36 Week Bumpdate!

36 Weeks!!

The stickers look much cuter on her little outfits than on mine

Beanette is due in exactly 4 weeks, and I can’t believe how fast the past nine months have come and gone!

Beanette is Bump-tastic!!


Starting today we visit our doctor weekly.  Apparently they like seeing us so much they have decided they can’t go more than 7 days without a visit from us… I’m pretty sure it’s due to our dashing good looks and Denny’s charm. 

The visit today went great!  We got to see Beanette on the big screen and she was looking extra cute.  Her hand was in front of her face so we didn’t get any great photos, but we’ll more than make up for that once she arrives.

Here are the other Beanette updates:

  • She is currently weighing about 6 lbs and 3 ounces (Beanette has requested that I stop announcing her weight once she turns 3 so enjoy these updates while they last)
  • She is expected to weigh about 7 1/2 – 8 lbs at birth (Lexi is thrilled to maintain her status of Tiniest McGee – at her last vet appointment  she was at 6 lbs, 13 oz).  I’m thrilled she might actually fit into newborn clothes!  I have had recurring fears of trying to deliver a 14 lb baby.
  • She is head down currently, but she hasn’t started any other steps to her arrival just yet
  • The Dr. said we have at least 3 weeks before we meet her, likely more

We are just about ready too… 

Laundry, check! 

Nursery, check! 

Carseat installed, check! 

Patience and excitement, check and check!! 





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