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I’m a new(ish) Mom in Buffalo, NY to sweet Makenzie Ruth born October 2012 and Mitchell Dennis born January 2015 and I LOVE everything about this role… but I didn’t make it through this crazy journey without some humor.  I’ve been laughing my way through pregnancy & parenthood and I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

family shot bw

Pretending not to be clueless parents with 1-week old Makenzie

One year in and doing okay! That’s Makenzie’s mortified face… This is just the beginning of many times in which we’ll embarrass her.

fam photo bw 1_2015

Welcome to the world Mitchell!

About Us

Denny (handsome hubby pictured above) and I met through Ohio University.  Read the story here.   We love it in the town of bricks and beer and even had our wedding there in August 2008.  Go Bobcats!!

In our pre-Makenzie days we thought that we were two (relatively) smart adults and we didn’t think managing a new baby would be that hard, right?  Wrong-o!

Join us as we navigate parenthood while trying to our best not to send Baby McGee to therapy for life!

Honeymoon picture…  Check out this cute hubby of mine!

Some more about me…

  • I’m Irish and proud of it!
  • I’m a big believer in the power of positive thought and the importance of humor
  • We live in Buffalo, NY, and yes, it’s always better in the Buff!
  • Neither of us are from Buffalo.  Denny grew up in Washington, Pa and I grew up in Niles, Oh.
  • My blog inspirations include the hilariousness of Pregnant Chicken and the creativity of Young House Love.  Perhaps I’ll rename this the Pregnant House Love or Young House Chicken?  Check them out if you need a laugh or an amazing house inspiration.
  • My TV hero is Leslie Knope!  She is hilarious and passionate about what she does.  How can you not love her?

  • Denny and I have one super cute cat named Lexi.  She’s still not super excited to be a Big Sis, but we’re getting through it with the help of some Fancy Feast bribes.
  • We are both the youngest in our families (Denny has one older brother and I have one older sister) so our Baby will be the only First Born of our family.  I hope she doesn’t try to take over and run this place.

I hope you enjoy the wild ride of Mommyhood with me!


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