Baby Brain!!

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve used the Baby Brain excuse lately and truly meant it!   It’s crazy how much knowledge this baby girl is taking from me.   I can’t blame her… this morning she was trying to develop her eyesight; I was merely making my way through Monday morning e-mails.

Baby 1: Mommy 0

But today’s Baby Brain episode seemed to be my worst yet.  I was cold calling a financial company in Syracuse and I was sent to the planner’s voicemail.  I left a lovely little voicemail for Mr. Jones,  reminded him of my name and company, and then left my number… well, I left someone’s number.  It wasn’t mine.  I got 6 digits into the number and I blanked, so I added 3-4-5-6 as the final four digits and dropped the receiver like a hot potato.  Oops!

So the odds are stacked against me that Mr. Jones will ever return my call, but being that it was a cold call , I wasn’t exactly sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring anyway.

I sure  hope I’m not the only one leaving prank voice mails for financial gurus across Upstate NY.  What are your baby brain stories?  I’d love to hear, but I might not remember what you tell me so you’ll probably want to list it as a comment below.

Sweet Dreams McBloggies, thanks for tuning in tonight!


  1. hi- larious!!
    too funny 🙂 never did that, but i did have the dropsies while pregnant with Ry. all the time, everything dropped, keys, phone, wallet, purse, random pens, luckily it stopped when i had him and haven’t dropped him.

    but, im told baby brain kind of stays with you….. p-touch your number to the phone next time 🙂

  2. melissabix says:

    hahaha! hi-larious!
    had a serious case of the dropsises while preggo with Ry- dropped everything, pens, books, phones, bags, whatever i touched, it ended up on the ground
    it went away though and i havent dropped him- luckily

    baby brain, im told tends to linger….
    better p-touch your number to your phone girl!

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