Bumpdate – Thirty, flirty & thriving!

Thirty weeks… Whoa!!
Thank you Jennifer Garner for the brilliance of ’13 Going on 30′ to help me come up with a crafty little blog title… but I don’t exactly fit that description.


Does this blogger lady think she’s flirty and thriving?!?  Not even close.

More like:
Thirty, burpy and waddling?
Or perhaps
Thirty, sleepy and swelling?

You get the point.  Somehow we’ve reached the 75% mark with this pregnancy.  I have been terrible with bumpdates, so now is a great time to share about this little guy who is close to joining our family:


Nursery – It’s going to be a golf/sports theme and it’s in process. And by in process I mean that I put a few hangers in the closet.  All we need to do now is remove the current furniture, add a crib, add a dresser, fill the closet with some blue clothes, figure out some wall decorations, and a add sweet baby boy.  Bam, Easy peasy!

Names – The name game is as far along as the nursery.  But even if we had a name we want to meet him first and make sure he likes it. We try to be considerate parents.

Big Sis – Makenzie is already gearing up to be my little helper!  She loves rubbing my belly while yelling Hi Baby.  And she loves reading the I’m a Big Sister book every night before bed too. We think that’s a good sign!

How I’m feeling – Overall good.  We’re getting really excited to meet this sweet boy!   This pregnancy is a much harder pregnancy than with Makenzie but I think it’s because we’re busy with an active Big Sis to be.   The little guy is kicking a lot and moving around like a little wild man. Our biggest concern right now is that I have a partial previa. I’m trying to take it easy to avoid the terrifying word of bedrest, but it’s challenging to do with a busy little girl.  There’s still time for this to correct itself, otherwise we’ll be headed for a c-section around 39 weeks. We’ll be fine however he arrives as long as he stays healthy.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed!


Denny and I aren’t sure how we’ve arrived at the 30 week mark, but we’re really excited to meet our son!  The next ten weeks include a huge To Do List along with the fun of the holidays but luckily we work well under pressure.  The countdown is on to meet Daddy’s little caddy.  Game on!

daddys golf buddy


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