Picture of the Week *3 Months!*

Hi friends,

It’s me, Makenzie!!  Mommy went back to work and has been sooo busy lately.  Daddy has been super busy lately too doing laundry and snowblowing (Mommy says he’s the best –I agree).    So I borrowed the laptop while Mommy thought I was napping to help her out with a blog post.  She says that the family and friends like to see how cute I am (sheesh, my face is red).

Guess what?!?  I’m 3 months old already!  Can you believe it?  I’m almost as old as the iPhone 5! Wow!  It’s been such a fun month.  Here’s what we have been doing:


Daycare!!  I’m officially a Doodlebug!  Yay!  My classmates are so fun and my teachers are really good snugglers (not as good as Mommy and Daddy but pretty close).  When they aren’t looking I like to kick my socks off and then make Mommy and Daddy look for them when they pick me up (it also works with my pacis and my headbands).  Tee hee!

Sleeping at night without my swaddle.  Talk about freedom!!  I really love to suck on my finger at night while I dream about my next bottle (yum!).  And sometimes Mommy thinks I have a question because I raise my arm while I’m dreaming.  Not being swaddled is SO much fun that I sometimes like to wake up in the middle of the night and remind Mommy and Daddy about my excitement.  They don’t seem to share my enthusiasm at 4 AM.  Oh well.

Holding my head up!  Turns out that my neck has a purpose (aside from storing milk, eww).  It helps me raise my head so I can watch my toys… and the TV, and the cat, and my glowworm.  I’ll pretty much watch anything if you lay me on my tummy!

1_4 3 mo front

Look at me holding up my head, whee!

Taking pictures!   Surprise, surprise, Mommy’s taking more pictures of me.  I doubt I even needed to mention that but it’s a big part of our day and they turn out pretty cute sometimes.  Take a look at the ones Mommy took today.  I was cold but I put on my best cute face to try and make her finish faster.  I think it worked because we took a nap together right after this.

1_4 3 mo ruffle butt 2

Mom distracted me with my glowworm and took a picture of my ruffled bum bum.  Oh man, I fall for it every time.

1_4 3 mo sticky on tummy

Sunny side up!

And of course I had to take a picture in my tutu

And of course I had to take a picture in my tutu.  I saw Daddy and I was hoping he would save me.

I think I hear Mommy so I better go!  Don’t tell her you saw me on the laptop, I’m not supposed to play Angry Birds during bedtime.





  1. soooooo super cute Kenzie!

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