Merry Christmas Baby!

(We’ve been relaxing and enjoying the holidays, hence the blog slacking.  I promise I’ll go back to my regular Thursday morning posting schedule next week.  Until then, pass the chocolate Santas!)

Dear Makenzie,

Christmas has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  It’s almost impossible to believe that we just celebrated our second Christmas with you… wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that we put you in your teeny tiny 1st Christmas outfit to meet Santa?

12_1 Kenzie with Santa 1

December 2012 – Our little Christmas baby meeting Santa for the first time

Christmas 2013 has been a wonderful!  Your dad and I are still on vacation, and all this extra time with you has been awesome – lots of sleeping in (if you count 7:30 as sleeping in), playing, reading and giggling .  You make life so much fun!

In case you don’t remember this Christmas I figured I’d write this post for you with some of the best parts of the holiday season.

:: Decorating ::

1 20131207_105646

You were really helpful this year in Decking the Halls!  Thanks Kenz! (Right after you helped hang these ornaments, you took most of them down and piled them in your wagon, but either way it was very cute.)

:: Meeting Santa! ::

1 20131208_131106

This December marked your second visit to Santa! You did great and you even waved to your Daddy and me as you told Santa what you wanted. You definitely made the Nice list. Way to go baby girl!

:: Enjoying the lights ::

1 20131215_182832

Here you are at the door checking out the neighborhood Christmas lights! I’m shocked by how grown up you have become.

Then our family holiday fun began on Christmas Eve with a drive to Ohio.  I’ll let the pictures tell the rest…

1 20131224_145756

You were snug as a bug as we cruised along route 90 to Ohio.

1 20131224_184809

You tolerated a few pictures as we dressed you up as Kenzie Claus. Daddy sure loves you!

1 20131224_205618

Here you are getting ready for a Christmas Eve sleep as Nana reads you and Ryan a bedtime story.

1 20131225_073548

Visions of sugarplums dancing in your head…

And finally, it was Christmas morning!!!

1 20131225_081501

Ryan found the first gift of the year, his new train! All Aboard!

1 20131225_083347

The morning was a blur of wrapping paper. You, and your cousins Ryan and Jack must have been good this year.  Santa brought you lots of cool toys.

1 20131225_090503

Jack Jack enjoyed his 1st Christmas along with Auntie Melissa!

1 20131225_104040

Your new trike and matching helmet (in your reindeer-footie jammies).  You melt our hearts. 🙂

After a few days we headed to Pittsburgh for a very McGee Christmas!

1 20131226_120825

Cousin Connor was excited to see you!

1 20131226_123228

Auntie Meg checked out the 2014 calendar with you.

1 20131226_153542

Your Mamaw and Pappap bought you your very FIRST car this Christmas! It’s a super cute VW Beetle. We can’t wait to see you cruise down the street in it!

1 20131226_192204

Your friend Charlotte loved your car too!

1 20131226_181341

And there was more bedtime story fun waiting for you!

1 20131226_183223

And it wouldn’t be a Christmas without the official cousin shot. It turned out very cute this year!

Another great Christmas in the books!

Makenzie, you make the holidays SO much fun.  Your Dad and I count our lucky stars every day for healthy, happy you!!  Merry Christmas Baby, you’re the best gift ever.   We can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!

Love you to the moon and back,




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