It’s A… Watermelon!!

Today I got my weekly e-mail from The and it told me that our little girl is the size of a…. Watermelon!

Yep, she’s That big!  (Enter profuse sweating & heart palpitations)


But on the bright side, we made it to 39 WEEKS!

Crazy, right?  How did that happen, and who the heck approved our License to be parents?  I sure hope we are ready!

I still feel pretty good and we are quite excited and a little nervous & anxious.  Our Doctor’s appointment yesterday revealed that our little girl is quite cozy, but Dr. B said that doesn’t mean anything.  Our little watermelon is in complete control and can make her appearance at any time.

SO just in case we don’t make it to 40 weeks, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane from seedling to watermelon, courtesy of Picky Sticky:

8 Weeks, and Hey I still have a waist!

12 Weeks and Safe Zone! Hooray!

16 Weeks… and I remember thinking I had a bump then.

20 Weeks, Halfway there!

24 Weeks, and counting!

28 Weeks aka Where’s Waldo?

32 Weeks

36 Weeks, one month to go!

There you have it… I’m no gardener, but our little watermelon sure has managed to thrive!  We are seven days away from her official due date (which means nothing to 95% of babies) but we’ll keep you posted once she picks her birthday.


Have a great week!


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