Happy Easter!

It’s been a fun few weeks of visiting & visitors!

Makenzie can’t get enough of the warm weather.  She is constantly bringing us our shoes and coats so that we can go “Out, out!”  It’s going to be a fun summer!

Our girl is finishing up her nap and I have a feeling we’ll be heading back out into the sunshine soon.  But, I’ll let some pictures fill you in on our recent fun…


This girl is getting so big and she’s so happy for spring.


We’ve been visiting all the local playgrounds. Kenzie is fearless and even likes to go down the slide headfirst. I’m terrified!


A few weekends ago we had a chance to go to Erie to meet up with our favorite cousins. Ryan, Kenzie and Jack are triple trouble.


Nana and Papa visited last weekend and Makenzie loved spending time with them.


We headed to the mall for Makenzie’s 1st visit with the Easter Bunny.  Here she is all dressed up & ready to go…


Unfortunately, Makenzie didn’t love anything about the Bunny. She preferred to stay in the safety of Nana’s arms. Here she is pointing to the Bunny saying, “No, no!.” Maybe next year.


At least the Easter egg hunt was a success. Kenzie did great and loved eating the snacks inside the eggs.


In addition to some fun weekends, I took advantage of a few vacation days and we had some Kenzie/Mommy days.  We went to our 1st music class with friends on Thursday!


Then we jumped in the car for a quick trip to see the McGees.  Kenzie and Mamaw spent time being silly with bubbles!


Connor jumped in on the fun and got crazy with bubbles too!


Thanks to Connor, Kenzie found all the Easter eggs during her 2nd Easter egg hunt of the season.


And what’s an Easter without a trip on the choo choo at the zoo? Makenzie liked the animals but the train was without a doubt the biggest hit of the zoo.



And luckily the Bunny didn’t take offense to the meltdown Makenzie had at the mall when she met him and he visited her anyway.

We hope your Easter celebrations have been just as fun.

Love from the McGees!


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