Two Months!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Denny and I have been with Makenzie every day since birth but our daughter is Two Months Old!!  How did that happen?  She is so cute and really brightens our world (I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true)!

Here is what she has been up to for the past 30 days:


 ::  Moving into her own room!  ::

Our first moving day as parents happened this month.  We decided Makenzie was old enough to finally start sleeping in her own room, so we packed up her cute little Rock & Play Sleeper and moved it 11 steps away (yes, I counted).  Don’t worry, we did our due diligence before we shipped her across the hall.  We checked that there were no escaped prisoners or zoo animals within 90 miles.  We also checked the batteries in the baby monitor and the carbon monoxide detector.  The results…So far, so good!  Denny and I can go to bed without using the flashlight app on our cell phone so we don’t wake her, and we think she’s enjoying the new freedom too.  In 18 years and 9 months she will possibly be heading to Athens to start her freshman year at OU so we are proud we have started working on giving her some space.


::  Lots of playtime!  ::

Makenzie has recently discovered that her arms and legs are attached and she loves to kick and move them!

11_29 Playmat

She is actually having fun, but this picture doesn’t really capture her level of happiness.


::  Smiling  ::

Lots more of this!  Her sweet smiles make us SO happy!  (Too bad I’m not great at capturing it on the camera)


::  Getting ready for Christmas  ::

Over the past few weeks Makenzie and I have been having lots of holiday song dance parties!  She loves staring at the tree lights, and she has even gone along with me on some Christmas shopping trips.  She does great in stores and is very patient with me as I try to decide what to buy people.

12_2 Kenzie under tree

Cutie elf!


::  Growing, growing, growing!!  ::

Here are some pictures of her 2 month photo shoot so you can see how she is changing (check out those cute chunky thighs that she unfortunately gets from her mom).


12_4 2 months 7

I’m finally getting a use for the letters we bought for her room (but have yet to hang)

12_4 2 months 3

Sweetie pie

12_4 2 months 1

I think this is her thoughts about the photo shoot

12_4 2 mo tutu

She can’t escape the monthly tutu photo

12_4 2 months 5

Keeping Baby Legs in business


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