Lucky Charms and an awesome Friday

::  Today was very blog-worthy.

It was nothing momentous but everything wonderful about being a Mom.  ::

Long before Makenzie, long before Denny and long before I knew much about anything, I knew I wanted to be a Mom.  In fact I spent my entire life dreaming about it and practicing my Mom skills with every Cabbage Patch Kid in Trumbull County, Ohio.  In my dreams I envisioned rocking and singing lullabies, chatting and giggling in the car, exploring and visiting fun places, and living every moment in bliss.

Then I became a mom, and the bliss lasted about half a day.  To be precise it lasted 5 hours until I tried to breastfeed and I realized this whole Mom thing was wayyyy harder then I envisioned in my dreams.  Cue reality.

I think I’m getting better each day, but balancing being a mom, wife, employee, sister, friend, housekeeper, chef, birthday gift getter,  bill payer, thank you note writer, blogger, and everything else is not an easy feat.

But today was different.  Today I took a vacation day (thankfully I have an incredibly supportive workplace that allows this).  And today I threw responsibility out the window.  Today I woke up and cuddled with Makenzie.  Today I went outside at 7:50 am simply because Kenzie wanted to.  Today I did a whole bunch of fun things just because they’re fun.  Today was a great, incredibly awesome, memorable, very fun day.

Makenzie and I had a blast.  We ate Lucky Charms.  We waved at neighborhood puppies.  We cruised around in the Cozy Coupe.  We left the dishes in the sink (well at least until nap time).  We walked around Target… yes, we ditched the cart and we both walked because Kenzie wanted to.  We jumped on the trampoline at Rolly Pollies.  We sang songs in the car.  We ignored the time.  We ate at McDonald’s and fed each other french fries.  We (well I) didn’t beat myself up for forgetting a bib.  We came home and left our shoes by the door.  We read books.  We had a picnic.  We had one of the best days I can remember in a long time.

We didn’t do much, but at the same time we did everything that matters.

Today life was good and simple and fun.  In fact it was better than the dreams I envisioned because it actually happened.  And I’m not sure Makenzie will remember this day but I’ll never forget it.

And Kenzie girl, if you read this someday, thank you for the fun today.  I hope you know just how much I love being your mom.  It rocks!  Let’s do this again soon.  xoxo, Mom



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