Double Digits – Littlest M at 10 and 11 months

In just 2 days my brand new baby boy will turn ONE!  Whoa, that means he is no longer a brand new baby (insert sobs here).  I have no idea how that happened but we are excited about the chance to celebrate our favorite little guy!


Didn’t this just happen?!?

But before we celebrate 12 months, we need to celebrate months 10 & 11.  Here are the past two crazy months in a quick little blog post:


10 Months

Mitchell has been busy:

::  Growing, learning, babbling, smiling & melting hearts ::

November 2015 – Check out this sweet little boy. I can’t get enough of him!


::  Wiggling, jumping & dodging the camera ::

High roller in his fancy (stick-on) tie

Strike a pose!

This is the point when I gave up on trying to get cute smiling photos and I just let him jump.  Check out that cute little bum.


::  Celebrating the holidays  ::

Baby’s 1st Thanksgiving & Baby’s 1st Christmas!  It was fun having such an energetic little guy making the season bright.

On our way to the Polar Express.  PJ’s, hot chocolate and lots of family fun… we will definitely make this a tradition.


Meeting the Big Man!


::  Baby’s 1st Haircut  ::

We will categorize this as slightly traumatizing.

But he came out smiling! What a stud.


::  Partying like a frat boy  ::

This kiddo of ours still continues to wake up before the roosters.  He is often up & playing by 4:30am.  Coffee please!

Waaaaake up Mom!!!!!

And 11 Months

Mitchell filled the last month before turning One with tons of activity:

::  More Pictures  ::


I couldn’t imagine wrangling him into a onesie to try and get pictures so I just put the sticker on his crib and called it a day.


::  Hanging with Family  ::

We were so lucky to see so many people we love over the holidays.


Great Grandma & Grandpa!


::  Playing, Climbing & Having Fun  ::

Our little boy is climbing everywhere and he is full of energy.  Mitchell is completely fearless and he doesn’t think twice about diving head first into anything and everything.    He is getting closer to walking every day and we know he will be running shortly.  Now that he is more independent he loves to try and keep up with his Big Sister!

Checking out the new fun zone at the mall. A huge hit with both kiddos.


Santa brought a bounce house! He loves jumping in it with Kenzie. These two are inseparable.


And now it is almost time to party!!  We are just a few days away from Mitchell’s Winter ONEderland!  We’re doing a small party to Celebrate this adorable, giggly, wild, blue-eyed boy of ours.

We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.  Happy Birthday Mitchell!!  We Love You to the Moon & Back.


Let them be Little… tales about my growing Littles!

let them be little cause theyre only that way

Let them be little, they say…

but how is that possible, I ask… when they keep growing, growing, growing!


I’m behind with the updates (again), but my babes keep growing.

In October, my girl turned three!


Makenzie Ruth – I could squeeze her all day!

::  In just one year she became a dancer, a non-stop talker and a big sister.  Here are some little things about her I hope I never forget  ::

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite food: Pasta, pizza & candy

Favorite book:  Pigs in Hiding (which was mine when I was a kid) and Carl’s Birthday (she pretends she is the little girl in it)

Favorite Things to do:  Color, play hide & seek, visit the neighbors & play with her dress-up clothes.

Famous Quotes:  “Mommy, I wanna hold your hand… forever!”  Talk about melt your heart moments.

    “Ohh yeah, that’s a great idea!” when you suggest pretty much anything fun to her  🙂

    Nana: “I love you to pieces, Makenzie.”  Kenz: “But Nana, I’m not a puzzle!”

Favorite toys: Hungry Hungry hippo, puzzles and Tubes (aka Youtube when she is allowed to play with our phones)

Favorite movies:  Mary Poppins & Annie

When she grows up:   She said she wants to be a doctor, just like Doc McStuffins

Best friends:  Mitchell!  And Kenz definitely thinks that she is one of the big girls and her other best friends are the Signal Drive girls.  They are just so sweet to her!

Kenz and ‘Liva’! I love these two.

Party time:  We had a fun little party for her at her dance studio (DanSations Rocks!).  It was a great time and a perfect reason to give tutus to all!



Make a Wish Makenzie Ruth!



Me on my 3rd Birthday in the mid 80’s! (Thanks to my mom for bringing this to the celebration)



She thought it was funny to see me this young.



Family photo fun



Group hug!


Listening to the awesome Miss Liza


Love my tiny tapper. 🙂

What this year will bring:  On the night Kenz turned three we asked her what she wanted to do this year.  You’re never too young to make a strategic plan!  She was very thoughtful and her list included… eat popcorn at night, ride a train, fly in a plane, help Mitchell to walk & teach him tricks (aka somersaults), meet Ariel & turn into a mermaid, poop on the potty (let’s hope this happens before she’s 30), and count to 100, just to name a few.


“This one Mommy!”


We’re a month in and we’ve already achieved some of these, score!

Makenzie is definitely a first born.  She is confident, independent and she loves to be silly & have fun.  She is incredibly maternal to Mitchell and she is so full of love.  She is a rule follower, a thoughtful little soul & the sweetest little girl we could have ever imagined.

We can’t wait to see what this year brings!


And our Littlest M is now 9 Months and getting very close to 10 Months!

He is a busy & adorable little boy.

Favorite things to do:  Crawling, climbing, clapping (his newest trick!), saying Dada, and playing with Kenz.

Medical update:  We finally have clarity.  We know the involuntary breath holding will continue for potentially 7 more years, but we also know the stomach challenges are related to reflux.  Our pediatrician has been incredible and we will (hopefully) not have to go through any more tests.

Foods:  He finally enjoys eating.  His favorite foods are oatmeal and puffs.


Drummer boy.

9-month photo shoot

A blur! This boy is soooo busy! This sums up his activity level.


Mr. Giggles. 🙂

And more activity & giggles.



M&M sure make our lives complete.  They make life crazy, exhausting & more fun that we could ever imagine.

My home is filled with toys, has fingerprints on everything and is never quiet. My hair is usually a mess and I'm always tired, but there is always love and laughter. In 20 years my children won't remember the house or my hair, but they will remember the time we spent together and the love they felt. ♥ We've got so many more fantastic parenthood quotes on Joy of Mom - drop by and visit us! ♥ #parenthood #quote #kids #children #love #joyofmom:


Seven Months!

Seven Months of this sweet face!  Ohh, he sure melts my heart.




On the Eve Eve of my son turning Eight Months it is time I finish up his Seven month post.  #SecondKidProblems   This is how my favorite little guy fills his time:

::  Crawling… everywhere!  ::

He is well ahead of where Makenzie was at this age.  There’s no doubt that he does not want to miss out on a minute of fun with Big Sis.


It is impossible to keep this kid still to change his diapers. We have had poop smear in more places than I’d like to admit, eek!

Standing & Scooting  ::


7 month bum!

“Look at me standing, Mom!”

Making messes…


Babyproof means nothing to this kid. He is all boy!

FaceTiming Elmo…

Best. app. ever!

::  And hanging with Big Sis!  ::

I hope these two continue to be this close in the future. Makenzie is his little mommy!


Mitchell Dennis adds so much to our family!  He is still waking up long before the roosters but he gets away with it because of those blue eyes and that cute giggle.

On a serious note, this month brings a new set of nervousness because he continues to have breath holding/pass out spells.  They seem to be harmless but we need to take him for some tests to be sure.  Thank you to everyone who has been asking about this.  Fingers crossed everything comes back normal.

It’s hard to believe that we are getting to his very 1st Holidays and then his 1st Birthday.  We’re thinking of making it a Mitch-a-palooza theme.  Free juice & Live music… totally appropriate right?  I can see the Pinterest board now.

Or maybe we will just go with an Elmo theme.


Mom of the Year

Five Months, Six Months and Counting…

Mitchell Dennis, you are just growing so fast!

You are my littlest Love.  You are six months old already, and quickly approaching seven months old. Happy half Birthday to you sweet boy!!  Oh my, how fast time flies.  Didn’t we just bring you home from the hospital?


Wasn’t this last week?

You are growing so fast and quickly turning into a little boy. In case you someday don’t remember this phase in your life, I’ll fill you in on it.  (And to be honest I never finished your five month blog post so let’s step back a bit.)


::  Transitions  ::

From four to five months you so much changed.  You grew out of your swaddles and started sleeping in your crib every night.  You now love to snuggle up on your belly with your butt up in the air, but despite our best efforts to bribe you to sleep through the night, you just don’t want to do it.  Lots of coffee?  You bet!

Then from five months to six months even more changed.  You can now (almost) sit up, you can scoot, and just this week you started crawling.  Go little buddy, go!

::  Getting More and More Handsome  ::

I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this one.


June 15, 2015 – 5 Months old!


Such an adorable little bum.



My little stinker


July 15, 2015 – 6 months and a new haircut


Those chubby leggies!

::  Eating  ::

You are getting closer and closer to participating in family pizza night, but until then, you’re loving all your baby foods.  Sometimes your big sis even helps you eat.


“Mitchell, here comes the big  choo choo!” -Big sis

::  Adventures  ::

Mitchell, your baby resume is chalked full of experiences.  By the time your sister was 6-months old we barely unpacked her from the hospital, but that’s not the case with you.  In the past few months we’ve done everything from road trips to helicopters rides (kiddie park style of course) and a hundred things in between.


Getting baptized. Given his screams during almost the entire process, I’m going to chalk this up as an adventure. Denny and I were sweaty messes, but our wonderful Pastor Debi didn’t seem to mind one bit.


Grocery shopping trips!  Next stop, baby food aisle.  Hold on tight little guy!


Helicopter rides at the kiddie park.


Ohio road trips to hang with his big cousins.


Barefoot rides on the swing.


Erie Museum visits to see his other cousins.  (Please disregard what looks like a baby toupee, even tots have bad hair days)


Mamaw snuggles in between exploring time at the museum.


And a very special meeting of your Great Grandparents. They loved you Mitchell!

A day trip to the new Outer Harbor playground where you showed off your daredevil skills!

::  Lots of giggles, snuggles and baby fun  ::

Mitchell, aside from your car seat (which you seem to despise), you are such a content baby!  You are a pretty laid back little guy, which is shocking considering your parents.  Maybe it’s the whole second kid effect?  Check out all these good times!

Little M and Littlest M sharing some after nap snuggles.


4th of July giggles. You are a blast buddy.


And some bath time giggles.


Blue-eyed stud!

::  Pirate party  ::

Littlest M,what six-month old wouldn’t feel complete with a visit to a pirate party?!   Thanks to your Nana, you got to hang out with the big kids while you enjoyed Jake & the Neverland Pirate fun.

Shiver me timbers!


MitchMan, You daddy and I could not imagine our world without your big grins and constant attempts to keep up with Big Sis.  We have some fun surprises in store for your next six months and beyond.  Stay tuned!




Four months!!

My buddy is getting so big!   Honestly, didn’t Denny and I just announce that we were expecting him?

Here is our adorable & lovable Mitchell Dennis at 4 months.  And don’t blink, you will miss so much (he will literally be 5 months in about 72 hours).  This just goes to show you how behind I am with these posts.

We love this smiley little face and his giggle is the cutest sound in the world.


::  Growing!  ::

At his four month visit we saw just how much he had grown in a month.

Weight:  12 lb, 7 oz at 3 months to 14 lb, 5 oz at 4 months (42nd percentile)

Height:  23″ inches at 3 months to 25.5″ at 4 months (73rd percentile)

Head circumference:  42.2 cm at 3 months to 44 centimeters at 4 months (89th percentile and a reason I say, Whoa, thank goodness I had a C-section)

“Mom, it’s a little chilly on here… can you hurry up with the pictures?”


::  Rolling!  ::

This little guy can now roll both ways and he loves to spend his days propped up on his elbows and watching the world around him.

Given his new mobility we’re trying to take away the swaddle and Mitch is certainly not a fan as he reminds us every few hours at night, but we will get him out of that swaddle and sleeping through the night again soon (or so we hope).

A new view on life


::  Trying new foods  ::

Now that our little guy is four months he has been allowed to try rice cereal.  See below to see his thoughts on this new cuisine.  Hopefully he will like food with flavor more.

Not a fan


::  Being cute  ::

The irony is that I type this in the midst of some painful sleep training sessions but despite the cries he brings so much happiness to our family and we love him to pieces.  He rocks his Bobcat gear (thanks Auntie Sara) and we just know he will be a little stud on the OU campus someday.

Handsome little man of ours.


We can’t wait to see what the next months bring!

(On a side note, we tried the cry it out method for 50 minutes as I wrote this and there was no final ‘drift off to sleep/parents exchange high fives’ moment… instead we caved and gave our screaming baby a bottle.  We suck.  We can’t remember how we handled this with Kenz and we are feeling mighty clueless right now.  Any tips are appreciated!)


Getting so big

These sweet kiddos of ours are growing up!  There’s no doubt that having a toddler and an infant comes with its share of struggles but there’s also no doubt that it goes quickly.  So, so quickly.


In the blink of an eye Mitchell is 3 months old and Makenzie is 2 1/2 years old.  Here is what they have been up to lately.

  ::  Mitchell Dennis – Three Months Old  ::

That smile.

Our little Mitch Man isn’t so little anymore.  He’s quickly growing into 6 month outfits.  He is very ticklish and giggles non-stop when you kiss his face, belly and leggies.  He loves sitting in his Bumbo chair to check out the world.

This month he started sleeping in his crib and he sometimes sleeps through the night (yes!).  He is slowly losing his thick head of newborn hair and we’re guessing it will come back in a light blond hair like Kenz.  The babes are going to go nuts if he re-emerges this summer as a blondie!


Now that I’m back to work, Littlest M is spending 4 days a week with Big Sis at the wonderful Miss Becky’s house, and he is doing great there.  I miss him like crazy but seeing his big grin at the end of the day makes it all better.

Daddy’s happy camper       🙂


 ::  Makenzie Ruth – 2 1/2 years old  ::

On April 4th our girl was officially 2 1/2 years old.  A week later we headed to the doctor’s office and she rocked her check-up.  Dr. Pepe is very pleased with her confidence and vocabulary.   And Kenz was very excited to sit on the table and wear the fishy cape aka gown.

Makenzie is a very busy little lady.  She loves to dance, sing, read and play outside.  Her favorite song is Shake it Off and she is not afraid to run around the house dancing to it.  In just a few weeks she has her first dance recital!

Ready for dance class.


Picture day… Pretty in Pink!

Some of her other favorite things are:

Color – purple

Food – Pizza and fruit snacks

Drink – Apple juice

Toy – Mommy’s iPhone (of course)

Movie – Frozen

Chore – Emptying the dishwasher

Indoor activities – Play-doh and coloring

Outdoor activities – Riding her trike and her Power Wheels VW Bug


We love these kiddos to the moon and back and we’re doing our best each day to savor these moments of having a houseful of babies.  We can’t wait for summer to take our Little M and Littlest M into the sunshine!

Stay tuned, it’s going to be another fun season of life.

Two months!

Hey world,

What’s up?  Littlest M here aka Mitch Man.  Now that I’m two months old I figured it’s time I pull my weight around here and blog.  My sister aka Makenzie the Overachiever posted her first post at only 10 days old – check it out – so I sacrificed my fifth nap of the day to make this happen.

Can you believe I’m two months old!?  Me neither.  So far I’m liking this thing called life.

This month has been busy.  I’ve been eating a lot.  I like my bottles in the morning, afternoon, evening and all during the middle of the night.  Mom always tells me that it’s a good thing I’m so cute because I like to wake her up often.  But can you blame me?  I’m just a guy trying to bulk up so I can impress my buddies at Rollie Pollies.

Which way to the gym?


I’ve been out and about exploring the world.  Mom keeps Kenz and I really busy checking out lots of fun places.  Then we get home and take long naps.

The Science Museum was really cool and I even got to ride around in the front pack! Then I settled in to watch some ESPN and the next thing I knew I was sleeping. Oops.

I just can’t keep my eyes open some days.

Mom and Dad took me out to see the neighborhood this month too! Seems like a cool place to call home. But what’s up with this powder blue bear suit?!? What will the ladies think?

And my newest trick is that I can smile and giggle.  You should see all the crazy things my parents do to make me giggle.  They are so embarrassing!

Mom and Dad were being crazy and I couldn’t stop giggling. Good thing I’m still in diapers.

 My big sis, Kenzie has been busy this month too.  She finally figured out how to ride her trike.  How cool is she?!?

She told me that she’ll give me a ride to the toy store later this week when Mom and Dad are sleeping.  She’s the coolest.

See you next month!

MM (aka Mitch Man


99 Problems but a Mitch ain’t one

If you’re having baby problems I feel bad for you friends, I got 99 problems but a Mitch ain’t one.

Just kidding. I do not have 99 problems but my hidden rapstar couldn’t resist a little Jay-Z action in this blog post.   Snazzy, right?

On a serious note, little M is such a good baby and he is ONE MONTH old!

It’s hard to believe that Denny and I have been a family of four for a whopping six weeks now!  It can sometimes be chaotic but these two make life really fun.


Besties.  How did we get so lucky?!?


I’m hoping to keep up with Mitchell’s month by month posts like I did for Makenzie so here goes:

 ::  Mitchell Dennis – One Month Old  ::

 Check out this little guy!


One month on February 15th

He rocked his one month check-up!  Weighing in at a whopping ten pounds… Mitch “Adorable legs and awesome hair” McGee!


Watch out ladies, here I come!

 His personality is very sweet and mellow.  He sleeps so much that one of our friends call him a Buy now, pay later baby because we may pay for his laid back personality someday in his teenage years when we have to drag him out of bed.

He has been smiling and making adorable cooing noises.  He often makes noises that sound like a dolphin which has earned him the nickname Dan Marino.

So far doesn’t seem to mind the chaos around him that Big Sis creates.  We often remind Makenzie to be gentle but he sleeps through her frequent hugs, kisses and snuggles that she gives him.  We can’t wait to see their relationship develop as they grow.


Little M is doing great at night and sometimes sleeps 6-7 hours.  As much as I can’t wait for a solid night of sleep I’m enjoying the quiet time with him in the wee hours of the morning.

As for daytime, our little guy has been hosting play dates and venturing out and about around town but he usually sleeps right through it all.  He is now booking appointments for March for those interested with hanging out with him.  You can call his mom/secretary for available time slots.


Dressing him in outfits that have ears now because we know he’ll probably put a stop to it by high school.


He melts my heart.



 ::  Makenzie Ruth – 28 months old  ::

 Since I’m working on Mitchell’s update here are a few updates about Big Sis Kenz.

She’s officially Frozen obsessed!  She loves everything about the movie and carries her Anna and Elsa figurines with her everywhere she goes.  She even met Anna and Elsa a few weeks ago.  Awesome!


She cracks us up with her silly personality all the time!  She likes to play pretend shopping and often goes to Target and Tim Hortons with her purse and babies.


Purse and sunglasses needed during her shopping trip in the playroom.

Makenzie has turned the tables and now puts us to bed.  After we read her nightly book she goes to Mitchell’s room, kisses him and shuts his door.  Then she comes to our room.  Denny and I both have to be under blankets before she tells us good night and shuts our door.  Her final stop is her room.  She shuts her door and the climbs into bed.  If she has a toy cell phone, she occasionally makes some calls and then finally goes to bed.  Hilarious!

She continues to be a really loving big sister.  Every morning she runs into Mitchell’s room and says, “Missed you Mitchell, love you Mitchell!”


It’s fun to tap your brother’s head.

 M&M keep life fun, crazy and full of great moments.  Stay tuned as they continue to grow!









Makenzie just turned TWO (well it’s more like 4 weeks ago) but yet it feels like she is more independent than ever.  In the past few weeks she’s been talking more, helping more and reminding us how quickly she is growing up!

But I just couldn’t miss this chance to do a recap of how much has happened in 12 (okay 13) months since she had her last Birthday cake.

1 DSCN1700

Where did the time go?   October 2013 – Happy 1st Birthday Makenzie! She looks like such a baby.

I’m doing this partly because the blog is as close as my kiddos will get to a baby book, but mostly because time goes so quickly that I feel like it is important to document each passing milestone. This year has mostly good, some not-so-good, but all filled with our best intentions to have fun as a family.

With a little help from one of my favorite apps, I pulled a dozen of my favorite pictures.  We’ll call this post the InstaYear!


October 2013

::  Birthday fun :: Running everywhere!  :: Final days of warm weather & playing outside ::  Peanut allergy   ::  Pumpkin picking  ::  Happy & healthy one-year check up and weighing 21 pounds  ::  Trick-or-treating as a little bumblebee ::



Getting ready to buzzzzz around the neighborhood

November 2013

::  First classes at Rolly Pollies  ::  First visit to ER for a bump on head  ::  First UGG boots (knock-offs of course)  ::  Turkey Day spent in Pittsburgh feeling thankful for fun cousins, awesome grandparents, semi-cool parents & a happy life  ::  Favorite toys include legos & the iPad  ::  First trip to Light up Lancaster  ::


Makenzie & Cousin Connor!

December 2013

::  First haircut  ::  New found love for running around the house naked  ::  2nd visit to meet Santa Claus  ::  Mommy’s little helper for everything Christmas – decorating, shopping & making treats  ::  A Christmas morning spent with Ryan & Jack (Santa listened when we reminded him we would be in Ohio)  ::  A new trike from Santa  ::  Baby’s first shopping cart from Nana & Papa  ::  A new battery-powered car from Mamaw & PapPap  ::  A rockin’ New Year’s Eve spent on Signal Drive (until about 8:15)  ::  Welcome 2014!  ::


Being a good girl for Santa

January 2014

::  First snow day  ::  Frst trip down big slide at Rollie Pollies by herself  ::  Favorite game includes riding on Daddy’s shoulders and running around family room  ::  Found her belly button  ::  A new love of coloring  ::  Lots of fun play dates  ::


Snow Day hide & seek

February 2014

::  Favorite places include the Erie Kid’s Museum and Explore & More Museum in Buffalo  ::  Winter sickness strikes  ::  First dentist trip & first meltdown at a dentist’s office  ::  First trip to airport to greet Daddy after his week away  ::  New pink shoes & pink sippy cup from the Valentine Fairy  ::  Favorite foods are chili and ice cream (not together)  ::


When dads away, the girls will play!

March 2014

::  Discovered a love of bathtime bubbles  ::  Favorite book is ShoeLaLa  ::  Another snow day, which included an indoor picnic  ::  A trip to Ohio to celebrate cousin Jack’s 1st Birthday  ::  A trip to Frank’s Bar for St. Patty’s Day (don’t worry she drank O’Doul’s)  ::


Belly up to the bar for some green drinks on St. Patty’s Day!

April 2014

::  First music class  ::  A terrifying trip to see the Easter Bunny  ::  A not so scary Easter morning  ::  Lots of Easter egg hunts  ::  First zoo trip for the season  ::  A new found obsession with the Chicken Dance, which has continued to this day  ::  Happiness with the warm weather  :: A love of outside bubbles  ::  Enough hair for pigtails  ::


Loving the Easter egg hunt

May 2014

::  Big news on Mother’s Day weekend… Big Sis!!  ::  Trip to Ohio to celebrate cousin Ryan’s 3rd Birthday  ::  A fun Memorial Day weekend in Canada  ::  Awesome neighborhood picnic  ::  Favorite activity includes riding the swings at the playground  ::


Makenzie & Ryan checking out the ducks while in Canada

June 2014

::  Swim time in the neighbor’s pool  ::  Lots of trips to the playground and loving the swings  ::  Roadtrip to PA  ::  Favorite food is guacamole  ::  First trip around the block on her trike (with help from Dad)  ::  Loves chalk  ::


Summer baby

July 2014

::  Waving the flag to say Happy Birthday America!  ::  Loving the beep beep cars at Fantasy Island  ::  Trip to Strong Museum of Play ::  Helper for Auntie Sara at her baby shower  ::  Loves the iPad and all technology  ::  Officially told the world that she’s going to be a Big Sis  ::


Proud little American

August 2014

::  Hot summer days spent in the baby pool  ::  Family staycation  ::  Fun weekend with Daddy while Mom spent first weekend away with her cousins in NYC  ::  Trip to Sunset Bay Beach ::  Erie County Fair  ::  Loves Olcott Beach Carousel Park  ::  Play dates & visits from friends  ::   Transition to a big girl bed  :: Favorite book is Pigs in Hiding  ::



September 2014

::  First pair of tap shoes  ::  Loves to help Mom in the kitchen  ::  Lots of learning – Kenzie can count to 10 and recognize most of her letters  ::  Excited to be TWO  ::  Favorite color is purple  ::  Fall family photos


A little window shopping with Minnie


October 2014

:: Hello TWO!!  ::  Big sister-to-be of a Baby BOY  ::  First tap class  ::  Great birthday party!  ::  Pumpkin farm trips  ::  Trick or treating as Minnie Mouse  ::  Ready to take on the world as a Big Girl!  ::


Make a Wish!



Makenzie might be TWO but it was a pretty ONEderful year leading up to it.  Looking forward to the fun the next twelve months will bring!

Eighteen Months!

Oh my gosh, our girl is 18 months!   Makenzie Ruth is growing up so fast!

If you don’t believe me, look how big she looks in her infant bouncy seat that she found in her closet.


Yikes!  Where did newborn Kenzie go?!?

Denny and I have no clue how she turned into a toddler but we’re loving it.  She occasionally tries to take over the household (don’t all toddlers?) but overall Makenzie has the cutest little personality and keeps our world full of fun!

We had a pretty good 18-month check-up this week (minus the meltdown for her shots but can you blame her?).  Kenzie weighs 26 lbs. 9 oz., and is 32.5 inches tall – 70th percentile for both height & weight.


She didn’t love the doctor’s office and this picture was the best we could get.

Here are some of the other updates…

::  Makenzie’s Favorite Things  ::

  • Playing hide & seek – She runs from room to room hiding behind curtains, under chairs and in every little spot she finds.   Usually her giggles give away her hiding spot but if we don’t find her right away she’ll yell, “Hello??”
  • Taking selfies and playing with our cell phones and the iPad


  • Checking out the neighborhood and greeting visitors
1 IMG_0169

The BEST part of my day every day!

  • Playing at Rolly Pollies (perhaps we love it more, but either way we all have fun at baby gym class)

1 IMG_0052

  • Morning roll call – The first thing she does every morning is point and say “Mama, Dada, Sissy” (referring to Lex)
  • Giving Sissy treats and then following her around the house to make sure she eats all of them
  • Wearing my sweater from the 80’s!

A little fashionista!

  • Choo choos – The girl is obsessed with trains and runs to see them out the window every time she hears the whistle
  • Dancing – Kenzie really likes the chicken dance and does a great job flapping her little wings


  • Talking – Her vocabulary is growing each day.  Some of her favorite words include: “Hiii”, “Bye bye”, “shoes”, “coak” aka coat, “yay down” aka lay down, “Momo” aka Elmo, “duckie”, “moo”, “spoon”, “more”, “thank you”, “pease” aka please, “bubbles”, and lots of others
  • Speaking of bubbles, Makenzie is obsessed with them, both outside and in the tub


  • Unloading the dishwasher one utensil at a time
  • Waiting for Dada at the airport


  • Being outside ALL the time


  • Hanging out with all the big kids in the neighborhood!   They are all really sweet to Kenz and she loves being with them and watching them play

Enjoying a visit from Abbi & Molly

::  Makenzie’s Least Favorite Things  ::

  • Not being outside
  • Brushing her teeth (excuse the screams, neighbors)
  • Bathtime without bubbles
  • And getting in the car seat because it means we’re not outside

We count our lucky stars every single day!   It’s been 18 fun months with Makenzie Ruth and we can’t wait to see her continue to grow.


Sweet Dreams!


18 months and counting!  

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