38 weeks!

Hello 38 weeks!

We’re here… the home stretch, the victory lap, the land of hurry up and wait.  We’ve had lots of calls and texts asking for updates so here they are:


Are we ready? (the million dollar question) –  Yes…. No… Maybe…  Is anyone ever really ready to have a baby?  I’m not sure, but we’re excited!  Our biggest area of concern is how Makenzie will adjust and where she will go when he’s born.  Ideally my parents will be in town during the delivery.  If not, we have the Makenzie Dream Team, which includes family friends who are all willing to watch our girl in case we have to head to the hospital at 2 am.  We are SO grateful for our wonderful sitter, friends and neighbors who have agreed to be on call.

Nursery – We’re hanging pictures tomorrow (Denny, don’t forget to charge your screw gun) and then I think we’ll be good to go.  Our little guy will be living in a sports-themed room.  Pictures coming soon!

sports images

Here are the pictures we will be hanging tomorrow, now they are matted & framed.


Name – Being the cool parents we are, we’ve decided to have a family huddle when he arrives and get his input.  Then when he’s 16 and tells us about how mean and unfair we are as parents we can remind him that we’ve been open for input from day one.

The To Do List – It’s getting smaller.  Mainly I have a lot of work projects to tie up before I go on leave.  I’ve been trying like crazy to get everything done but I’m not there yet.  Ideally I’ll be able to work at least one more full week to feel good about being away for 3 months.  Also, I’m desperately hoping for a pedicure before I head to the delivery room.  Fingers crossed I can squeeze in an hour of pampering!

How I’m feeling –  I dare you to ask a hormonal mom-to-be how she’s feeling.  You’ll probably get a different answer every time.  Slightly puffy and pretty tired, but overall I’m thankful to be feeling good!   The prior concern about a partial previa has resolved – yay! – so we don’t need to plan for a C-section either.

Below is bump view from a few days ago.  I didn’t feel too huge until Thursday when I spent 10 minutes looking for Makenzie’s sock that I had 11 minutes prior, and I then found it stuck between my boobs and bump.  Yikes!


Missing: My Feet. Last seen in late fall 2014.

Cringe-worthy moments:  Adults say the darnedest things… In the past 2 weeks I heard a Wow are you having twins comment, and I also heard a How did you even fit through the door comment.  I’ve had a couple of really awkward belly rubs and also a request from a man I don’t know too well to be part of the birth because delivering a baby is on his bucket list.  Eek, cringe!

And finally, WHEN?!? – We’re officially due the 17th but it seems like this little guy is pretty cozy.  Our Dr thinks we have at least one full week to go but we all know who’s really in charge.  Since we want my parents to be here when he’s born, our Doctor will let us pick an induction date at our Friday appointment.


We promise to keep the updates coming once this little guy decides he’s ready to arrive.  Thanks for all your support and excitement for our new addition.  We’re hoping to have some good news soon, stay tuned!



You say Potato, I say Aww yeah!

I. am. obsessed. with. potatoes!

Lately I can’t stop thinking about them – taters, au gratin, home fries, chips… you name it.  It all started at a 4th of July picnic.  One of the side dishes was a cheesy potato casserole and I have since been obsessed.  I can barely play with Makenzie’s Mr. Potato Head without drooling.  Talk about pregnancy cravings gone wild!

Mr. Potato Head, Get in my belly!

Mr. Potato Head, Get in my belly!

When I was pregnant with Kenzie I was much more interested in sweet foods, so does this mean boy?!  Maybe?  That’s at least what the old wives’ tale says.  Perhaps it means my kid will someday move to Idaho?  Unlikely.  Or maybe it just means that I have a thing for carbs.

What were your pregnancy cravings and did they end up meaning anything or are they a bunch of silly fallacies made up by moms-to-be looking to make sense of their need for munchies?


Six weeks to go but the wait is killer!


As for the million dollar question of a Sister or a little Mister?!?  The countdown to find out is on!  We’re going to open this hot little envelope which is currently sitting on top of our mantle when our friends and families are with us at Makenzie’s 2nd Birthday party.  Hooray!

And for those of you that can make the festivities, get out your stretchy-waisted pants and bacon bits.  We’ll be eating spuds all night long!

Potato love & mine,

Operation: Let’s Get This Party Started

Today marks 39 weeks and 4 days!

Beanette’s room is still ready, the bags are still packed (we surprisingly haven’t even eaten any of the “Dad/visitor” snacks), our kind neighbors are ready to Lexi-sit, car seats are installed (in both cars), house is relatively clean, and I finally feel like I’m at a good place that I can be done with work if she arrives.

Hooray, it’s Go Time!

Since we are getting anxious for the big arrival, and since it is football season, it seemed appropriate to hunker down, come up with a game plan and go for the Victory (aka the arrival of our little baby girl)!

Introducing: Operation Let’s Get This Party Started!!

Team Roster:

  • Captain: Little Miss Beanette McGee!!
  • Quarterback – Denny
  • Tight End (because I wish I had one) – Me
  • Offensive Line – Nurses
  • Kicker – anesthesiologist


  • Dr. Susan and Dr. B


  • Mom & Dad Quilty (sorry to put you on the cheer squad, Dad)
  • Mom and Dad McGee
  • Melissa
  • Neighbors, friends & family
  • Lexi (she wants to be at the top of the pyramid)

Today we brought out the starting line and implemented our early game plan… long walk at mall, long walk in the hood, spicy taco dinner and some jumping jacks (perhaps tomorrow we’ll do Beanette jacks).

At the end of the first quarter we’re still tied at 0-0.   We’re feeling good and moving the chains down the field.  If we keep up this momentum, we want to move into the red zone aka the maternity ward in the coming plays (although playing football in a hospital gown might get tricky – I’d hate to expose my non-tight end).

For now, we’re going to huddle up and take a breather (and a cookie break).   We need to rest up because tomorrow’s game plan entails some big plays — more walking, spicy chili dinner and maybe a bumpy ride screen pass.

If our Team Captain decides she’s ready for a big play and wants to get in the game, we’ll keep you posted!!


The Birthing Playlist ~What NOT to have on your IPod~

The “Oh my God We’re about to be Parents To Do List” is getting shorter!  Recently Denny and I put a check mark next to the Create an IPod list to be played in the birthing room item.

It seemed simple enough, but it turns out we had more fun selecting songs that should Not be allowed versus selecting songs appropriate for 26 hours of excruciating pain.  So we have  instead created…

The Top 10 Songs NOT to Play in the Birthroom:

10.  I Wanna Be Sedated  –  Chances are that if you want to be sedated the anesthesiologist has already been paged, don’t let the Ramones remind you of how long you’ve been waiting.


9.  Sexy and I know it  –  Hospital gowns, swollen feet, sweaty hair… if that makes you feel sexy then you deserve an award Mama!


8.  Baby Got Back  –  Playing this song might just make your little one decide to show off her itty bitty waist and put her round thing in your face, and you probably don’t want to have to deal with a breach situation.  Save this tune for your reunion with your college girlfriends!


7.  Baby  – Pretty much everyone knows why you are in the birthing room, no need for Justin Beiber to be Captain Obvious and remind you of whats happening.  Plus do you really want the first noise your baby hears outside the womb to be the voice of a teenager that wears skinny jeans?  Highly doubtful!


6.  It’s Five O’ Clock SomewhereIt probably is five o’clock somewhere but the last thing you need to do is to be watching the clock, especially if you’ve been in labor since it was 2 AM somewhere a day or two ago.  But on a bright note, you might only be a few days away from someone pouring you something Tall and Strong for the first time in 40 weeks.  Cheers!


5.  Born to be Wild  – Kids these days are wild enough…have you seen Here Comes Honey Boo Boo??  Don’t give your future daughter or son any more ideas.


4.  Everybody Hurts –  If you are the one in labor, don’t let anyone else tell you that they feel your pain, let alone REM.  Odds are, you are the only one in the room understanding how much you hurt.  So skip this song and focus on breathing through those contractions.


3.  You Shook Me All Night Long  –  Yep, you did… about 9 months ago.  But thinking back to that night is clearly inappropriate for a serene birth setting.


2.  Push It – I’d advise listening to the nurse tell you when and how to push, not Salt N Pepa.


1.  Like a Virgin  — Sorry girlfriend, but that ship has sailed… and you are not on it.  Perhaps Madge should be filling your room with Like A Prayer.  You’ll Like a Prayer, especially if you don’t Like an Epidural.


Birth class Graduates (barely)

Tonight Denny and I graduated from birth class!  

(Pomp and Circumstance is playing in the background) 

It’s a feat that’s not exactly worthy of a bullet point on our resumes, but nonetheless an experience that seemed very blog post worthy.

Despite many moments that we felt were worthy of the phrase, “That’s what she said,” we did learn some helpful info.  I also have some feedback about the 9 hours we spent learning about our daughter’s entry into the world.   Here are my thoughts about it all…

  • Breathing exercises…  Really??   We are practicing breathing?  It is the only single activity I have consistently remembered to do every day of my life, so I’m not sure that I should be spending more time practicing it before I’m about to be responsible for a new life.  I’m going to be a role model for a child in a few weeks, right?  So maybe the time should be spent on other important exercises, perhaps Making your bed on a daily basis exercises, or How to make more time for healthy cooking and less time for Dance Mom watching exercises.
  • The birthing video (yikes)… If the hospital feels the need to make us watch a “real” couple have a baby, can we please get relatable characters?  Christina. the Mom in the video, might be cute for the maternity Victorias Secret magazine but her perfect blond hair (which didn’t even get sweaty while delivering), her belly button ring and her barely-there bump made me more annoyed than inspired.  If we are going to get real with the video, let’s get real with the characters… I’d like to see swollen feet, stretch marks, and a frumpy hospital gown… then maybe I’ll be able to relate.  And sorry Christina, but the sports bra and teeny tiny tennis skirt (minus the spanks) you wore during labor should be saved for the Wimbledon after-party NOT the birthing suite.
  • And finally must we spend so much time discussing The Birth Plan??  Birth plan, smirth plan… Isn’t asking the first-time mom to create a birth plan kind of like asking the 5-year old on his first flight to Disney to write a flight plan?   Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, LOVE making plans and creating agendas, but won’t our future daughter be the Director for this action scene?  The only non-negotiable item on my plan is the epidural.  My birthing slogan: No drugs, No baby.  There may not be an “I” in team but there is an “I” in epidural.  (Perhaps I’ll make pink t-shirts with that slogan for my family to wear in the waiting room).

So there you have it, my interpretation of birth class in a nut shell. 

It was slightly scary, yes…  

It was entertaining, indeed (although I’m not sure it was supposed to be)…  

And it was Informational, almost too much!  

But perhaps next time, we’ll just buy the cliffnotes.


A Day in the Life of my Daughter-to-be!

Despite having never met my daughter, (aka Beanette) I’ve become very familiar with her daily schedule.  Fellow Moms, I imagine that you can totally relate to the 100+ bathroom trips per day.   It’s pretty fun to have her bouncing around inside your belly.

Someday I’ll have to confirm this with her when she arrives but here are my thoughts on her daily activities.  If I am missing anything feel free to let me know! 


5:30 AM 

Beanette wake up call because her big sister Lexi (our cat) is dancing on my head for her morning Fancy Feast buffet.  Beanette can’t wait to meet her sister, kicks me in excitement and sends me to the bathroom.

6:00 AM

I‘m pretty sure she is back to bed by this time, she apparently takes after us and likes to sleep late.

8:30 AM

Wide awake and ready for another Bring your Daughter to Work Day.  She grows brain cells (250 per minute) while I try to make my way through morning e-mails.  I’m not sure where she gets her ambition.

11:00 AM

Beanette kick boxing lessons.  It appears that she is going to have a really strong core by the time she is born.  I make trips #11-25 to the ladies room.

1:00 PM

More napping.   She seems to do this during much of the afternoon gearing up for a fun evening of activities

7:00 PM

Beanette playtime!!  I’m quite certain that this is how my bladder looks to her:

I can’t blame her for being excited.  I would want to bounce too!

10:00 PM

She’s been jumping and kicking for a few hours now and finally seems to be tuckered out! 


Sweet Dreams Beanette, can’t wait until we really get to tuck you in bed!

Baby Brain!!

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve used the Baby Brain excuse lately and truly meant it!   It’s crazy how much knowledge this baby girl is taking from me.   I can’t blame her… this morning she was trying to develop her eyesight; I was merely making my way through Monday morning e-mails.

Baby 1: Mommy 0

But today’s Baby Brain episode seemed to be my worst yet.  I was cold calling a financial company in Syracuse and I was sent to the planner’s voicemail.  I left a lovely little voicemail for Mr. Jones,  reminded him of my name and company, and then left my number… well, I left someone’s number.  It wasn’t mine.  I got 6 digits into the number and I blanked, so I added 3-4-5-6 as the final four digits and dropped the receiver like a hot potato.  Oops!

So the odds are stacked against me that Mr. Jones will ever return my call, but being that it was a cold call , I wasn’t exactly sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring anyway.

I sure  hope I’m not the only one leaving prank voice mails for financial gurus across Upstate NY.  What are your baby brain stories?  I’d love to hear, but I might not remember what you tell me so you’ll probably want to list it as a comment below.

Sweet Dreams McBloggies, thanks for tuning in tonight!