Watch out World – Kenzie Girl is NINE Months!

Fun times this month!  Our Makenzie is now NINE Months!!

How did that happen?

7_4 parade flag baby

Going to her 1st parade on her 9-month Birthday! Happy Birthday America and Happy 9 months baby girl!!!

In some ways I feel like she was just born but in other ways I can’t remember what our lives were like without her.  She’s a lot of work, but the love we have for her is more than I ever imagined.  My hope is that we are giving her the best possible childhood while making sure we teach her to be a fun, appreciative, thoughtful, compassionate kiddo.  Seems like kind of a lofty goal considering that some days we can barely get her dressed and out the door but we keep trying.

 This months she’s been busy, here are the updates:

Eating:  The girl can eat, but our biggest worry is her recent obsession with cat food.  She hasn’t managed to get it into her mouth yet, but she’s getting quicker.  Yikes!

Learning & Exploring:  Watch out world!  Kenzie is coming your way… she’s a fast little crawler and is making her way through the world one room at a time.

Sleeping:  Still hit or miss.  Some weeks she’ll sleep all night, other weeks I think she drinks Red Bull at midnight.  Thank goodness for coffee!

Best Part of Being 9 Months:    Everything!   Here’s what she’s been doing…

7_18 9 months check up 2

Getting weighed at her 9-month check up.
She’s still a peanut, only 18 lbs, 5 oz (30th percentile)

6_8 swim grad

Graduating swim class!  She was top of the class – “Swimma Cum Laude”

6_13 sleepy girl

Loving her paci like its her job

6_15 shoping cart

Sitting in the shopping cart like a big girl

6_21 artwork

Crafting! Yes, this really is her work (thanks to the help of her teachers)

6_22 Mamaw pap 2

Visiting Mamaw and Pap pap

6_22 shades

Wearing shades AND using a sippy cup (multi-tasking at its finest)

6_23 connor kenz 1

Playing with cousin Connor

6_24 teething

Teething (super sad face) but her 2 lower teeth have finally arrived and they look extra cute

6_29 walking 1

Standing & practicing walking (check out those cute leggies)

6_30 swing 2

Riding in the swing, wheeee!

6_30 walk 1

Going for walks with toys AND puffs… talk about the good life!

7_4 9 months 2

We Love You from the very bottom of our hearts Makenzie Ruth! Thank you for bringing us so much happiness.
xoxo, Mom & Dad


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