Picture(s) of the Week *Cousin Love*

Life has been crazy for the past 10 days, but we were able to sneak away to Ohio this past weekend and meet sweet Baby Boy Jack!  He is GORGEOUS and so incredibly snuggly.  He is also a really good baby.  He loves to sleep and he barely made a peep while we were there.

3_23 Snuggly Jack

So cute, and barely bigger than the stuffed animal!

It was great to meet Mr. Jack and it was really fun to see the three cousins together.   I can only imagine the fun they’ll have as they grow up together… and the trouble they’ll get into.  Yikes!

Check it out:

3_23 Cousins kissing Jack

Big brother kissing little brother — sweet!

3_23 Cousins Jack taking cover

Happy cousins — cute!

3_23 Cousins Kenz hitting Jack

Uh oh, Kenzie starts instigating and takes a swipe at sweet little Jack — Trouble!

3_23 Cousins Jack arms up

Hm, Jack seems to sense the impending trouble and takes cover…

3_23 Cousins action shot

And then Big Bro swoops in for the hug/body slam.

 Yikes!!   End shoot!

It was Norman Rockwell turned Honey Boo Boo.


But aside from the humorous cousin photo shoot, we did manage to get a great picture of my parents with their 3 grandkids.  So sweet!

3_23 Nana Papa with grandkids

Nana & Papa surrounded by the loves of their lives

So there you have it, a quick recap of our wonderful little trip to the Buckeye State.

Have a good week and a great Easter!  I’m hoping the bunny brings me a few free minutes here or there to grab the laptop and finish up some posts soon.


Thanks for taking time to McBlog with us!

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Picture of the Week *5 Months!!*

Someone is growing waaay too fast… and her name is Makenzie!

Five months has been our favorite age so far (although I think we’ve said that every month).  Makenzie cracks us up daily and we’re pretty sure that she is the coolest baby ever!  She’s so cool that if there was a baby high school she would be elected Prom Queen (the fact that she poops her pants could possibly lose her a few votes but her cuteness would prevail).

Here’s what she’s been doing:

Eating – The girl doesn’t miss a meal.  In addition to her bottles, she’s been trying baby food.  She’s still not too sure about it, but she did enjoy some bananas tonight.    It is as messy as it is adorable, and we normally put her right in the bathtub after dinner.

Playing – Kenzie is interested in everything around her lately!  She likes to play with her hands, her tootsies, books, toys, her glowworm and anything else she can get her cute little hands on.  She’s also getting mobile!  She goes crazy in her jumperoo and can now roll from both her front and her back (but she hasn’t yet put them together to roll a full 360 – stay tuned, it’s bound to happen any day now)

Dancing – Makenzie loves to dance and sing… Correction: Makenzie loves to watch us dance and sing (I’m sure that she would participate if she could) but until then, we have regular dance parties to keep our girl giggling and smiling.  During her fussy evening period sometimes the only thing that keeps her from a meltdown is when Denny and I dance around like crazy people — marching, clapping, singing — you name it. 

Laughing – She does lots of it and it is the BEST sound in the world.  We can’t get enough of it.

Sleeping – Hmm, kind of a rough topic right now.  She’s too big for her Rock n Play sleeper so we’re trying to get her in the crib full-time.  She’s not on board and is reminding us sometimes hourly during the night.  We’re trying a crib wedge tonight to help her feel cozier in the crib.  Ask us at about 3 am how it works.  Moms, any suggestions, please let us know!

Some funny things this month –  If you want to find all that Kenzie has done during a day, just follow the trail of socks.  She loves to be barefoot and won’t stop until her feet are sock-free.  She’s a determined little lady.  And, she is also starting to understand what we say (or so we think).  If she’s holding her glow worm and you ask her to Kiss the Baby, she’ll give a big slobbery wet kiss to the face of Chloe Glowie (our nickname for her).  Too cute!

We can’t believe it’s been almost half a year since she’s been in our world.  We are so fortunate to have such a little sweetie.  Here is a snapshot of her life as a five month old!

Hugs to all!

Makenzie 5 months


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Pictures of the Week *We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!*

Life is about little journeys.  Sometimes the best part of the journey is arriving at your destination (and hanging out with great friends), yet other times you don’t even get close to the destination but you still gain a little wisdom from the ride.


This weekend, Makenzie and I took a little road trip to Ohio to visit my family and some friends (pics below, we had a wonderful time!)   Denny worked Friday, so the baby girl and I were on our own.  The short three-hour ride is something I once did by myself on a regular basis but I knew a bringing along an almost five-month old could add a fun new dimension to it so I was slightly nervous.  Luckily it went great!  Six hours round-trip and no major meltdowns, injuries, spit-ups or blowouts… total Score!  Granted some women are flying internationally with their kids by this age, so it seems silly to feel so proud that we did it, but I do.

While on the way to Ohio, I started thinking about another journey not too long ago that didn’t go as well…

It was mid-October, and Kenzie was about 10 days old.  Denny had just gone back to work so I was very much looking forward to a fun night out at a neighborhood jewelry party.  The party was literally one house away so it seemed simple to bring Makenzie for a night with some great ladies.  But when it comes to life with a brand new baby (and a brand new mom) simple does not exist.

The party was at 6 pm, and we were up by 5 am so I figured we had ample time to get ready to go.  It literally took 8 hours for me to get showered and dressed while getting the baby fed, dressed, fed, changed, fed, and fed again, but I was still determined to go.  Three more hours later, I had the diaper bag packed (new mom=clueless) and we were ready to walk out the door.

Then the day took a turn for the worst.  Kenzie had a blowout, followed by a pee that went up her back and into her hair.  Uh-oh.  I was getting nervous.  We only had 15 more minutes and I knew she needed another bath and was likely getting hungry, yet again.  Suddenly, my new mom confidence started to waver.  My mind was racing and I was starting to question myself “Was I really ready to take the baby out during the witching hour?” “What if she starts to cry and I don’t know what she wants?” “What if she screams and everyone looks at me?” And then my lack of mom-fidence completely took over all my common sense… “What if she goes through all the (14) diapers I packed for her?” “How do I carry her across the yard – a car seat, a carrier or in my arms?”  Yep, I was spiraling into an epic new Mom meltdown.  Tears + puffy eyes + smeared make-up = no way I was making it out the door.  Fail!

Perhaps it was the hormones, perhaps it was the sleep deprivation, or perhaps it was just me trying to do too much, but I had to do what any overwhelmed, over emotional Mom would do… text the neighbors and tell them I couldn’t make it because the baby wasn’t feeling good.  Ugh, a lie!  Double Fail!

In the matter of 22 minutes, my 13 hours of prep was undone.  The baby was back in a onesie, I was back in sweats and we were both back in bed.


Luckily I can look back and laugh now.  And although I didn’t make it to the party 180 feet away a few months ago, I was able to learn a thing or two since then and make it to the playdate 180 miles away.

We’ve come a long way baby, and it was worth the ride!

3_1 Kenzie with Mrs B and Penny

Kenzie meeting Mrs B and admiring the adorable Pennykins!

3_1 Ryan and Kenzie in RnP

Ryan practicing to be a Big Brother!

3_2 Easter egg

Hanging out with the Easter Bunny! Thanks Barry & Linda!

3_2 Kenzie and Aunt Melissa

Someone LOVES their Auntie Melissa!

3_2 Kenzie looking at Aunt Sara

And that same someone loves her Auntie Sara too!

3_2 Nana kissing Kenzie

All cuddled up with Nana

3_2 Playdate

OU friends and some future Bobcats (not pictured: Crosby)


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Picture of the Week *A Wee Irish Blessing*

Top o’ the Morning to you!

You’ve probably already figured out that we like everything Irish in the McGee house!

Our new baby-to-be announcements last year were sent around St. Patty’s Day, and we are super excited for Makenzie’s 1st St. Patty’s Day!  So now that Valentine’s Day is behind us, we busted out the green!


St. Patty’s Day 2012

2_20 green baby 2

St. Patty’s Day 2013

She is quite the little Irish blessing if I say so myself!

Have a great week


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Pictures of the Week *Four Months*

Four Months have come and gone since our sweet girl arrived and she is getting more awesome every single day!   You are probably asking, “Can a baby really be awesome?”  Heck yeah!  Don’t believe me?!?  See for yourself what our little punkin has been up to for the last month:

~ Visiting the Doctor ~

Check out those cute chubby legs!

Such a brave girl!  And she did great at her recent check-up!   Here are her stats:

14 lbs, 2 oz – 59 percentile

24 inches tall – 38 percentile (What a little peanut!)

41.4 inches head circumference – 60 percentile (Apparently it is going to her head when we tell her she is so cute!)


~ Rolling over from front to back ~

Luckily we don’t need to cover the house in Saran Wrap just yet, but Kenzie Girl is definitely getting more mobile.


~Forming an Alliance with Lexi Kitty ~

We don’t have proof of this but we’re pretty sure that Lexi and Makenzie have struck up a strategic partnership to ensure they both get fed no later than 5:04 AM daily.   When Lexi sleeps past 5, Kenzie wakes me up; and when Kenzie opts for a little extra sleep, Lexi does the honors of dancing across my forehead.  We can’t figure out the specific terms of this deal just yet, but we’re working on cracking the code.


~ Attempting to eat rice cereal ~

We didn’t have the right size spoon during the first trial (Parent fail!) but hopefully this week will go better.  Stay tuned for more on this.


~ Boycotting her crib ~

Speaking of parent fail, Makenzie is still not in her crib.  It’s not for lack of trying but she tends to wake up a lot in her crib versus her cozy rock & Play sleeper where she (sometimes) sleeps through the night.   Considering the fact that we have to wake up at 5 Am just to make it to work on time, losing sleep night after night isn’t exactly the ideal situation.  So for now, we’ve given in and we let her sleep where she is cozy.

(I know, I know… this is like the gateway drug.  Before you know it, we’ll be giving in to 2 AM curfews and an I-Phone)

I honestly can’t blame her for enjoying it so much. Here she is stretching and getting ready to start a new day. What a tough life!


~ Smiling LOTS! ~

Check out this happy little beauty!



And finally, Makenzie has been

~ Having fun with her big cousin Ryan! ~

This past weekend my family came to visit to celebrate my Birthday (more on that in a later blog post) and she had fun time with big cousin Ryan.  He’s about to be a big brother in a few weeks and is doing a GREAT job at playing with babies younger than him.


So there you have it!  One AWESOME Little four-month old!!

We’re crazy in love with our little girl and we still can’t believe she’s ours!!  Can’t wait for many more fun months!

Pictures of the Week *Ohio Babe*

Makenzie is SO excited about some of her favorite people coming to visit this weekend from Ohio!

(And I was pretty excited that she wanted to take these photos because they will serve as a nice attachment to her OU application in about 17 1/2 years)

See for yourself:

2_3 Ohio flag 1

Baby Bobcat!!

2_3 Ohio flag 3

What a cute little tush!

2_3 Ohio flag 5

Holding her head up high for OU!

Just 6 days until some family fun, and this little bobcat is ready to play!!

Have a great week everyone!


Pictures of the Week! *One busy babe*

Psst, it’s me again…  Makenzie!  Mom’s making my bottles so I bribed the kitty with some snacks to bring me the laptop.  She’s such a sucker for Friskies (but don’t tell her I said that).

We’ve been having so much fun!!  I go to school and play and play and nap and play more, then Mommy or Daddy pick me up and we play and play more.

Here’s what’s else we’ve been doing…


 Watching the Sabres!

1_14 Sabres outift

I like when they score goals (and it makes Daddy happy too)!


Practicing for St. Patty’s Day!  I’m not really sure who Patty is but Mom said it’s one of the best days of the year.

1_12 Shamrock happy face

I hope Patty likes headbands, maybe we can share!


 Dressing warm for the winter

1_22 SNowman       1_21 Hat


Celebrating the upcoming arrival of my new friend Baby Joshua!

1_19 Michelle and Tom

Mommy’s friends Michelle and Tom are going to be super duper parents

1_19 Kenzie and Maddie 2

My friend Maddie and I checked out all the gifts Joshua got!


But just when we were getting ready to go to Ohio to see Nana, Papa, Auntie Melissa, Auntie Sara and my super cool big cousin, Ryan, I got something called the flu.  Ewwww!!   My tummy was so mad at me.  🙁  Mommy and Daddy and I spent lots of time snuggling.

Feeling yucky!


But don’t worry, I’m feeling way better today and I even got to sit in my high chair like the big girls at school.  I can’t wait until I can eat big girl food too (especially because I pay extra close attention to where Mom keeps the cookie dough and I’m sure I can bribe Lex to bring me that too)

1_13 High chair


That’s about it for me.  I need to get some sleep so I can be extra rested and wake Mommy up in the middle of the night (tee hee).

Nighty night and Sweet Dreams!

XOXO, Kenzie

Picture of the Week *Buggy Rides!*

Life has been a bit busy now that I’m back to work but a fun little e-mail popped up in my Inbox this week and it totally made my day!

The WONDERFUL teachers (aka saints) at Doodlebugs had the patience and skill to load 8 adorable and squirmy little munckins into 2 buggies this week and take a cruise around the center.  And if that is wasn’t enough, they found time to take some pictures and then e-mail them to the parents.


So here are the hilarious pictures I found in my Inbox —   Enjoy!

1_16 Buggy at DB 1

Buggy fun for Makenzie with Hadley, Conner and Evan!

1_16 Buggy at DB 3

“But Miss Danielle, I wanted to ride in the front!”

1_16 Buggy at DB 2

All tuckered out.. good thing the green paci was along for the ride!

Talk about a highlight of the week.  🙂

Thanks for coming along for the ride in our little world.  I promise I’ll update more shortly.  Have a great week!

Picture of the Week *3 Months!*

Hi friends,

It’s me, Makenzie!!  Mommy went back to work and has been sooo busy lately.  Daddy has been super busy lately too doing laundry and snowblowing (Mommy says he’s the best –I agree).    So I borrowed the laptop while Mommy thought I was napping to help her out with a blog post.  She says that the family and friends like to see how cute I am (sheesh, my face is red).

Guess what?!?  I’m 3 months old already!  Can you believe it?  I’m almost as old as the iPhone 5! Wow!  It’s been such a fun month.  Here’s what we have been doing:


Daycare!!  I’m officially a Doodlebug!  Yay!  My classmates are so fun and my teachers are really good snugglers (not as good as Mommy and Daddy but pretty close).  When they aren’t looking I like to kick my socks off and then make Mommy and Daddy look for them when they pick me up (it also works with my pacis and my headbands).  Tee hee!

Sleeping at night without my swaddle.  Talk about freedom!!  I really love to suck on my finger at night while I dream about my next bottle (yum!).  And sometimes Mommy thinks I have a question because I raise my arm while I’m dreaming.  Not being swaddled is SO much fun that I sometimes like to wake up in the middle of the night and remind Mommy and Daddy about my excitement.  They don’t seem to share my enthusiasm at 4 AM.  Oh well.

Holding my head up!  Turns out that my neck has a purpose (aside from storing milk, eww).  It helps me raise my head so I can watch my toys… and the TV, and the cat, and my glowworm.  I’ll pretty much watch anything if you lay me on my tummy!

1_4 3 mo front

Look at me holding up my head, whee!

Taking pictures!   Surprise, surprise, Mommy’s taking more pictures of me.  I doubt I even needed to mention that but it’s a big part of our day and they turn out pretty cute sometimes.  Take a look at the ones Mommy took today.  I was cold but I put on my best cute face to try and make her finish faster.  I think it worked because we took a nap together right after this.

1_4 3 mo ruffle butt 2

Mom distracted me with my glowworm and took a picture of my ruffled bum bum.  Oh man, I fall for it every time.

1_4 3 mo sticky on tummy

Sunny side up!

And of course I had to take a picture in my tutu

And of course I had to take a picture in my tutu.  I saw Daddy and I was hoping he would save me.

I think I hear Mommy so I better go!  Don’t tell her you saw me on the laptop, I’m not supposed to play Angry Birds during bedtime.




Picture of the Week *Happy New Year – Old Schol*

Guess what?!?  2012 was an awesome year!  I can blog for days about how life-changing it was, or how great it is to be parents, but I’ve done that a lot already this year.  And aside from that, I’m quite sure you think I’m a boring old fart Momma.  Well friends, it’s time to let a little cat out of the bag…   I once was a party girl!!  Yep, it’s true!   Although NYE 2013 won’t exactly include any Junction Punches, there once was a time when that tasty purple drink was a staple of my diet.  In honor of the big holiday tonight, the time has come to transport back to one of my favorite nights of all time…

It was the cusp of 2005. 

I was about to graduate from OU in a few months.

My friends and Denny and I decided there was only one place on the earth we needed to be for December 31st.. Athens, Ohio!! 

(Obviously, we would have loved Vegas, or NYC or Miami but we were poor college kids).

I could tell you more about that night but I figured that the pictures will say enough.  Enjoy!!

Holidays 2004 067

My checks & balances BFF Sara!! We were quite out of balance that night.

Holidays 2004 065

Before diapers, wipes and tubby time, we were fun! Although I’m not exactly sure why he married me after that fashion disaster I was wearing.

Holidays 2004 076

Happy New Year from 3 reasons OU was a top party school!

new years 5-on the floor

The ending to my night in 2005
(and I realize it is likely also the ending to any future political aspirations because I am posting this photo)

So there you have it… the Pre-Mommy days of my life!  Our NYE tonight will be much more low-key, but I don’t mind one bit.  Tomorrow I’ll be glad to wake up to a cute baby face versus waking up next to a big old bottle of Tylenol.

Wishing you and yours a WONDERFUL 2013!!  We are forever grateful for all the blessing and memories of 2012.