Maternity Leave from a Quantitative Perspective

Tomorrow is the day I go back to work and spend the day away from Makenzie.  Wow, maternity leave FLEW by!

Tomorrow I have to wear pants that zip.  Tomorrow I’ll be checking e-mails instead of snuggling with my baby.  Tomorrow I need to limit use of the words tummy tums, bum bum and Kenzie Bear. Tomorrow I have to trade having a little fun today with Ellen for having a little staff meeting with my co-workers.

I’ve already been crying at the thought of having to say good-bye to our girl’s sweet little face so I figured I’d keep this light.  And since I need to get back into a business mindset, here is my Maternity Leave Overview from a Quantitative (and slightly guesstimated) perspective


1,000,000+ lessons learned about life, lullaby singing, parenting, poop consistency, bottle sanitizing…      I can go on for days about this

14,134 minutes spent feeding the babe (this is a fact according to the app)

3200 minutes spent shushing and bouncing and wondering if my baby would ever possibly go to sleep, then when she did go to sleep I stared at her waiting for her to wake up so I could see her baby blue eyes

2640 kisses (at least) given to her little forehead and tummy tum and bum bums

1779 pictures taken of her from my camera

1250 miles traveled to introduce Makenzie to our family

522 diaper changes

$148 spent on Pampers

97 loads of laundry (thankfully my husband did most of them or I’d still be in the outfit I wore home from the hospital)

88 days spent with a beautiful baby girl – I’m SO thankful for this

50 shades of grey… clothing!  (It was maternity leave, friends, get your minds out of the gutter)  Grey yoga pants, sweatpants, t-shirts, zip-ups, hoodies – all cozy clothes are grey!

44 minutes of pushing to meet her

One 31 purse party.  Hey, I had to introduce her to cute bags even if she cried during the entire party, oops!

14 hours of labor

6 amazing people in our lives that are new grandparents again

5 “S”s to make her the Happiest Baby on the Block

4 trips to the pediatrician office

3 Baby’s 1st Holidays!

2 Picky Sticky photo shoots

ONE sweet, awesome, lovable little girl that I’m going to miss like crazy all day

So that about sums it up!


Thanks maternity leave, you were even better than I imagined (aside from a few mommy meltdowns which they failed to tell us about in birth class).

Hope to see you again soon!


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