack are triple trouble.


Nana and Papa visited last weekend and Makenzie loved spending time with them.


We headed to the mall for Makenzie’s 1st visit with the Easter Bunny.  Here she is all dressed up & ready to go…


Unfortunately, Makenzie didn’t love anything about the Bunny. She preferred to stay in the safety of Nana’s arms. Here she is pointing to the Bunny saying, “No, no!.” Maybe next year.


At least the Easter egg hunt was a success. Kenzie did great and loved eating the snacks inside the eggs.


In addition to some fun weekends, I took advantage of a few vacation days and we had some Kenzie/Mommy days.  We went to our 1st music class with friends on Thursday!


Then we jumped in the car for a quick trip to see the McGees.  Kenzie and Mamaw spent time being silly with bubbles!


Connor jumped in on the fun and got crazy with bubbles too!


Thanks to Connor, Kenzie found all the Easter eggs during her 2nd Easter egg hunt of the season.


And what’s an Easter without a trip on the choo choo at the zoo? Makenzie liked the animals but the train was without a doubt the biggest hit of the zoo.



And luckily the Bunny didn’t take offense to the meltdown Makenzie had at the mall when she met him and he visited her anyway.

We hope your Easter celebrations have been just as fun.

Love from the McGees!


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