You say Potato, I say Aww yeah!

I. am. obsessed. with. potatoes!

Lately I can’t stop thinking about them – taters, au gratin, home fries, chips… you name it.  It all started at a 4th of July picnic.  One of the side dishes was a cheesy potato casserole and I have since been obsessed.  I can barely play with Makenzie’s Mr. Potato Head without drooling.  Talk about pregnancy cravings gone wild!

Mr. Potato Head, Get in my belly!

Mr. Potato Head, Get in my belly!

When I was pregnant with Kenzie I was much more interested in sweet foods, so does this mean boy?!  Maybe?  That’s at least what the old wives’ tale says.  Perhaps it means my kid will someday move to Idaho?  Unlikely.  Or maybe it just means that I have a thing for carbs.

What were your pregnancy cravings and did they end up meaning anything or are they a bunch of silly fallacies made up by moms-to-be looking to make sense of their need for munchies?


Six weeks to go but the wait is killer!


As for the million dollar question of a Sister or a little Mister?!?  The countdown to find out is on!  We’re going to open this hot little envelope which is currently sitting on top of our mantle when our friends and families are with us at Makenzie’s 2nd Birthday party.  Hooray!

And for those of you that can make the festivities, get out your stretchy-waisted pants and bacon bits.  We’ll be eating spuds all night long!

Potato love & mine,

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