Pictures of the Week *Four Months*

Four Months have come and gone since our sweet girl arrived and she is getting more awesome every single day!   You are probably asking, “Can a baby really be awesome?”  Heck yeah!  Don’t believe me?!?  See for yourself what our little punkin has been up to for the last month:

~ Visiting the Doctor ~

Check out those cute chubby legs!

Such a brave girl!  And she did great at her recent check-up!   Here are her stats:

14 lbs, 2 oz – 59 percentile

24 inches tall – 38 percentile (What a little peanut!)

41.4 inches head circumference – 60 percentile (Apparently it is going to her head when we tell her she is so cute!)


~ Rolling over from front to back ~

Luckily we don’t need to cover the house in Saran Wrap just yet, but Kenzie Girl is definitely getting more mobile.


~Forming an Alliance with Lexi Kitty ~

We don’t have proof of this but we’re pretty sure that Lexi and Makenzie have struck up a strategic partnership to ensure they both get fed no later than 5:04 AM daily.   When Lexi sleeps past 5, Kenzie wakes me up; and when Kenzie opts for a little extra sleep, Lexi does the honors of dancing across my forehead.  We can’t figure out the specific terms of this deal just yet, but we’re working on cracking the code.


~ Attempting to eat rice cereal ~

We didn’t have the right size spoon during the first trial (Parent fail!) but hopefully this week will go better.  Stay tuned for more on this.


~ Boycotting her crib ~

Speaking of parent fail, Makenzie is still not in her crib.  It’s not for lack of trying but she tends to wake up a lot in her crib versus her cozy rock & Play sleeper where she (sometimes) sleeps through the night.   Considering the fact that we have to wake up at 5 Am just to make it to work on time, losing sleep night after night isn’t exactly the ideal situation.  So for now, we’ve given in and we let her sleep where she is cozy.

(I know, I know… this is like the gateway drug.  Before you know it, we’ll be giving in to 2 AM curfews and an I-Phone)

I honestly can’t blame her for enjoying it so much. Here she is stretching and getting ready to start a new day. What a tough life!


~ Smiling LOTS! ~

Check out this happy little beauty!



And finally, Makenzie has been

~ Having fun with her big cousin Ryan! ~

This past weekend my family came to visit to celebrate my Birthday (more on that in a later blog post) and she had fun time with big cousin Ryan.  He’s about to be a big brother in a few weeks and is doing a GREAT job at playing with babies younger than him.


So there you have it!  One AWESOME Little four-month old!!

We’re crazy in love with our little girl and we still can’t believe she’s ours!!  Can’t wait for many more fun months!


  1. no parent fail! you are doing great! she will sleep in her crib very soon! how ever YOU get sleep is the most important 🙂 happy happy birthday week!

  2. Love The Pics! I can’t believe how attentive she is with the camera her cousin is holding. You may have a busybody on your hands!

    • Hi Jeanne, I was just looking at old comments and now even 9 months later it’s so true. Our Kenzie loves people watching. During gymnastics this weekend she spent half the time watching all the other kids instead of playing. 🙂 Have a great night

  3. Makenzie is so bright + adorable! And Dad + I are totally objective!

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