How having a baby saved my golf game

It turns out that having a baby can save your golf game.  Yep, true story.  They don’t mention this tip in Golf Digest, and there’s not a product infomercial for this, but it can happen.

First let’s venture back to the pre-Makenzie days.  Denny and I used to golf pretty regularly.  We’d hit up the golf dome in the winter and head to the course at least a few times each month in the summer.  I had fun with Denny but my relationship with golf was questionable.  I would lose golf balls, I would lose my patience, and sometimes I would lose my interest in the game altogether.

Golf and I were frenemies in every sense of the word.  Think Kanye and Taylor Swift; think Paris and Nicole; think Erin and golf.

Then sweet Makenzie arrived.  Gone were the days of spontaneously jumping in the car and heading to the driving range.  Gone were the days of 18 holes on lazy Sunday mornings.  Gone were the days of focusing time and energy on our hobbies.  Obviously we’re crazy about our little munchkin but lately we’ve barely had energy to walk 52 yards to bed let alone to walk 5,200 yards on a golf course.

But last weekend Denny’s parents kindly volunteered to watch  Kenzie girl so that we could head out and golf and we took them up on the offer.    The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing and Denny and I had four wonderful hours together.  It was GLORIOUS!!  In fact it was so glorious that I didn’t care if I lost a ball, or lost the game.  I was just glad to have a little us time.  And it turns out that not caring is really a good way to play golf.  I played like a champ and almost made it to the double digits.  Score!!!

It’s been a really good year.  I’ve gained a daughter.  I’ve gained a new appreciation for four hours of undisturbed quiet time with my husband.  I’ve gained a few less strokes on my golf score card.  And I’ve gained a BFF in golf!

Who knows, maybe Paris and Nicole will make up again someday too.

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