Dear Makenzie – a little tale about Lysol and Love

Dear Makenzie,

I have a little story I thought you might someday enjoy…  it reminds me of someone I know.



Once upon a time, there was a little house with red shutters.  In that little house with red shutters lived a (relatively) happy (but not annoyingly happy– what do you think this is, a fairytale?) husband & wife, and a cute kitty.  The happy wife was what some people would call “type-A” and kept a very organized and really clean house.  She liked Lysol, Windex and Pledge and she disliked messes.  She was happiest when everything in the home was in its appropriate place.

When the  happy husband & wife found out they would be parents, they spent months and months making sure the house was perfect for their new arrival.  After months and months of preparing a beautiful, sweet baby girl was born.  Everyone was happy (but not annoyingly happy, c’mon they were totally sleep deprived and completely unsure of what they were doing).

Then something happened… the beautiful, sweet baby girl turned into a beautiful, sweet baby girl who crawled.  She crawled all over and made huge messes.  She dumped out blocks, pulled down books, poured out sippy cups, opened up toy chests and turned the little house with red shutters into a complete mess.  She did it every day like clockwork, and she did it all day with an adorable grin.

The happy wife who once panicked at the site of a mess was slowly realizing something.  She loved her beautiful, sweet baby girl who crawled.  In fact she loved her beautiful, sweet baby girl that crawled SO much that her heart overflowed with happiness more than she ever thought possible.

And the once type-A happy wife that kept a neat & tidy home realized it was tons of fun to make messes, especially when in the company of that cute little crawler.  So the once type-A happy wife joined forces with the cute little crawler and together they played and giggled and turned the house into a mess.  Rather than filling her lungs with Lysol, the happy wife (and now happy mom) filled her heart with love.

And the happy husband & wife were now a happy family, and together they realized that the best home isn’t one full of clean floors and organized spaces… the best homes are ones filled with messes made by those you love most.

And they lived (mostly) happily ever after (except when they had visitors and the happy husband & wife bickered with each other because the house was a mess — like I said before, this is reality, not a fairytale).

The End.



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The End.


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