Picture(s) of the Week *Cousin Love*

Life has been crazy for the past 10 days, but we were able to sneak away to Ohio this past weekend and meet sweet Baby Boy Jack!  He is GORGEOUS and so incredibly snuggly.  He is also a really good baby.  He loves to sleep and he barely made a peep while we were there.

3_23 Snuggly Jack

So cute, and barely bigger than the stuffed animal!

It was great to meet Mr. Jack and it was really fun to see the three cousins together.   I can only imagine the fun they’ll have as they grow up together… and the trouble they’ll get into.  Yikes!

Check it out:

3_23 Cousins kissing Jack

Big brother kissing little brother — sweet!

3_23 Cousins Jack taking cover

Happy cousins — cute!

3_23 Cousins Kenz hitting Jack

Uh oh, Kenzie starts instigating and takes a swipe at sweet little Jack — Trouble!

3_23 Cousins Jack arms up

Hm, Jack seems to sense the impending trouble and takes cover…

3_23 Cousins action shot

And then Big Bro swoops in for the hug/body slam.

 Yikes!!   End shoot!

It was Norman Rockwell turned Honey Boo Boo.


But aside from the humorous cousin photo shoot, we did manage to get a great picture of my parents with their 3 grandkids.  So sweet!

3_23 Nana Papa with grandkids

Nana & Papa surrounded by the loves of their lives

So there you have it, a quick recap of our wonderful little trip to the Buckeye State.

Have a good week and a great Easter!  I’m hoping the bunny brings me a few free minutes here or there to grab the laptop and finish up some posts soon.


Thanks for taking time to McBlog with us!

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  1. melissabix says:

    great pics 🙂 i am hoping the easter bunny gives me a few minutes too 😉 love you and those cute kiddos!! we will be in trouble soon!

  2. “It was Norman Rockwell turned Honey Boo Boo.”

    Haha! I needed that laugh. Love all those cute littles.

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