Winter meltdowns…

We’re halfway through February and getting closer and closer to Spring.  We can’t wait for green grass and trips to the park and fun at the water table, wheeee!!!!!

cute mom blog spring

I normally try to embrace the winter.  It seems like the only thing to do when you live in the Northeast, right?, but the extended cold is making Denny and I crazy cranky lately.   So when we got to February we gladly waved buh-bye to January.  See ya January, don’t let the frost covered door hit you on your cold rump on the way out!

But before we spring into spring, I want to remember some really fun parts of the 2014 winter wonderland.  Here they are:

  • Two words:   Snow and Day.   I’m only a fan of the white stuff in 2 situations.   1.) Christmas Eve when I’m in front of a fireplace   2.) When it means an unexpected day off of life.   And 6 days into 2014 we had the latter.  Hooray!  Thanks to a huge blizzard Denny and Makenzie and I played, napped and drank wine with the neighbors (Kenz passed on the wine drinking part).  It was a glorious day!snow day
  • Dates Nights x 2!  Don’t check your eyes; it’s correct.  Denny and I went out on TWO separate nights since the start of the year.  One of the nights included the always-amazing lettuce wraps from PF Changs and the other night was a trip to Shea’s to see Wicked.


  • Home improvements.  What else is there to do in a vortex but complete some home projects?  We finished the picture wall and freshened up the upstairs with some new curtains, pictures and a lamp shade.  It’s crazy to believe that we’ve been in our house 5 years already.
picture wall collage

The long-awaited picture wall

  • The McGee family budget – we’re putting the Fun in Funds!   This honestly might be the most lame bullet point in the history of the blog but whatev, it’s the truth!  Denny and I  got crazy in Excel and it’s fun to be savings towards some other home projects down the road.  Who knows, maybe 2014 will be the year we purchase a family yacht.
  • Play dates – Kenzie has been a little social butterfly hanging out with friends and cousins.  She seems to be more engaged than ever with other kiddos.  A few weeks ago her friends from Erie visited for the day.  Kenzie thought that Penny (2 years old) was the best thing since Puffs!
funny mom blog kenzie and penny

Penny & Kenzie just hanging out on the Elmo couch 🙂

And last but not least…

  • The reminder of how lucky we are to have a healthy happy little girl.   Our girl is growing SO much!!  She’s now 16 months old!  She’s running and talking and reminding us all the time how independent she has become.  At her 15 month well visit we found out that she just had a HUGE growth spurt!   She jumped from the 30th percentile to the 76 percentile.  Whoa!  No wonder those skinny jeans were getting so snug.
funny mom blog 15 month check up

Way to grow Kenz!


Here’s to warmer days in the coming weeks!





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15 Months!

Mornings are one of my favorite times of the day with Makenzie!  I love love LOVE walking into her room when she’s first waking up.  Sometimes she’s babbling as if to tell us all about her dreams… sometimes she’s still snuggled under her blanket while grinning behind her binky… and sometimes she’s being silly and running from one side of her crib to the other while giggling.

This past Saturday morning I walked into the room of a cutie pie 15-month old.  Fifteen months!!  HOW is that possible?!?

15 months

Here’s what she’s been up to:

::  Talking, talking and more talking  ::

It’s so fun to hear Makenzie’s cute little voice.  Her favorites are Mama, Daddy, Ducky, Hiiii, Moo (when we look at her farm books), Ho Ho (for Santa), Sissy (referring to Lexi kitty) and lots of others.

::  Being the mayor of Rolly Pollies  ::

Makenzie is about halfway done with her session as a bumblebee at the local kid’s gym, and she’s loving it.  She was once shy but those days are long gone!  She has no fear climbing in the bounce house, the obstacle course or the tumble track.

1 20131207_084004-1

Running away with part of the obstacle course… perhaps we still need to work on following instructions.

1 20131123_084643-1

Foam pit fun!

::  Lots of kisses  ::

Kenzie has figured out how to kiss (kind of).  She loves to show affection with a her cute, sloppy, open-mouthed kisses.  They’re awesome!!

::  1st Haircut  ::

Makenzie was unfortunately mistaken for Carol Brady, so we decided we had to take action against the baby mullet.



She did really well and she left the salon cuter than ever!  Also now that her mullet is gone, we’ve stopped receiving Nascar mailers.  It’s a win/win.

1 20131214_100412

“A little more in the back, please Miss Jessica”

::  Listening to Music  ::

Kenzie loves dance parties!  And it’s really fun to see her develop an interest in music.  Her favorite things to watch on the iPad are YouTube videos of Sofia Grace and Rosie, and songs by Jimmy Fallon and the Roots (which makes her officially cooler than we are)!

::  Helping around the house!  ::

Makenzie really likes to be helpful.  She knows that empty sippy cups go in the sink, and she knows that paper and tissues go in the trash.  She has also been helpful by putting shoes in the front closet.   I couldn’t be more thrilled that 2/3 of our household (without naming names) now puts their shoes away!!

Kenz also loves checking out the fridge.  She will take our hand and pull us to the fridge just so she can open all the drawers and check out lunch options.

1 20131222_132337

“Snack time Mom!”


We go for her 15-month check-up at the end of the month.  We’ll let you know how our little munchkin compares to the rest of the 15 months olds in the world.  My guess is that she’ll be in the one hundredth percentile of cuteness.  Stay tuned…


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There’s no doubt that we are already knee-deep in the holiday season (who else is feeling the pressure?).   BUT before we dive into the land of Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, I’m blogging once more about fall-fall-fall-fall-fall-fall-fall-fall-fall.

It’s been a fun few weeks since Kenzie’s Birthday party.  Our little baby has quickly turned into  a toddler (sobs!) and she’s ready to take on the world!

Here’s a peek into her busy little schedule…

::  Saturday Morning gymnastics class!  ::

Kenz-o falls under the Bumblebee category at a local kid’s gym center and she’s doing great!  Can we say Nadia McGee?


Bounce, bouncin on the ball!


Climbing on the obstacle course.

::  Driveway dismounts  ::

Speaking of tumble, our little gymnast tried to run down the driveway but unfortunately didn’t get a perfect 10.   She took a big Fall-la-la-la-la.  We went to urgent care who sent us to the ER.  Scary stuff, but luckily the ER told us the best news — we didn’t need to be there and she would be just fine!  We spent 12 hours monitoring her and she’s A-Okay!   We are thanking our lucky stars!


A few days after the fall and she’s feeling great!


Tweeting about her trip to the ER on her iPad. Such a modern-day babe.

:: Eating chili, the lunch of champions  ::

We’ve been taking advantage of the crisp fall weather to enjoy football Sundays.



::  And getting Holiday ready  ::

We can’t deny it.  Christmas is a-coming!  This weekend we did a quick trip to Ohio to see some friends & family.  We got some holiday photos and had a great visit.


Kenz & Keene… best buds and future bride & groom, perhaps the year 2042?


Still hard to believe Melissa and I have our own kids. Seems like just yesterday we were playing with our Cabbage Patch babies!


Our little girl looking very grown up and ready for the holidays. She makes us smile 🙂

There’s a lot more to do before Santa arrives and the next few weeks should be full of fun.
Thanks for taking time to visit the good ol’ blog!
Until next Thursday…
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Pictures of the Week *Celebrating 12 months*

Makenzie’s Birthday weekend was so much fun!

Last weekend was 3 full days of celebration.  Denny and I both took last Friday off of work and our entire goal was to enjoy every second of Makenzie’s 1st Birthday.  Despite my plans to turn our house into a full-out pumpkin farm, my mother-in-law convinced me it’s better to have the party somewhere else and save myself a lot of stress.  Such a good call.  So I deleted my  Makenzie’s Pumpkin Patch Birthday Party board on Pinterest, and we hosted her party at a fun little place called Rolly Pollies.  The kids had fun and we were able to enjoy all of our visitors without turning the backyard into a pumpkinville!

Since then we’ve been able to relax and I finally had a chance to upload all the pictures.  It’s hard to believe this is her final month-by-month post!

Take a look…


Friday, Birthday Day

1 20131004_091231

Checking out the Kenzie Coupe! (Likely the first and last new car for this little girl, sorry Kenz!)

1 20131001_225807

Vanity plates… because what toddler doesn’t need these?

1 20131004_110403

Waiting for cousins Jack & Ryan to arrive!

1 DSCN1635

The Birthday fun begins!!

1 DSCN1638

Makenzie enjoying the new tunnel from Nana and Papa, and taking a minute to check birthday e-mails on Mom’s phone.


Saturday, Party Day!!

1st Birthday Party collage png

Coasters, bounce houses and cake!  Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Makenzie’s 1st year!


Sunday, An extra day with Family!

1 20131006_101932

Giggles over pancakes with Mamaw

1 20131006_102609

Hanging out with Auntie Meg, Uncle Scott and Connor

1 20131006_102508

After breakfast picture with Nana & Papa


We’re so lucky to have so many wonderful people in our world.  Thank you to everyone who helped us survive the first year of parenting and who helped us celebrate the 1st Birthday of Kenzie!

1 DSCN1700


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11 Months – How’d that happen?

One sticker left… wow!  What a bittersweet feeling!

And it feels like it was just yesterday that I was saying the same thing about my pregnancy picky stickies.   We were just weeks away from meeting our Beanette… How was this post a whole year ago?

In just about a week and a half our Makenzie Ruth will be a one-year old girl!  I’m pretty behind with this post so I’ll keep it short and sweet…


Happy 11 month baby girl!    I love love love when she’s fresh out of the tub and in her snuggly jammies. 🙂

This month seems like it’s gone faster than the others.  Maybe because we spent 10 of the days relaxing and enjoying vacation or maybe because it’s the countdown to our little pumpkin’s 1st Birthday.

Either way she’s been busy:

  • Almost walking – she takes a lot of steps on her own but still likes to hold onto Mommy or Daddy’s hands (we like it too)
  • Babbling a lot more – her newest word is “uh oh”
  • Eating real food for every meal – no more baby food, this girl can chow down
  • Barely drinking from bottles – Our big girl is down to just 2 bottles a day
  • Playing, playing and more playing!   She loves to explore everything!
  • And last but not least (drumroll)… She’s so excited for her upcoming birthday she’s not sleeping.  Wah wah.  We’ve hit a serious parenting plateau and the only thing we see for miles is the land of sleepless nights.  Stay tuned with this, we’re trying to get her back to being a good sleeper.

But if there’s anyone we don’t mind cuddling with in the wee hours of the night, it’s Makenzie Ruth.  She’s so sweet and fun and we can’t imagine our world without her.  It’s going to be a fun 1st Birthday celebration.  Stay tuned!


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Double Digits – Kenzie is 10 Months!

Another month has come and gone and our little Mak Attack is 10 Months Old!  It’s crazy to think she’s in Double Digits already!!!

Life with Makenzie is fun x10!


Here’s what we’ve been up to the last few weeks:

* Taking her 10-month pictures.  I can’t believe we just have 2 stickers to go *


10 Months photo shoot! The girl doesn’t sit still so these pics were taken on the move.


She can’t believe she’s 10 months either!        PS  Check out how cute she looks in her little jeans


* Almost Walking! *


She’s flying through the house with Mr. Puppy


* Visiting friends & family (she’s a popular little lady)! *


Learning with Emma! Kenzie is a popular girl on the block


Fun with Nana


Kenz and all her boy cousins


Miss Makenzie with Great Grandma and Grandpa Synk


* And here’s one of my favorite new Makenzie tricks… waking up to pull the  video monitor off the side of the crib. *


The girl apparently wants some privacy. I heard the rustling from her crib one morning and checked out the action on her monitor…


and walked into room to find this proud little sweetie. Busted!


* Getting ready for the beach! *

The countdown is on until we put her little tootsies in the ocean!


Pretty girl in her sun hat


Just playing in her swim suit


Exploring and Making messes!


She loves her books! 🙂


And having lots of fun!


Love this little face


We’re trying to savor it all.  How’d we get so lucky?

Watch out World – Kenzie Girl is NINE Months!

Fun times this month!  Our Makenzie is now NINE Months!!

How did that happen?

7_4 parade flag baby

Going to her 1st parade on her 9-month Birthday! Happy Birthday America and Happy 9 months baby girl!!!

In some ways I feel like she was just born but in other ways I can’t remember what our lives were like without her.  She’s a lot of work, but the love we have for her is more than I ever imagined.  My hope is that we are giving her the best possible childhood while making sure we teach her to be a fun, appreciative, thoughtful, compassionate kiddo.  Seems like kind of a lofty goal considering that some days we can barely get her dressed and out the door but we keep trying.

 This months she’s been busy, here are the updates:

Eating:  The girl can eat, but our biggest worry is her recent obsession with cat food.  She hasn’t managed to get it into her mouth yet, but she’s getting quicker.  Yikes!

Learning & Exploring:  Watch out world!  Kenzie is coming your way… she’s a fast little crawler and is making her way through the world one room at a time.

Sleeping:  Still hit or miss.  Some weeks she’ll sleep all night, other weeks I think she drinks Red Bull at midnight.  Thank goodness for coffee!

Best Part of Being 9 Months:    Everything!   Here’s what she’s been doing…

7_18 9 months check up 2

Getting weighed at her 9-month check up.
She’s still a peanut, only 18 lbs, 5 oz (30th percentile)

6_8 swim grad

Graduating swim class!  She was top of the class – “Swimma Cum Laude”

6_13 sleepy girl

Loving her paci like its her job

6_15 shoping cart

Sitting in the shopping cart like a big girl

6_21 artwork

Crafting! Yes, this really is her work (thanks to the help of her teachers)

6_22 Mamaw pap 2

Visiting Mamaw and Pap pap

6_22 shades

Wearing shades AND using a sippy cup (multi-tasking at its finest)

6_23 connor kenz 1

Playing with cousin Connor

6_24 teething

Teething (super sad face) but her 2 lower teeth have finally arrived and they look extra cute

6_29 walking 1

Standing & practicing walking (check out those cute leggies)

6_30 swing 2

Riding in the swing, wheeee!

6_30 walk 1

Going for walks with toys AND puffs… talk about the good life!

7_4 9 months 2

We Love You from the very bottom of our hearts Makenzie Ruth! Thank you for bringing us so much happiness.
xoxo, Mom & Dad


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Picture of the Week! *8 Months Update*

Our girl is EIGHT MONTHS old!  WOW!  It’s crazy to think that we need to start planning her first Birthday.  We can’t believe how much happiness she brings to our world.  We’re crazy about this little peanut.

I know I saw this every month but this has been 4 of the most fun weeks!!  I could type about it, but this month I’ll let the pictures tell the story.  Makenzie Ruth is on the go.

Check it out!


On the day after Makenzie turned 7 months, she was Baptized! It was great day because Denny and Cousin Jack were also baptized. So special!


She’s been rocking the backwards hat look! (My guess Is that she snuck out of her crib and caught some old Fresh Prince episodes. She’s so cool!)     In West Lancaster born and raised, at Doodlebugs is where I’ve spent most of my days…

Makenzie has been loving the new views of being in high chairs in restaurants!

Makenzie has been loving the new views of being in high chairs in restaurants!


1st Mother’s Day! I’m the luckiest 🙂


Lots of playing! She’s got my nose


Lots of picnics! And fun times with cousin Jack Jack


Baby’s 1st Memorial Day Parties! She’s pretty excited to check out the bounce house next year.


Baby’s 1st Zoo trip!! She and Ryan had lots of fun.  Kenz liked the sea lions but the best part of her day was eating puffs in her stroller.


And the best part of the month is that Kenzie girl is now CRAWLING and STANDING!!!! We’re such proud parents!


Join us as we countdown to one year!

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Pictures of the Week *Seven Months!*

Makenzie Ruth is 7 Months!

5_7 7 months 2

It’s going SO fast and it’s been so fun!   Here’s what the little munkin (one of our favorite nicknames for her — mix of munchkin + pumpkin) has been up to this month:

Eating:  Kenz-o LOVES puffs!  She can feed them to herself and she can’t get enough.  And when it comes to other foods, she’ll eat anything – prunes, green beans, apples, pears, bananas, peaches, you name it – EXCEPT if it is mixed.  Lately we’ve tried some (what we thought were) delicious combos like peach oatmeal, apples & bananas, and strawberry blueberry, and she hates it.  Really hates it.  We’re talking meltdown city every time.  Perhaps she’s the kind of kiddo that won’t want her food to touch on her plate?

Learning & Exploring: She’s SO excited to explore everything — touching, grabbing and putting it all in her mouth!  She’s talking and giggling all day.  And she’s just about crawling now and pulling herself up too!  The below pictures of the photo shoot tell it’s own story of her activity level.

imageDoes that really say 7 Months?!?    I’m a BIG girl now!


Oooh, that looks yummy!


7 Months, here I come!


Darn, Mommy moved it too far away and now I can’t get it


Guess I’ll just sit here and grin. 🙂

Sleeping:  Our girl is officially in the crib and sleeping through the night in it (I realize this may have jinxed it).   Who knew she would resist going from the Rock N Play so much, but I think we’ve finally get her on board with the crib plan!  It might be due to the 78 pacis that we sprinkle all over the crib for her to ensure she’ll always be an arms reach with a self-soothing little piece of rubber, but who cares??  When it comes to parenting I’ve learned that you’ve gotta do what works!

Teeth:  Still none yet, although we’re officially The Parents that cried Teething We’ve been convinced that those unusually fussy days have been due to teething for about 4 months now, but we’ve been wrong every time, oops.   I’ll be kind of embarrassed to buy another box of Hylands teething tablets if those little buggers don’t show up soon.  Live and learn.

Best part of being 7 Months:    All of it so far!  I guess we’ve been having so much fun that we’re really behind on blogging since our little girl is almost 8 months.   And more to come soon but Kenz has had lots of firsts during her 7 months – swim class, big girl baths and trips to the zo0 – stay tuned, the fun is just beginning!


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Six Months with our Sweet Girl!

WOW, Six Months went by fast.

Really really fast!

4_2013 Makenzie Love


Tonight we both hung out in her room during bedtime and we read her On The Night You were Born (such a sweet little book if you haven’t read it yet)…

“On the night you were born, the moon shone with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered, ‘Life will never be the same.’

Because there had never been anyone like you… ever in the world.”

and I got very emotional thinking about that awesome night over 6 months ago.

It’s sad to think we’ll never swaddle and snuggle our sweet Makenzie newborn again.  It’s a slight relief to think that we made it this far and it is getting SO much easier (this is true new Moms, it gets way easier, I promise).  And it’s fun and exciting to think that it gets more fun every single day with her.  Watching Makenzie grow and explore the world has been the BEST and most AMAZING experience ever.  We’re smitten.  🙂

4_2013 Makenzie profile smiling    4_2013 Makenzie on tummy smiling


Here’s what our girl has been up to this month:

Stats:  Weight – 15 lbs, 14 oz – 40th percentile;  Height – 25 inches tall – 25th percentile;  Head circumference – 42.2 inches – 34th percentile;  Cuteness – 100th percentile!!

4_17 6 mo checkup 2

She’s such a little peanut!

Eating:  Our girl is fearless with trying foods.  So far she has liked everything – peas, carrots, squash, prunes, bananas, apples, sweet potatoes – you name it and she’ll eat it.  It’s hilarious to watch her cute little face as she experiences new stuff.

She also likes to eat her 6-month picky stickies…

4_13 Sticker eating

Yum! (Yes I took it away from her the moment after this picture was taken)

4_13 Sticker

The “after” view of the picky sticky

Playing:  Makenzie is interested in everything around her.  It’s so cool to watch her take it all in, grab for it, touch it, try to eat it, roll to it.  She’s one busy little girl.  He favorite toys include her jumperoo and the floor.

Learning & Exploring:  It seems like every single day Kenzie Girl does something new!  In the past few weeks she has perfected rolling both ways.  She’s getting good at scooting (backwards only) and she is a sitting pro!   We think she is getting close to crawling because she can hold herself up but she hasn’t quite figured out how to make it all work together (thank gosh – we don’t have baby proofing completed yet).  When it comes to communicating, her newest trick is shaking her head No.  It’s Hilarious!  How do they learn this stuff so young?

4_15 yellow 3

Happy girl sitting up on her own

Sleeping:  She’s back to sleeping through the night… normally 10-11 hours every night – heck yeah!  But her day naps aren’t as great.  She normally only naps about 10-40 minutes 2 times per day.  See below… I can’t make this up!

4_4 Nap schedule

Best Time of the Day:  Kenz has calmed down SO much from her (slightly) fussy infant days (or maybe we just know what we’re doing now?).  Either way, life is much easier (good-bye witching hour).    Kenz is such a sweet baby girl, and loves to go new places.  It’s awesome because we can pretty much take her anywhere as long as we are armed with toys.

Worst Time of the Day:  Saying good-bye to her every morning 🙁   (but I guess that counts more as a sad time for us).  She loves her friends at Doodlebugs and probably doesn’t even notice that we’re gone.

Some Funny Things This Month:  Life with a babe is pretty hilarious.  Now that’s she’s good at flipping over she has wiggled away diaper-less on more than one diaper-changing occasion.  And with the introduction of new solid foods, the blowout has been taken to new heights, yikes!

Makenzie pretty much cracks us up all day.  Her laugh is so darn cute I think it could actually be used to resolve wars.

4_2013 Makenzie laughing

Giggling girl at her 6-month photo shoot

4_2013 Makenzie 3 pics horizontal

We could not be more grateful to have such a sweet, healthy, cutie girl.   She has filled every day of the past half year with so much love & cuteness.  Looking forward to what the next 6 months brings!

Stay tuned, it’s going to be a fun ride.


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