Picture of the Week *5 Months!!*

Someone is growing waaay too fast… and her name is Makenzie!

Five months has been our favorite age so far (although I think we’ve said that every month).  Makenzie cracks us up daily and we’re pretty sure that she is the coolest baby ever!  She’s so cool that if there was a baby high school she would be elected Prom Queen (the fact that she poops her pants could possibly lose her a few votes but her cuteness would prevail).

Here’s what she’s been doing:

Eating – The girl doesn’t miss a meal.  In addition to her bottles, she’s been trying baby food.  She’s still not too sure about it, but she did enjoy some bananas tonight.    It is as messy as it is adorable, and we normally put her right in the bathtub after dinner.

Playing – Kenzie is interested in everything around her lately!  She likes to play with her hands, her tootsies, books, toys, her glowworm and anything else she can get her cute little hands on.  She’s also getting mobile!  She goes crazy in her jumperoo and can now roll from both her front and her back (but she hasn’t yet put them together to roll a full 360 – stay tuned, it’s bound to happen any day now)

Dancing – Makenzie loves to dance and sing… Correction: Makenzie loves to watch us dance and sing (I’m sure that she would participate if she could) but until then, we have regular dance parties to keep our girl giggling and smiling.  During her fussy evening period sometimes the only thing that keeps her from a meltdown is when Denny and I dance around like crazy people — marching, clapping, singing — you name it. 

Laughing – She does lots of it and it is the BEST sound in the world.  We can’t get enough of it.

Sleeping – Hmm, kind of a rough topic right now.  She’s too big for her Rock n Play sleeper so we’re trying to get her in the crib full-time.  She’s not on board and is reminding us sometimes hourly during the night.  We’re trying a crib wedge tonight to help her feel cozier in the crib.  Ask us at about 3 am how it works.  Moms, any suggestions, please let us know!

Some funny things this month –  If you want to find all that Kenzie has done during a day, just follow the trail of socks.  She loves to be barefoot and won’t stop until her feet are sock-free.  She’s a determined little lady.  And, she is also starting to understand what we say (or so we think).  If she’s holding her glow worm and you ask her to Kiss the Baby, she’ll give a big slobbery wet kiss to the face of Chloe Glowie (our nickname for her).  Too cute!

We can’t believe it’s been almost half a year since she’s been in our world.  We are so fortunate to have such a little sweetie.  Here is a snapshot of her life as a five month old!

Hugs to all!

Makenzie 5 months


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